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From jason000zhang <>
Subject [GitHub] hive pull request #208: Cdh5 1.1.0 5.12.0
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 09:31:53 GMT
GitHub user jason000zhang opened a pull request:

    Cdh5 1.1.0 5.12.0


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull cdh5-1.1.0_5.12.0

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #208
commit c448cd7d0f1112b2823efd81bff99f1d04d8bff1
Author: Siddharth Seth <>
Date:   2016-08-26T22:25:24Z

    CDH-48084 : HIVE-14561. Minor ptest2 improvements. (Siddharth Seth, reviewed by Prasanth
    Change-Id: I42de32b07f63e0281bb635ffd4e91f1004b49b55

commit 6fad3444ef6fd827414ee8bd577376cf820ce53a
Author: Prasanth Jayachandran <>
Date:   2016-09-13T07:50:07Z

    CDH-48085 : HIVE-14663: Change ptest java language version to 1.7, other version changes
and fixes (Siddharth Seth reviewed by Prasanth Jayachandran)
    Change-Id: Ida5ec1d107adfd8591a66e199ff3d83b06b03f4a

commit 79b587f1e39b310e5af9856983152c063760b85d
Author: Szehon Ho <>
Date:   2015-05-11T06:39:40Z

    CDH-48073 : HIVE-10655 : [PTest2] Propagate additionalProfiles flag to the source-prep.vm
(Szehon, reviewed by Brock)
    Change-Id: Iab8d3223b3d821f10f0490c40cea993f043a2f26

commit 0ad5b38447f3264b6bb5844c63908ada73d97b03
Author: Szehon Ho <>
Date:   2015-05-05T19:12:39Z

    CDH-48072 : HIVE-7375 : Add option in test infra to compile in other profiles (like hadoop-1)
(Szehon, reviewed by Xuefu and Brock)
    Change-Id: Ic2da62b5cd8f94b27dc8c1403c5bb7c1cca47e46

commit 6674aaf1d90076fd2dd238b8d6e4ee1ac999d20a
Author: Siddharth Seth <>
Date:   2016-09-19T18:19:05Z

    CDH-48090 : HIVE-14781. ptest killall command does not work. (Siddharth Seth, reviewed
by Prasanth Jayachandran)
    Change-Id: I252181258f33a3e99a51b1d7d515e60700ef7ff4

commit 49ce26b13200515c560c17efc4460b27376f15be
Author: Prasanth Jayachandran <>
Date:   2016-10-13T21:40:09Z

    CDH-48092 : HIVE-14835: Improve ptest2 build time (Prasanth Jayachandran reviewed by Sergio
    Change-Id: I9c4ea9524cf3e26f77ca0b5a35a1378df72ff9ba

commit 1b0fea5643d202fc43db45279841097a3e63fda6
Author: Siddharth Seth <>
Date:   2016-10-19T20:51:02Z

    CDH-48095 : HIVE-15009 : ptest - avoid unnecessary cleanup from previous test runs in
batch-exec.vm. (Siddharth Seth, reviewed by Sergio Peña)
    Change-Id: Iead424659d2ad67bc97d57817d24edb4b1b3a1bc

commit cffcb927a641685a3f82c6302e17238f90d565c5
Author: Siddharth Seth <>
Date:   2016-10-27T20:22:33Z

    CDH-48096 : HIVE-14887. Reduce the memory used by MiniMr, MiniTez, MiniLlap tests. (Siddharth
Seth, reviewed by Sergio Peña)
    Change-Id: I95664909b8a87c85396cae03cee1b6ffbaea11d9

commit 6a5c4d8fdc08670fbad67608590780d7409edb7a
Author: Vihang Karajgaonkar <>
Date:   2016-12-13T20:44:54Z

    CLOUDERA-BUILD : CDH-48338 : Increase memory of batch exec to fix OOM errors
    Change-Id: Ifff73eb40ecb220c06ea58176a67f66aea94231a

commit e595626fa4fd67c58aae99cb56eb659035a838d8
Author: Vihang Karajgaonkar <>
Date:   2017-01-18T17:56:09Z

    CLOUDERA-BUILD : Fix build failures
    Change-Id: If273f03cd3d73151a7b3920cdfeb710be73afaa2

commit dc4c398783b8cdad6266a6b8e5b6f97e0e074e1b
Author: Alan Gates <>
Date:   2015-11-02T23:53:07Z

