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Peter Vary Re: [DISCUSS]: Commit guidelines for PRs Wed, 01 Jul, 04:58
Rajesh Balamohan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23788) FilterStatsRule misestimate causes hashtable computation to rehash often Wed, 01 Jul, 07:23
Miklos Gergely (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23789) Merge ValidTxnManager into DriverTxnHandler Wed, 01 Jul, 07:41
Aasha Medhi (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23790) The error message length of 2000 is exceeded for scheduled query Wed, 01 Jul, 08:26
Peter Vary (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23791) Optimize ACID stats generation Wed, 01 Jul, 09:05
David Mollitor Reviewers List Wed, 01 Jul, 13:32
manoj (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23792) [LLAP] Long continuous running job degrade performance of LLAP because of leaked shuffle manager threads Wed, 01 Jul, 14:07
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23793) Review of QueryInfo Class Wed, 01 Jul, 15:10
Amol Dixit (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23794) HiveConnection.rollback always throws a "Method not supported" exception Wed, 01 Jul, 16:05
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23795) Add Additional Debugging Help for Import SQL Wed, 01 Jul, 16:25
Zoltan Haindrich Re: Reviewers List Wed, 01 Jul, 16:53
Zoltan Haindrich Re: [DISCUSS]: Commit guidelines for PRs Wed, 01 Jul, 20:34
Zoltan Haindrich Re: Hive 4.0 Wed, 01 Jul, 20:45
Yu-Wen Lai (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23796) Multiple insert overwrite into a partitioned table doesn't gather column statistics for all partitions Thu, 02 Jul, 00:47
Zhihua Deng (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23797) Throwing exception when no metastore spec found in zookeeper Thu, 02 Jul, 01:24
ackelcn (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23798) A rotten comment in Fri, 03 Jul, 00:15
Peter Vary (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23799) Fix AcidUtils.parseBaseOrDeltaBucketFilename handling of data loaded by LOAD DATA Fri, 03 Jul, 12:27
Zhihua Deng (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23800) Make HiveServer2 oom hook interface Fri, 03 Jul, 13:40
Peter Vary (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23801) Disable flaky test: TestMiniLlapLocalCliDriver[replication_metrics_ingest] Fri, 03 Jul, 20:49
gaozhan ding (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23802) “merge files” job was submited to default queue when set hive.merge.tezfiles to true Mon, 06 Jul, 03:28
Aditya Shah (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23803) Initiator misses compactions of table which were just allowed auto compaction after a given interval Mon, 06 Jul, 09:01
Aditya Shah (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23804) Adding defaults for Columns Stats table in the schema to make them backward compatible Mon, 06 Jul, 11:00
Rajesh Balamohan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23805) ValidReadTxnList need not be constructed multiple times in AcidUtils::getAcidState Mon, 06 Jul, 11:29
David Mollitor Failed CI Jobs Mon, 06 Jul, 13:59
Panos Garefalakis Re: Failed CI Jobs Mon, 06 Jul, 14:09
Zoltan Haindrich Re: Failed CI Jobs Mon, 06 Jul, 14:46
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23806) Avoid clearing column stat states in all partition in case schema is extended Mon, 06 Jul, 15:31
harshita vishwakarma Execption In SELECT Query Mon, 06 Jul, 17:53
Vineet Garg (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23807) Wrong results with vectorization enabled Mon, 06 Jul, 19:41
Rajkumar Singh (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23808) "MSCK REPAIR.. DROP Partitions fail" with kryo Exception Mon, 06 Jul, 22:21
zhangqidong (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23809) Data loss occurs when using tez engine to join different bucketing_version tables Tue, 07 Jul, 01:33
Adesh Kumar Rao (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23810) [CachedStore] Implement caching/fetching of foreign keys based on parent db/table Tue, 07 Jul, 04:06
Naresh P R (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23811) deleteReader SARG rowId is not getting validated properly Tue, 07 Jul, 05:11
bitao (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23812) GBK encoded data is imported into hive, and the last column is garbled during query Wed, 08 Jul, 01:48
Aasha Medhi (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23813) Fix Flaky tests due to JDO ConnectionException Wed, 08 Jul, 08:19
