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Subject Re: How can I skip error record in hive?
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 02:05:39 GMT
thanks very much!
it success!
when I use distinct,for example "select count(distinct(commid)) from t_dw_comm2pos",
the number of the readucers is only one.
Is there some method to optimize it?

----- 原文 ----- 发件人: Ted Xu 主 题: Re: How can I skip error record in hive?时 间:
2010年6月24日 9:43:00

Skipping bad record feature is provided by Hadoop, please refer to Hadoop tutorial

Those settings with Java APIs are also configurable in Hive, like:


2010/6/24 <>

How can I skip error record in hive.
because when there is some error record in hive table,the hadoop job always fail!
Is there some configuration to avoid this?
Hope for your reply!-- Best Regards,Ted Xu
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