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From Kevin Eppinger <>
Subject Updating HDFS table locations in metastore_db
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 19:50:05 GMT
Hello all -

First off, let me describe how I'm using Hadoop/Hive...I have a Hadoop cluster running on
Amazon EC2 instances with each node's data stored on an EBS volume.  Networked Derby is installed
on the Hadoop "master" node with the Hive metastore database also stored on an EBS volume.
 I use Hive to connect to and use Hadoop from a separate server instance.  Everything runs
fine until I take down the Hadoop cluster and restart it (part of my requirements to be able
to do so).  After that, Hive complains about expecting a different HDFS location for the tables...understandably
so since Hadoop is running on EC2 instances and the server's DNS name is different when the
new cluster spools up.

I manually connected to the Derby database using 'ij' (Derby's utility) and found a couple
tables (DBS & SDS tables) that had references to HDFS locations on the old Hadoop cluster.
 My question is:  Is there a way to tell Hive to updates those HDFS locations in its metastore
database or will I have to manually change the HDFS locations in Derby whenever I start up
a new Hadoop/EC2 cluster?

Thanks for any help,

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