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From Avrilia Floratou <>
Subject Convert data to BytesRefArrayWritable
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 22:30:31 GMT

I want to convert data stored in a hadoop sequence file to 
BytesRefArrayWritable so that I can use RCFileOutputFormat and create an 

My data contains integers,strings and hashmaps. I guess I don't have to 
write my own serializer/deserializer for these. I tried using the 
ColumnarSerDe serializer. It serializes data that are stored in a 
struct. Should I use the ColumnarStruct to store the data? If yes, then 
how can I store each row from my dataset to this data structure? I don't 
see any methods to set the fields.

Should I use a different way to get the BytesRefArrayWritable that I need?

Thank you,

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