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From Peter Vary <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Yetus pre-commit tests
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2016 15:57:40 GMT
Hi there,

Previously we discussed that it would be good to integrate some automated checks to the pre-commit
Alan Gates suggested Apache Yetus and I checked what it can do for us (Yetus 0.3.0).

The good things that I have found:
Several existing tests (asflicense, author, checkstyle, findbugs, javac, javadoc, test4tests,
unitveto, whitespace, xml, junit)
It shows changes in errors/failures so we do not have to clean up the original code, but new
code will be checked.
Used by multiple ASF projects already - so we will be Apache conform using it.
Extensible, so if we decide to add the ptest framework to these test this could be done
It is possible to run the test only on the modules which contain changed files
The bad thing is it could take long time to run the tests even with patches touching a single

I think we should decide on which test to include into our pre-commit flow based on our needs
and the resource requirements. For reference I have run the test for a fairly small patch
on my macbook pro 2 times:
Adding 3 new files to the beeline module (1 java, 1 xml, 1 q.out) - took ~4 mins - see the
result in the attached beeline.out file
Adding 3 new files (same as before) to the ql module (1 java, 1 xml, 1 q.out) - took ~12 mins
- see the result in the attached ql.out file
In nutshell, the out of the box tests which are available in Yetus are (the numbers are the
time in seconds required to run the test in beeline/ql plugin):
asflicense (24/23) - apache-rat:check - currently this runs for the full path
author (0/0) - Checks for @author tags 
checkstyle (31/66) - checkstyle:checksyle
findbugs (73/353) - findbugs:findbugs
javac (53/147) - install compilation warnings (the runtime presented in the tables are not
javadoc (34/92) - javadoc warnings
test4tests (0/0) - checks if there is any test changed
unitveto (0/0) - checks for files in patch
whitespace (1/2) - tabs, whitespaces at the end of the line
xml (1/1) - xml basic validation
junit - running junit tests - we will use ptest anyway, so not played with this

I would like to know your opinion on which test should we enable, and which test should we
leave out in our pre-commit workflow.


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