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Narayanan Venkateswaran (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24343) Table partition operations (create, drop, select) fail when the number of partitions is greater than 32767 (signed int) Mon, 02 Nov, 04:14
Ashish Sharma (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24344) [cache store] Add valid flag in table wrapper for all constraint Mon, 02 Nov, 08:56
Karen Coppage (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24345) Flaky test: TestCleanupService#testEventualCleanupService_finishesCleanupBeforeExit is f Mon, 02 Nov, 10:30
Peter Vary Re: Hive SQL extension Mon, 02 Nov, 11:15
Attila Magyar (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24346) Store HPL/SQL packages into HMS Mon, 02 Nov, 11:49
Karen Coppage (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24347) Fix failing test: TestMiniLlapLocalCliDriver.testCliDriver[cardinality_preserving_join_opt2] Mon, 02 Nov, 15:01
Naveen Gangam (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24348) Beeline: Isolating dependencies and execution with java Mon, 02 Nov, 17:44
Arko Sharma (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24349) Client connection count is not printed correctly in HiveMetastoreClient Mon, 02 Nov, 18:58
Mustafa Iman (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24350) NullScanTaskDispatcher should use stats Tue, 03 Nov, 00:07
Zhihua Deng (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24351) Report progress to prevent merge task from timeout Tue, 03 Nov, 11:57
Bartosz Kotwica (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24352) SQL CTAS query failed on compilation stage Tue, 03 Nov, 14:49
Vincenz Priesnitz (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24353) performance: Refactor TimestampTZ parsing Tue, 03 Nov, 19:16
László Bodor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24354) ColumnVector should declare abstract convenience methods for getting values Wed, 04 Nov, 09:34
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24355) Partition doesn't have hashCode/equals Wed, 04 Nov, 12:26
Mulan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24356) EXPLAIN with collect_list() throw IllegalArgumentException Wed, 04 Nov, 12:40
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24357) Exchange SWO table/algorithm strategy Wed, 04 Nov, 14:13
Zhihua Deng (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24358) Some tasks should set exception on failures Wed, 04 Nov, 14:39
Chiran Ravani (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24359) Hive Compaction hangs because of doAs when worker set to HS2 Wed, 04 Nov, 16:23
Sungwoo Park Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Wed, 04 Nov, 18:23
Stamatis Zampetakis Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Wed, 04 Nov, 22:54
qq Does Hive need to rely on Hadoop to deploy remote MetStore? Thu, 05 Nov, 01:56
Mustafa IMAN Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Thu, 05 Nov, 04:15
Zoltán Haindrich Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Thu, 05 Nov, 06:38
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24360) SharedWorkOptimizer may create incorrect plans with DPPUnion Thu, 05 Nov, 08:38
Sungwoo Park Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Thu, 05 Nov, 15:44
wu shaoj add ability to AvroGenericRecordReader to skip invalid sync blocks Mon, 09 Nov, 03:04
ABHISHEK KUMAR GUPTA (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24361) Insert overwrite with empty data is different in normal table then transactional table Mon, 09 Nov, 07:27
Zoltan Haindrich Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Mon, 09 Nov, 09:18
mahesh kumar behera (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24362) AST tree processing is suboptimal for tree with large number of nodes Tue, 10 Nov, 03:21
Pravin Sinha (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24363) Current order of transactional event listeners is prone to deadlock in backend DB connections Tue, 10 Nov, 04:36
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24364) Fix flakiness of TestLlapExtClientWithCloudDeploymentConfigs Tue, 10 Nov, 08:47
qq Fw:How is the Hive MetaStore authenticated for accessing HDFS? Tue, 10 Nov, 13:45
qq What is the difference between varname and hivename in Tue, 10 Nov, 16:50
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24365) SWO should not create complex and redundant filter expressions Tue, 10 Nov, 17:02
Arko Sharma (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24366) changeMarker value sent to atlas export API is set to 0 in the 2nd repl dump call Tue, 10 Nov, 19:42
Rajesh Balamohan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24367) Explore whether HiveAlterHandler::alterTable can be optimised for non-partitioned tablesInbox Wed, 11 Nov, 05:24
Rajesh Balamohan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24368) Optimise AcidUtils::getAcidFilesForStats for ACID tables Wed, 11 Nov, 05:27
Narayanan Venkateswaran (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24369) Implement projection spec for fetching only requested fields from tables Wed, 11 Nov, 08:47
Narayanan Venkateswaran (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24370) Make the GetPartitionsProjectionSpec generic and add builder methods for tables and partitions in HiveMetaStoreClient Wed, 11 Nov, 08:52
Aasha Medhi (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24371) Ranger Replication fallback to updateIfExists Wed, 11 Nov, 08:59
lhy (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24372) can't find applicationId in InPlaceUpdateStream when tasks run in parallel Thu, 12 Nov, 05:21
mahesh kumar behera (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24373) Wrong predicate is pushed down for view with constant value projection. Thu, 12 Nov, 05:43
Denys Kuzmenko (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24374) Do not remove metadata for aborted writes that were batched with valid ones in the same delta file Thu, 12 Nov, 08:20
Sungwoo Park Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Thu, 12 Nov, 09:23
Alex Simenduev (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24375) Cannot drop parttions when using metastore standalone Thu, 12 Nov, 09:58
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24376) SharedWorkOptimizer may retain the SJ filter condition during RemoveSemijoin mode Thu, 12 Nov, 13:06
Zoltan Haindrich Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Thu, 12 Nov, 13:49
