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From Misha Dmitriev <>
Subject Re: Review Request 57353: Intern Properties objects referenced from PartitionDesc to reduce memory pressure.
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2017 20:26:56 GMT

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(Updated April 21, 2017, 8:26 p.m.)

Review request for hive, Chaozhong Yang, Alan Gates, Rui Li, Prasanth_J, Sergio Pena, Sahil
Takiar, Vihang Karajgaonkar, and Xuefu Zhang.


Addressed Sergio's comments.

Bugs: HIVE-16079

Repository: hive-git


When multiple concurrent Hive queries run, a separate copy of
org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.Partition and
ql.plan.PartitionDesc is created for each table partition
per each query instance. So when in my benchmark explained in
HIVE-16079 we have 2000 partitions and 50 concurrent queries running
over them, we end up, in the worst case, with 2000*50=100,000 instances
of Partition and PartitionDesc in memory. These objects themselves
collectively take just ~2% of memory. However, other data structures
that each of them reference, take a lot more. In particular, Properties
objects take more than 20% of memory. When we have 50 concurrent
read-only queries, there are 50 identical copies of Properties per
each partition. That's a huge waste of memory.

This change introduces a new class that extends Properties, called
CopyOnFirstWriteProperties. It utilizes a unique interned copy of
Properties whenever possible. However, when one of the methods that
modify properties is called, a copy is created. When this class is
used, memory consumption by Properties falls from 20% to 5..6%.

Diffs (updated)

  common/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hive/common/ PRE-CREATION

  ql/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hive/ql/exec/ 247d5890ea8131404b9543d22876ca4c052578e0

  ql/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hive/ql/plan/ d05c1c68fdb7296c0346d73967071da1ebe7bb72





Misha Dmitriev

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