    CDH-49194 : HIVE-11293 HiveConnection.setAutoCommit(true) throws exception (Michał Węgrzyn
and Alan Gates, reviewed by Thejas Nair)
    Change-Id: I0405de8d2d441ad21d17623f7373475d4e529a14

commit 326c7afcb15746e4614464a7f4031243a8a41036
Author: Vihang Karajgaonkar <>
Date:   2017-01-18T23:40:56Z

    Revert "CDH-48096 : HIVE-14887. Reduce the memory used by MiniMr, MiniTez, MiniLlap tests.
(Siddharth Seth, reviewed by Sergio Peña)"
    This reverts commit cffcb927a641685a3f82c6302e17238f90d565c5.
    Change-Id: Ib1da9f0634fc0f05c63615d26d638b8c197f6c9f

commit 674dea7cce827e4a449d9a3bec89e05a5b822cbe
Author: Sergey Shelukhin <>
Date:   2016-04-22T17:55:53Z

    CDH-48508: HIVE-13240 : GroupByOperator: Drop the hash aggregates when closing operator
(Gopal V, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)
    (cherry picked from commit 145e253df9c05e4e725c6aeab172ac0885bf5384)
    Change-Id: I8bf90bc6539edc9219097a626065dd1583ccf183

commit 45b0e47959f7603b414ae3d7c169a0118a96dfe2
Author: Aihua Xu <>
Date:   2016-09-22T19:46:21Z

    CDH-49149: HIVE-14820: RPC server for spark inside HS2 is not getting server address properly
(Aihua Xu, reviewed by Yongzhi Chen)
    (cherry picked from commit 421d97a8d75490ca8ec698ef67f7ed8739e394f8)
    Change-Id: Ic5089d85d4da96dc974afb4b7f3972d2447441eb

commit fccd7ea5283caddfc7d2597fd621cceadf6ef9e0
Author: Rajat Khandelwal <>
Date:   2015-08-10T12:21:09Z

    CDH-48814: HIVE-11376 : Removes legacy code wrt skipping files with codec to HiveInputFormat
from CombineHiveInputFormat (Rajat Khandelwal, reviewed by Amareshwari)
    (cherry picked from commit cfda5700a715b71f5c4c6b325d4adaa213ff7618)
    Change-Id: If83a8b2f14e234890f962de7a5a30006876efe80

commit de31a37a6dd65365beb066d4101494285c3cbd91
Author: Ashutosh Chauhan <>
Date:   2016-01-21T22:07:19Z

    CDH-49161: HIVE-12897: Improve dynamic partition loading (Ashutosh Chauhan via Prasanth
    (cherry picked from commit fe81a3760a87f3d8e9aa32dd51cfbb948e4f793a)
    Change-Id: Iae99751bb7412aeb279306d1da1f238874bd2094

commit 423b07b6e62c974d152b8815da082a10efa25375
Author: Vihang Karajgaonkar <>
Date:   2017-01-19T19:04:39Z

    Revert "Revert "CDH-48329 : HIVE-14891: Parallelize TestHCatStorer (Vaibhav Gumashta reviewed
by Siddharth Seth)""
    This reverts commit 5e08bb73a0776d71d679e8b196910cc7799b6163.
    Change-Id: I838a360ad40b9abcfc039928272c71000f3c173a

commit 1538b1f962bc898f79a8ae3f8c3381da0d5d3631
Author: Siddharth Seth <>
Date:   2016-05-28T13:35:55Z

    CDH-48081 : HIVE-13511 : Run clidriver tests from within the qtest dir for the precommit
tests. (Siddharth Seth, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)
    Change-Id: I9df822b9765846b630e757e30fbf256219b5674e

commit 1ec23f7b2bc4a1b5fba10af7b560e9cb711826e0
Author: Siddharth Seth <>
Date:   2016-09-16T15:52:40Z

    CDH-48086 : HIVE-14540 : Add support in ptest to create batches for non qfile tests. (Siddharth
Seth, reviewed by Prasanth Jayachandran)
    Change-Id: I5c578eff84e2d143fa7258325f7921a819d7e3b7

commit 85e1883e36a6fc87e93b20b97ed7bf263c6faf25
Author: Siddharth Seth <>
Date:   2016-10-12T05:17:54Z

