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From Sergey Shelukhin <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] split metastore and service
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2017 20:05:56 GMT
Splitting the metastore would also allow us to get rid of compile time
dependencies that are resolved via reflection right now.
+1 on the feature

On 17/3/27, 07:33, "Zoltan Haindrich" <> wrote:

>Currently the jdbc driver contains lots of hive code; which are not
>needed for the driver to function properly - jdbc-standalone is currently
>a 60M binary! :)
>I've opened a ticket, to explore the possibilites what can be done in
>this aspect to reduce jdbc's dependencies.
>I was able to remove most of the service and the metastore dependencies -
>by introducing 2 new modules: I called them metastore-api and
>As a change like this would mean that the released jars name and purpose
>would change - I didn't wanted to just file a jira about it :)
>So...I would like to ask for opinions or any concerns against doing the
>1) Splitting the metastore module; the new module would be named as
>metastore-X (my proposals for X are: client,rpc,if or api).
>  * the dependency would contain the thrift interface
>  * and possibly a few other source files which are needed to use it.
>2) Splitting the service module; the new module would be named service-X
>(my propsal for X would be client)
>  * the module would contain auth related classes
>  * some other basic stuffs like RowSet
>  * connected change: jdbc driver would change the support of embedded
>mode to only make it usable if 'service' is loaded onto the classpath
>With these two modules available, the size of the jdbc driver have
>dropped to about 21M.
>more info:

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