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From Ping Zhu <>
Subject wrong number of records loaded to a table is returned by Hive
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 17:23:27 GMT

  I ran a simple Hive query inserting data into a target table from a source
table. The number of records loaded to the target table (say number A),
which is returned by running this query, is different with the number (say
number B) returned by running a query "select count(1) from target". I
checked the number of rows in target table's HDFS files by running command
"hadoop fs -cat /root/hive/metastore_db/ptarget/* | wc -l ". The number
returned is number B. I believe number B is the actual number of rows in
target table.

  I had this issue intermittently. Any comments?

  Thank you very much.


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