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From Sergey Shelukhin <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Patch submission and commit format
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:59:07 GMT
The existing approach appears to be “HIVE-XXXXX : fix the bugs (John Doe,
reviewed by John Smith)” or something like that in the commit message.
I think the new approach is better… +1
Can you create a detailed instruction?
Is it enforceable in git?

On 15/7/10, 11:08, "Ashutosh Chauhan" <> wrote:

>There was a problem of attributing contributions correctly back when we
>were using svn, now that we are on git, that problem can be addressed.
>email is an effort to solicit feedback for it.
>Problem: In svn, there is only a committer field, so when committer was
>committing someone else's patch there was no way in svn to record original
>contributor. We used to workaround this by putting name of contributor in
>commit message.
>Git offers a better solution for this, since it makes a distinction
>committer and author of the patch. However, to do this git needs patch to
>be formatted (with git format-patch) and committed (using git am) in
>certain way. I myself is using following flags to generate and commit
>patches for some time now:
>git format-patch --stdout -1 > HIVE-XXXXX.patch
>git am --signoff HIVE-XXXXX.patch
>I propose we follow these conventions to generate and commit patches.
>PS: Motivation for this came while lurking on linux kernel mailing list,
>where I found Linux devs follow similar process.

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