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From Cam Bazz <>
Subject query returns sometext instead of none
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2011 06:03:55 GMT

I am making a query such that:

insert overwrite table selection_hourly_clicks partition (date_hour =
PARTNAME) select sel_sid, count(*) cc from (select
split(parse_url(iv.referrer_url,'PATH'), '_')[1] sel_sid from item_raw
iv where iv.date_hour='PARTNAME' AND iv.referrer_url is not null AND
substring(parse_url(iv.referrer_url,'PATH'),0,8)=='/mypath/') s group
by sel_sid

if the url referrer starts is like /mypath/blabla_10, I get 10, which
is the sel_sid, and then agregate by number of sel_sids per hour.

all is fine, and the query runs. but for some partitions, it finds
nothing, which is also fine.

but when I look over hdfs, I see files like:



those are for partitions that does not have a count, i,e the query
does not return anything.

when it returns something it writes a file like:


everything totally works, but this behaivor is inconsistent with my
other group by queryies, which dont write anyfile if the group by does
not produce and result.

is there something wrong with my query?

best regards,

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