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From Jesus Camacho Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: branch-2.1 was created
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2016 10:05:16 GMT
Thanks to everyone that has contributed to close the few Blocker/Critical issues
that were remaining for 2.1.0 in the last few days.

I will create the RC0 now and start the vote.


On 5/25/16, 11:48 AM, "Jesus Camacho Rodriguez" <>

>I have created branch-2.1. From now on, please use 2.2 fix version for
>master commits. In addition, backport patches that should go into 2.1
>to the release branch.
>I have also done a pass over the JIRAs that are not resolved and whose
>target version is 2.1.
>- Issues that are about to be committed still target version 2.1.
>- I left comments for issues that seem important but whose thread has been
>idle for a while; we will assess with the reporter/assignee whether they
>will be pushed to 2.1 or deferred to a future release.
>- For other issues, target version is not 2.1 anymore.
>Please note that we have a few bugs to be pushed, thus there may be time
>to get other JIRAs in even if they do not target 2.1.
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