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From "Sharma, Raghvendra" <>
Subject RE: New to hive... slow query performance
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 04:22:06 GMT
Thanks for the responses.

Perhaps I am trying something different here. Or may be looking at a unsuitable product for
my requirement, though that's the objective of my little test.

I need to load a few million rows every day into a database. And it's not a file based system,
I have comma delimited rows (of columns) which would exactly fit a relational database.

After the loading, I need to allow a very fast search mechanism. Looking a bit at Google's
implementation of bigtable and structure around it, I originally thought of using hive integrated
with hbase. Hive because of its querying capabilities.  The loading works out fine, better
than RDBMS perf. However, the querying bottleneck, which was the reason to look for alternatives
to RDBMS in the first place, continues with hive too.

Now, interpreting the responses to my original question, I feel that hive might not be the
answer to my requirements of a fast querying engine to the db.

Is there something else ? any other tool/solution/library that I can put on top of hbase ?
or even without hbase ? (I looked at hbase as an alternative to the RDBMS, moving towards
dist computing)

Suggestions please...


From: wd []
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: New to hive... slow query performance


I think hive and hadoop just provide a way to easy scale up your data analyzing, it's will
not fast than any db in single node. If your data is not large enough, for example 1GB per
day, you should not use it I think.
2010/9/23 Sharma, Raghvendra <<>>

I am very new to hive, have just been able to load some data into it.

I am running hadoop on a old Pentium 4 box with 4 gb RAM.
It's a single node cluster, and configured based on tutorials from apache site and others.

The load speeds to hdfs look ok, I am able to load approx 20 million rows in around 2 minutes.
However, the querying is pathetic. It takes minutes to come back with a single where clause,
a simple count(*) sends it to sleep. A join is in terms of hours.
Since I am just starting, I am not using anything fancy, as in clustering or partitioning
of the table. (Is that a wrong choice ? I thought I'd start simple)

Somehow I have a feeling that it would be something to do with the wrong kind of configuration.

Can someone help me..

PS : Are there no "forums" for hadoop/hive ?? I couldn't find any. :(



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