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From Ryan LeCompte <>
Subject Query with comma-delimited value of a column
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 20:22:12 GMT
Hello all,

Another Hive query question... :)

If I have a column in a table of type STRING, and it can take on a
comma-delimited set of values (arbitrary, and unknown at query time)... For
example: col1 = 'a','b','c' in one row and another row has
col1='j','k','l'... Is it possible to write a query to get the counts of
each comma-delimited value of col1? For example, something like this:

a  b   c    j   k   l
5 100 34  1  22 54

I guess I would have to know the full set of possible values of col1, no? Or
maybe a user-defined function?


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