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From "Adam O'Donnell" <>
Subject Re: Help with Compressed Storage
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 00:24:42 GMT
Adding these to my hive-site.xml file worked fine:

        <description>Compress output</description>

        <description>Block compression</description>

On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 1:43 PM, Brent Miller <> wrote:
> Hello, I've seen issues similar to this one come up once or twice before,
> but I haven't ever seen a solution to the problem that I'm having. I was
> following the Compressed Storage page on the Hive
> Wiki and realized that the
> sequence files that are created in the warehouse directory are actually
> uncompressed and larger than than the originals.
> For example, I have a table 'test1' who's input data looks something like:
> 0,1369962224,2010/02/01,00:00:00.101,0C030301,4,0000BD43
> 0,1369962225,2010/02/01,00:00:00.101,0C030501,4,66268E43
> 0,1369962226,2010/02/01,00:00:00.101,0C030701,4,041F3341
> ...
> And after creating a second table 'test1_comp' that was crated with the
> STORED AS SEQUENCEFILE directive and the compression options SET as
> described in the wiki, I can look at the resultant sequence files and see
> that they're just plain (uncompressed) text:
> SEQ "�c�!Y�M ��
> Z^��= 80,1369962224,2010/02/01,00:00:00.101,0C030301,4,0000BD43=
> 80,1369962225,2010/02/01,00:00:00.101,0C030501,4,66268E43=
> 80,1369962226,2010/02/01,00:00:00.101,0C030701,4,041F3341=
> 80,1369962227,2010/02/01,00:00:00.101,0C030901,4,11360141=
> ...
> I've tried messing around with different*
> options, but the sequence files always come out uncompressed. Has anybody
> ever seen this or know away to keep the data compressed? Since the input
> text is so uniform, we get huge space savings from compression and would
> like to store the data this way if possible. I'm using Hadoop 20.1 and Hive
> that I checked out from SVN about a week ago.
> Thanks,
> Brent

Adam J. O'Donnell, Ph.D.
Immunet Corporation
Cell: +1 (267) 251-0070

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