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From Tim Robertson <>
Subject Re: Are there any examples of simple UDAFs?
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 05:39:40 GMT
What about the count or max?

I've not used UDAFs, but I only got my UDTFs working by looking at the
examples in the Hive SVN itself.


On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 3:27 PM, Leo Alekseyev <> wrote:
> I am trying to write a very simple aggregation function which seems
> like an overkill for using GenericUDAF as described on the wiki.
> However, I can't get the code to run.  It always throws an exception
> of the form
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
> com.hadoopbook.hive.Maximum$MaximumIntUDAFEvaluator
> (As you can see, even the sample code from Tom White's Hadoop book --
> the only sample code I found -- doesn't work.)  I'm using the standard
> add jar and create temporary function statements...
> --Leo

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