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From Alan Gates <>
Subject Re: PL/HQL and Hive
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2015 18:55:50 GMT
Here's what we need to do:

1) You need to file a JIRA proposing to contribute the code.
2) You can then contribute the code as a patch to that JIRA.  As long as 
you've written all the code yourself this is sufficient to hand legal 
rights to Apache to contribute the code.  If others beyond you have 
legal claim to the code (ie they wrote it or paid you to write it) we'll 
need to work with Apache and those authors to get clearance to include 
the code.
3) Before committing the code we need to move it to an org.apache.hive 
packaging structure.  I propose that we put it in a new package 
org.apache.hive.hplsql (see below for why I chose that).  We can take 
the patch you submit and make this change before committing or you can 
move it yourself before you contribute the patch.
4) One of the current committers can then take the patch and get it 

One suggestion that might be controversial:  I propose we change the 
name from PL/HQL to HPL/SQL (hence my packaging name suggestion above).  
We want to move away from saying Hive has a language called HQL which is 
SQL like.  At this point Hive's SQL is most of the way to SQL-92 so 
talking about HQL just confuses people.  Hence Hive PL/SQL (HPL/SQL) 
seems better.  Or if you prefer we could do PL/HSQL.


> Dmitry Tolpeko <>
> June 15, 2015 at 8:03
> Hi Alan,
> I am back from my vacation. Please let me know what actions, 
> information is required for me regarding IP. Can we talk about Jira 
> creation and first steps to make PL/HQL conform to Hive standards?
> Thanks,
> Dmitry

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