Miklos Gergely (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23814) Clean up Driver Wed, 08 Jul, 08:21
Rossetti Wong (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23815) output statistics of underlying datastore Wed, 08 Jul, 12:47
rameshkrishnan muthusamy (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23816) Concurrent access of metastore dynamic partition registration API resulting in data loss due to HDFS dir deletion Wed, 08 Jul, 13:35
Attila Magyar (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23817) Pushing TopN Key operator PKFK inner joins Wed, 08 Jul, 13:51
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23818) Use String Switch-Case Statement in StatUtils Wed, 08 Jul, 14:52
Peter Varga (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23819) Use ranges in ValidReadTxnList serialization Wed, 08 Jul, 15:59
Kishen Das (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23820) [HS2] Send tableId in request for all the new HMS get_* APIs that are in request/response form Wed, 08 Jul, 22:29
Kishen Das (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23821) [HS2] Send tableId in request for all the new HMS get_* APIs that are in request/response form Wed, 08 Jul, 22:30
Vineet Garg (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23822) Sorted dynamic partition optimization could remove auto stat task Wed, 08 Jul, 22:46
Panagiotis Garefalakis (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23823) Fix violated naming conventions Thu, 09 Jul, 12:47
Ádám Szita (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23824) LLAP - add API to look up ORC metadata for certain Path Thu, 09 Jul, 13:49
Peter Vary (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23825) Create a flag to turn off _orc_acid_version file creation Thu, 09 Jul, 13:50
Ádám Szita (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23826) Reuse column vectors in LlapRecordReader for ACID data too Thu, 09 Jul, 13:51
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23827) Upgrade to datasketches 1.1.0 Thu, 09 Jul, 14:42
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23828) Consider supporting LONG as a column type Thu, 09 Jul, 15:02
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23829) Compute Stats Incorrect for Binary Columns Thu, 09 Jul, 15:54
Mustafa Iman (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23830) Remove shutdownhook after query is completed Fri, 10 Jul, 01:04
okumin (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23831) Enforce auto-parallelism of Tez even if the number of reducers can be 1 Fri, 10 Jul, 05:15
Denys Kuzmenko (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23832) Cleaner skips processing when using blocking compaction Fri, 10 Jul, 07:44
chuanjie.duan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23833) hive Fri, 10 Jul, 07:45
Adesh Kumar Rao (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23834) [CachedStore] Add flag in TableWrapper in CacheStore to check if constraints are set or not Fri, 10 Jul, 11:07
Pravin Sinha (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23835) Repl Dump should dump function binaries to staging directory Fri, 10 Jul, 11:38
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23836) Make "cols" dependent so that it cascade deletes Fri, 10 Jul, 15:16
忝忝向仧 【Hive Predicate PushDown】 Sun, 12 Jul, 03:24
Tao Wu Trying to understand how Hive decide whether a table is external Mon, 13 Jul, 10:06
Peter Varga (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23837) HbaseStorageHandler is not configured properly when the FileSinkOperator is the child of a MergeJoinWork Mon, 13 Jul, 11:32
Karen Coppage (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23838) KafkaRecordIteratorTest is flaky Mon, 13 Jul, 11:42
Dai Wenqing (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23839) Use LongAdder instead of AtomicLong Mon, 13 Jul, 12:08
Peter Vary (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23840) Use LLAP to get orc metadata Mon, 13 Jul, 12:28
David Building Hive on JDK11 Mon, 13 Jul, 14:22
Panos Garefalakis Re: Building Hive on JDK11 Mon, 13 Jul, 14:44
David Re: Building Hive on JDK11 Mon, 13 Jul, 14:56
Panos Garefalakis Re: Building Hive on JDK11 Mon, 13 Jul, 15:50
Adrian Nistor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23841) Field writers is an HashSet, i.e., not thread-safe. Field writers is typically protected by synchronization on lock, but not in 1 location. Mon, 13 Jul, 21:14
