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From Edward Capriolo <>
Subject Re: Design help with custom front-end for hive
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 15:11:23 GMT
On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 12:56 AM, Vijay <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to begin a discussion along these lines earlier but that kind of
> went into a digression. My plan is to build a custom front-end for hive.
> Hive cli and hwi are great for the needs of developers and such but the idea
> here is to make hive a lot more accessible to non-technical and non-sql
> users (mostly business and marketing types). It front-end will have some
> standard features where you can "build and save" queries for reuse, run
> queries and retrieve results in CSV/XLS format, etc. Ideally the front-end
> also enables multiple users submitting and running jobs simultaneously I see
> 2 approaches to this problem.
> 1. Leverage the JDBC driver with an off-the-shelf or open source report
> designing software that has most of the above features already built-in.
> There seem to be issues integrating hadoop+hive+jdbcdriver with some of the
> existing tools but hopefully those issues could be solved. I believe there
> are known integration issues with existing tools due to the minimal JDBC
> implementation of hive. Not sure if this should be a major concern.
> 2. Just build a custom ui from scratch. I guess I could start with hwi and
> customize it. Some of the features above probably make sense to fold into
> hwi (may be) but some of them would be very specific to our internal systems
> and applications. May be it'd be possible to somehow achieve both.
> Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Vijay

Hey Vijay,

As you have pointed out the generic tools are generic :)

There are a few things I am looking to do with HWI in the next few weeks

1 ) clean up the build file, add an ivy file, add an eclipse launch-target

Web Interface
2 ) Replace all JSP with wikit classes. I have not yet opened a Jira
for this but I have mentioned it a few times on the list. Wikit is
really nice. It is going to move all the code from JSP to Java
classes. It has unit testing. It also has built in Ajax capabilities.
Most of the features that are in the web interface right now might be
turned into one or two sexy ajax pages. I am looking to do some things
like have the new session bucket be a ajax updated table for
"streaming results".

As for the features you mentioned:

1) standard features where you can "build and save" queries for reuse

HWI could simply persist saved queries to a directory on the web
server (bean persistence) or to a third party database, or HDFS.

2) queries and retrieve results in CSV/XLS format

We can handle this. Giving that the web server has access to the
metastore and table schema information. We could read blocks from HDFS
and format them appropriately, or select * query them and stream them

As you mentioned there may be some internal things that the open
source web interface will never be able to do. Hopefully we can
construct HWI in a way that plugging in new things is easy.

As I mentioned, I have been working offline trying to clean up the
hwi/build.xml file ( there is some redundant things in it ) and it can
be cleaned. This will later be needed to add the wikit jars to hwi/lib

In the past adding things like hive-history was done my adding a new
JSP and linking to it from the session_manage.jsp. We might need a new
paradigm now if we are going to implement an ajax all-in-one page type

To do this in an open way (if you want to help) we should open up a
Jira and post some mock up screen-shots of how the UI would look and
then talk about how we could implement the current/new features.


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