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From Luke Crouch <>
Subject boolean types thru a transform script
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 16:17:19 GMT
I'm trying to pass a FALSE value thru a custom transform script to another
table, like so:

        FROM (
            FROM downloads
            SELECT project, file, os, FALSE as folder, country, dt
            WHERE dt='2010-05-14'
            DISTRIBUTE BY project
            SORT BY project asc, file asc
        ) b
        INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE dl_day PARTITION (dt='2010-05-14', project)
        SELECT TRANSFORM(file, os, country, folder, dt, project) USING
'transformwrap  --verbose' AS (file, downloads, os, folder,
country, project)

> describe dl_day
['file', 'string', '']
['downloads', 'int', '']
['os', 'string', '']
['country', 'string', '']
['folder', 'boolean', '']
['dt', 'string', '']
['project', 'string', '']

When I log the 'folder' value from inside, it shows:

2010-10-12 15:32:10,914 - dstat - INFO - reduce to stdout, h[folder]:

i.e., an empty string. But when the INSERT executes, it seems to treat the
value as TRUE (or string 'true')?

> select folder from dl_day

How can I preserve the FALSE value thru the transform script?


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