daih123456 (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23842) org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.HiveException Tue, 14 Jul, 01:42
Rajesh Balamohan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23843) Improve key evictions in VectorGroupByOperator Tue, 14 Jul, 04:18
Rajesh Balamohan Review Request 72675: Improve key evictions in VectorGroupByOperator Tue, 14 Jul, 04:37
Henry Lu (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23844) use fastparquet generate parquet format file, import hive, query error Tue, 14 Jul, 08:57
weitianpei (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23845) why the new version removed the parameter hive.enforce.sorting & hive.enforce.bucketing ? Would it have a bad influence on inserting data to a table . Tue, 14 Jul, 10:27
Yu-Wen Lai (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23846) Avoid unnecessary serialization and deserialization of bitvectors Wed, 15 Jul, 01:32
Antal Sinkovits (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23847) Extracting hive-parser module broke exec jar upload in tez Wed, 15 Jul, 05:44
Kishen Das (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23848) TestHiveMetaStoreChecker and TestMiniLlapLocalCliDriver tests are failing Wed, 15 Jul, 06:29
Barnabas Maidics (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23849) Hive skips the creation of ColumnAccessInfo when creating a view Wed, 15 Jul, 09:03
Zhihua Deng (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23850) Allow PPD when subject is not a column with grouping sets present Wed, 15 Jul, 11:13
Syed Shameerur Rahman (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23851) MSCK REPAIR Command With Partition Filtering Fails While Dropping Partitions Wed, 15 Jul, 11:14
Panagiotis Garefalakis (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23852) Natively support Date and Timestamp types in ReduceSink operator Wed, 15 Jul, 12:07
Peter Vary (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23853) CRUD based compaction also should update ACID file version metadata Wed, 15 Jul, 12:27
Panagiotis Garefalakis (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23854) Natively support Double and Decimal CVs in ReduceSinkOperator Wed, 15 Jul, 12:28
Zoltan Haindrich (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23855) TestQueryShutdownHooks is flaky Wed, 15 Jul, 12:36
David Re: Building Hive on JDK11 Wed, 15 Jul, 13:45
David Re: Building Hive on JDK11 Wed, 15 Jul, 13:50
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23856) Beeline Should Print Binary Data in Base64 Wed, 15 Jul, 14:27
Miklos Gergely (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23857) Fix HiveParser "code too large" problem Wed, 15 Jul, 16:43
Barnabás Maidics Jenkins build is not started for PR Thu, 16 Jul, 12:15
Adesh Kumar Rao (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23858) In multi-HS2 setup, if a new function is registered on one of them, then it is not available on remaining HS2'2 unless reload-function is run Thu, 16 Jul, 12:26
Adesh Kumar Rao (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23859) Add support for functions in CachedStore Thu, 16 Jul, 12:28
Adesh Kumar Rao (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23860) Synchronize drop/modify functions across multiple HS2's Thu, 16 Jul, 12:35
Hunter Logan (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23861) Beeline Output Formats should parse underlying resultset themselves Thu, 16 Jul, 14:21
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23862) Clean Up StatsUtils and BasicStats Thu, 16 Jul, 14:53
Aasha Medhi (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23863) Use the current UGI to make calls to Ranger Service Thu, 16 Jul, 17:12
Miklos Gergely (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23864) Extract Create Materialized View analyzer from SemanticAnalyzer Thu, 16 Jul, 19:29
David Mollitor (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23865) Use More Java Collection Class Thu, 16 Jul, 20:25
wenjun ma (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23866) Create table fail because duplicated Id with one more HMS on MSSQL Thu, 16 Jul, 20:43
Rajkumar Singh (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23867) Truncate table fail with AccessControlException if doAs enabled and tbl database has source of replication Thu, 16 Jul, 22:32
Jason Dere (Jira) [jira] [Created] (HIVE-23868) Windowing function spec: support 0 preceeding/following Thu, 16 Jul, 23:15
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