Ádám Szita (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24377) Instant deallocation option for proactive cache eviction Thu, 12 Nov, 15:44
mahesh kumar behera (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24378) Leading and trailing spaces are not removed before decimal conversion Thu, 12 Nov, 17:13
Chao Sun (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24379) Backport HIVE-19662 to branch-2.3 Thu, 12 Nov, 21:41
Chao Sun 2.3.8 release? Thu, 12 Nov, 22:12
Mustafa İman (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24380) NullScanTaskDispatcher should liststatus in parallel Fri, 13 Nov, 01:24
Naresh P R (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24381) compressed text input returns 0 rows if skip header/footer is mentioned. Fri, 13 Nov, 04:20
Wang, Yuming Re: 2.3.8 release? Fri, 13 Nov, 05:43
qq KDC can't fufill requested option while renewing credentials Fri, 13 Nov, 07:44
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24382) Organize replaceTabAlias methods Fri, 13 Nov, 07:54
Anishek Agarwal Credits page - Edits Fri, 13 Nov, 08:23
Attila Magyar (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24383) Add Table type to HPL/SQL Fri, 13 Nov, 08:57
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24384) SharedWorkOptimizer improvements Fri, 13 Nov, 10:22
罗鹏程 (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24385) hive 数据类型date 值是不是有范围 Fri, 13 Nov, 13:03
Narayanan Venkateswaran (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24386) Add builder methods for GetTablesRequest and GetPartitionsRequest to HiveMetaStoreClient Fri, 13 Nov, 16:38
Narayanan Venkateswaran Re: Credits page - Edits Fri, 13 Nov, 16:47
Sungwoo Park Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Fri, 13 Nov, 17:47
Jesus Camacho Rodriguez (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24387) Metastore access through JDBC handler does not use correct database accessor Fri, 13 Nov, 22:10
Matt McCline Re: [DISCUSS] Hive 3.2 Fri, 13 Nov, 22:34
Peter Varga Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Sat, 14 Nov, 20:04
Zoltan Haindrich Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Mon, 16 Nov, 09:53
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24388) Enhance swo optimizations to merge EventOperators Mon, 16 Nov, 11:45
Krisztian Kasa (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24389) Trailing zeros of constant decimal numbers are removed Mon, 16 Nov, 12:56
Josh Soref (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24390) Spelling Mon, 16 Nov, 15:49
Theyaa Matti Re: [DISCUSS] Hive 3.2 Mon, 16 Nov, 15:52
Panagiotis Garefalakis (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24391) Fix FIX TestOrcFile failures in branch-3.1 Mon, 16 Nov, 17:45
Yongzhi Chen (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24392) Send table id in get_parttions_by_names_req api Mon, 16 Nov, 21:36
Mani (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24393) Connecting Spark SQL to Hive Metastore (with Remote Metastore Server) Mon, 16 Nov, 21:56
Johan Gustavsson (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24394) Enable printing explain to console at query start Mon, 16 Nov, 22:23
Stamatis Zampetakis (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24395) Intermittent failures to initialize dockerized Postgres metastore in tests Tue, 17 Nov, 00:08
Naveen Gangam (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24396) [New Feature] Add data connector support for remote datasources Tue, 17 Nov, 00:46
Narayanan Venkateswaran (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24397) Add the projection specification to the table request object and add placeholders in Tue, 17 Nov, 07:24
Narayanan Venkateswaran (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24398) Use the projection specification in getTableObjectsByName of and Tue, 17 Nov, 11:52
Peter Vary (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24399) Optimize Deserializer creation Tue, 17 Nov, 12:54
Lukasz Osipiuk (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24400) Backport HIVE-22981 to 3.1.2 Tue, 17 Nov, 13:58
Peter Varga (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24401) COMPACTOR_CRUD_QUERY_BASED description in HiveConf is outdated Tue, 17 Nov, 15:55
Stamatis Zampetakis (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24402) Refactor AbstractCliConfig to be final, immutable, and initialisable using a builder Tue, 17 Nov, 16:02
Peter Varga (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24403) change min_history_level schema change to be compatible with previous version Tue, 17 Nov, 16:36
Sungwoo Park Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Wed, 18 Nov, 00:31
Lichuanliang (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24404) Hive getUserName close db makes client operations lost metaStoreClient connection Wed, 18 Nov, 07:53
Stamatis Zampetakis Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Wed, 18 Nov, 14:29
Stamatis Zampetakis Re: Result of the TPC-DS benchmark on Hive master branch Wed, 18 Nov, 15:26
Naveen Gangam (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24405) Missing datatype for table column in oracle Thu, 19 Nov, 19:53
Sahana Bhat (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24406) HiveConf creation in HiveMetastore's getMS() call adds ~100ms latency Fri, 20 Nov, 10:35
Ayush Saxena (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24407) Unable to read data with Hbase snapshot set Fri, 20 Nov, 12:18
Chao Sun (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24408) Upgrade Parquet to 1.11.1 Fri, 20 Nov, 18:07
Chao Sun Re: 2.3.8 release? Fri, 20 Nov, 20:30
qq What are the new features of Hive3? Sat, 21 Nov, 03:38
Narayanan Venkateswaran Re: What are the new features of Hive3? Sun, 22 Nov, 19:22
Rajesh Balamohan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24409) Use LazyBinarySerDe2 in PlanUtils::getReduceValueTableDesc Mon, 23 Nov, 06:45
Karen Coppage (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24410) Query-based compaction hangs because of doAs Mon, 23 Nov, 09:40
Zhihua Deng (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24411) Make ThreadPoolExecutorWithOomHook more awareness of OutOfMemoryError Mon, 23 Nov, 12:42
Krisztian Kasa (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24412) Extract common parts of HiveDeCorrelator Mon, 23 Nov, 15:18
Alexey Vishnevskiy (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-24413) MetaStorePreEventListener is incomplete Mon, 23 Nov, 16:39
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