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From Mark Tozzi <>
Subject Hive command to dump table create statements?
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 18:09:32 GMT
Hi All,

For an existing mysql database, I have a tool which dumps out the
create table statements for all tables, and checks them into SVN on a
daily basis, to keep the schema under version control.  For various
reasons, this works better for my team than a change script model.  We
have recently started using hive as a primary data store, and I would
like to apply a similar idea to the hive schema.  Ideally, I would
like a command to directly dump the create table statements, but I can
also construct them out of several outputs if all the data is
available.  In particular, I'm having a hard time finding the row
format and partition information.

I'm also interested in hearing what schema versioning techniques have
worked for anyone else.

Thanks in advance,

--Mark Tozzi

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