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From Wojciech Indyk <>
Subject Re: hbase column without prefix
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2015 14:46:43 GMT

Yes, but if I define a map prefix "tag_" I don't want to receive the
prefix for each element of the map. I know what the prefix for the map
is. It is hard to join such data with another structures which doesn't
have prefixes. All in all it's easier to integrate data without
prefixes. IMO Prefixes are artificial structure (like 'super-column')
to optimize queries and be able to store a map in hbase. That's why i
want to cut prefixes.

What do you think about it? Does it make sense for you? Even if it's
not a bug it would be nice to have option to hide prefixes in keys of

Kindly regards
Wojciech Indyk

2015-07-23 16:32 GMT+02:00
> Hey,
> Just so that I understand your issue better, why do you think it should be
> key: one, value: 0.5
> key: two: value: 0.5
> instead of
> key: tag_one, value: 0.5
> key: tag_two, value: 0.5
> when you know that the prefixes for your columns are tag_. Hive won't
> really do anything but simply pull all the columns that start with the
> given prefix and add them to the key for your map which is exactly what you
> are seeing here.
> On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 10:03 AM, Wojciech Indyk <>
> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I've created an issue
>> and need an advice is it a bug or should it be a new feature, e.g. a
>> flag to enable somewhere in a table definition?
>> I am eager to create a patch, however I need some help with design a
>> work to do (e.g. which modules affect this thing).
>> Kindly regards
>> Wojciech Indyk
> --
> Swarnim

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