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From Tali K <>
Subject Ctrl C and Hive ?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2010 20:18:00 GMT

1) When I cancel hive job with Ctrl C, I noticed that java/hive processes still run on some
of my nodes.
I shutdown hadfoop, and restarted it, but noticed that  2 or 3 java/hadoop processes were
still running on each node.
So we went to each node and did a 'killall java' - in some cases I had to do 'killall -9 java'.
My question : why is is this happening and what would be recommendations , how to make sure
that there is no hadoop / hive processes running after I stopped hadoop with
PS : The reason that I needed to Ctrl C hive process in a first place was  :  if I ran hive
-e 'select ....",
job would finish, result file would be created Iand  see 'OK' on a screen for 7 -10 min, before
it will actually give me a prompt.
Why is this happening ? 

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