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From Matt Pestritto <>
Subject Optional Exception for 0 Rows Loaded
Date Tue, 26 May 2009 19:47:24 GMT

I have a process that is written in hive that is a lot of queries, it moves
quite a bit of data around.  I've been working on stabilizing/automating the
process and would like to stop the process if during an "insert overwrite
table... " no rows are inserted.


Some thoughts I've had so far are:
 * I can parse std out but would rather not.  The output messages could
change in the future.
 * Could hive -e return a non-zero return code or throw an exception when 0
rows are inserted after an insert overwrite ?
      As a default rule, this maybe too strict - only do this based on a
supplied parameter?  e.g.  set hive.exec.error_zero_row_dml = true


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