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From Saurabh Nanda <>
Subject Re: JDBC: Infinite while( loop
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 03:43:40 GMT
> The major thing on that is we have to build releases for every hadoop
> major/minor and possibly one off the trunk. I was thinking of doing
> something similar on my site since accomplishing this is possible with
> hudson.  Does anyone think adding this to hadoop hive is something we
> should do.

A nightly build is helpful for newbies who don't have the necessary skills
(or time) to build trunk themselves. For that class of people it doesn't
make any difference if the Hadoop version used is the latest -- in all
probability, they're new to Hadoop as well. Even if they have an older
version of Hadoop running in a production cluster, they would be fine with
downloading a newer version to experiment/develop with a *nightly build* of

To summarize, a nightly build off Hadoop-0.3 should be just fine :-)

PS: I'm assuming that switching to a newer version of Hadoop is easy, and
data in the DFS can be imported into the newer version, right?


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