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From Saurabh Nanda <>
Subject Building hive from trunk
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 05:37:41 GMT
I've finally given up waiting for the nightly builds and have decided to
build Hive from trunk. Here's the command that I'm using:

ant -Dhadoop.version=0.18.3 package

When I've instructed to build against Hadoop v0.18.3 why does Ivy, then,
want to download all Hadoop versions?

[ivy:retrieve]     confs: [default]
[ivy:retrieve]     found hadoop#core; in hadoop-resolver
[ivy:retrieve]     found hadoop#core;0.18.3 in hadoop-resolver
[ivy:retrieve]     found hadoop#core;0.19.0 in hadoop-resolver
[ivy:retrieve]     found hadoop#core;0.20.0 in hadoop-resolver
[ivy:retrieve] downloading

Also, what is the property target.dir used for? Is this something like
--prefix in configure & make scripts? Can't I move around the directory
containing the Hive build later?


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