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From Vijay <>
Subject Lots of Failed/Killed Task Attempts while running successful hive queries
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 19:56:35 GMT

When I run hive queries, everything finishes successfully but in the
jobtracker UI, I see a lot of failed/killed task attempts. For example
I have a simple query that finishes in 4 minutes. On the jobtracker UI
here are the map and reduce stats:

MAP - Num Tasks: 138, Complete: 138, Failed/Killed Task Attempts: 0/41
REDUCE - Num Tasks: 20, Complete: 20, Failed/Killed Task Attempts: 0/3

I don't see any error messages for the tasks that are in the KILLED
category. It looks as if it ran just fine. I guess I don't understand
what the above stats mean.

The Failed/Killed numbers always seem proportional to the total number
of tasks (and to the length of the entire job to an extent). Does
anybody have any insight into this?


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