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From Raghu Murthy <>
Subject Re: Is there a network interface?
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 22:32:38 GMT
Hive supports both a Thrift service as well as a partial JDBC interface.
Check out sample usage in service/src/test and jdbc/src/test. I can help you
set up the thrift service if you have problems.

On 2/19/09 2:16 PM, "Edward Capriolo" <> wrote:

> The best way to answer this is that all hadoop components work
> remotely, assuming you have the proper configuration and library files
> (the same ones from the remote cluster)
> I attached a HiveLet (Made up term). It was my first API testing
> program. It is more or less a 'One Shot', run the query and exit
> program.
> You need to run the Meta DB in Server mode for concurrent access.
> It is slightly complicated if your desktop is windows, but still doable.
> You would need:
> Hadoop conf directory
> Hive conf directory
> hadoop distribution ( technically only jars )
> Hive distribution ( technically only jars )
> When you start hadoop/hive they both pick up the locations of the
> components from the configurations and start happily on a remote
> machine. (Not counting firewall issues)

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