    CDH-48243 : HIVE-14914 : Improve the 'TestClass' did not produce a TEST-*.xml file message.
(Siddharth Seth, reviewed by  Prasanth Jayachandran)
    Change-Id: I84d7539a8311a909e4463623ae9069c6bf6ea8dc

commit 5457854f724b23541e11ecb0965fe82a1c16e555
Author: Zsombor Klara <>
Date:   2017-01-19T09:28:26Z

    CDH-41901: HIVE-13149: Remove some unnecessary HMS connections from HS2
    Change-Id: I70e24c4139b301196f4b6b4c12ac9817ed97a267

commit c9d66439b4a7b1074967bcf5095d1ed95ccc0f62
Author: Peter Vary <>
Date:   2017-01-20T10:42:49Z

    CDH-49283: PreCommit tests jenkins workspace contains a symlink this causes compilation
    Change-Id: Iac67c5e9da9b48bae1c9391899b2e4be1270f70e

commit 82ba6b598a033f2f5aa3c9d4302ca611df9ec6b6
Author: Vihang Karajgaonkar <>
Date:   2017-01-20T18:14:24Z

    Revert "Revert "HIVE-15008 : Cleanup local workDir when MiniHS2 starts up in FS_ONLY mode.
(Siddharth Seth, reviewed by Prasanth Jayachandran)""
    This reverts commit 8efda40d62035c2ab01ff8e477d87ccd3dacf888.
    Change-Id: I64cf7b74c72c907ab186d1c9a5353a9ab2334408

commit 3244e7568954553e2cf3437f981921cff339f974
Author: Yongzhi Chen <>
Date:   2017-01-11T02:48:34Z

    CDH-49295: HIVE-15572: Improve the response time for query canceling when it happens during
acquiring locks (Yongzhi Chen, reviewed by Chaoyu Tang)
    Change-Id: Ia6df4a89e789715b9341465efca6da65eb0f80da

commit 874ce9efec14d98476bf76ad8ba6793d4296c38c
Author: Illya Yalovyy <>
Date:   2016-04-26T19:18:00Z

    CDH-49164: HIVE-13510: Dynamic partitioning doesn’t work when remote metastore is used
(Illya Yalovyy via Ashutosh Chauhan)
    Signed-off-by: Ashutosh Chauhan <>
    (cherry picked from commit 134b6cccbd7237901f7f7594626796863ca0150a)
    Change-Id: I26a0ee369791037f65f6d6a40df4b20cdc1f7459

commit 623db6d2732878d74692c7ae9d62af78a717fba1
Author: Ashutosh Chauhan <>
Date:   2016-05-10T01:31:15Z

    CDH-47452 : HIVE-13726 : Improve dynamic partition loading VI (Ashutosh Chauhan via Rui
    Change-Id: I7d5e89eaf36b2fcdaecb6343a2e8168d00b6c820

commit 274b56503a90c266707d3e61e2881fdf3dd7c25b
Author: Rajesh Balamohan <rbalamohan at apache dot org>
Date:   2016-09-16T07:28:16Z

    CDH-49262: HIVE-14764 : Enabling "hive.metastore.metrics.enabled" throws OOM in HiveMetastore
(Rajesh Balamohan, reviewed by Vaibhav Gumashta)
    (cherry picked from commit 7dd1d3694856a2fd55eba1355e81e5fa71477b0d)
    Change-Id: Ie0e75c33f7ea1dcaf8445b8e43367a88d9babd0c

commit 49e92cd3bf6130c2b4555a263b0b3700d03f5741
Author: Ferdinand Xu <>
Date:   2016-09-03T04:09:33Z

    CDH-45923 : HIVE-14693 : Some paritions will be left out when partition number is the
multiple of the option (Ferdinand Xu via Thejas Nair)
    Change-Id: I634ef4235f7176e5de9303fe7cf614f5186e97c4
    Signed-off-by: Ashutosh Chauhan <>

commit 4085c400ba3b3194ba64c27dd959de00078de5cb
Author: Ashutosh Chauhan <>
Date:   2015-02-14T20:11:11Z

    CDH-48506: HIVE-9138 : Add some explain to PTF operator (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)
    Change-Id: I7445c78a3e639e484f8816d73d0318d826d47da7

commit 0c34415085b38fc656aaea4aa56706cc217eeb7b
Author: Zsombor Klara <>
Date:   2017-01-20T15:43:53Z

    CDH-48506: HIVE-9869: Trunk doesn't build with hadoop-1 (Rui via Xuefu, reviewed by Ashutosh)
    Change-Id: I150ac52e180e6ab7e9a1672599c5879ee5c6f2ae


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