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From Sergey Shelukhin <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Stable releases from branch-1 and experimental releases from master
Date Tue, 26 May 2015 19:29:30 GMT
I want to clarify about being not production ready though. That shouldn’t
mean known shortage of functionality (other than the deprecated parts like
hadoop-1), imho, just the fact that they are recent with big features
enabled. They should be production ready modulo the higher expected bug

On 15/5/26, 11:41, "Alan Gates" <> wrote:

>We have discussed this for several weeks now.  Some concerns have been
>raised which I have tried to address.  I think it is time to vote on it
>as our release plan.  To be specific, I propose:
>Hive makes a branch-1 from the current master.  This would be used for
>1.3 and future 1.x releases.  This branch would not deprecate existing
>functionality.  Any new features in this branch would also need to be
>put on master.  An upgrade path for users will be maintained from one
>1.x release to the next, as well as from the latest 1.x release to the
>latest 2.x release.
>Going forward releases numbered 2.x will be made from master.  The
>purpose of these releases will be to enable users to get access to new
>features being developed in Hive and allow developers to get feedback.
>It is expected that for a while these releases will not be production
>ready and will be clearly so labeled.  Some legacy features, such as
>Hadoop 1 and MapReduce, will no longer be supported in the master.  Any
>critical bug fixes (security, incorrect results, crashes) fixed in
>master will also be ported to branch-1 for at least a year.  This time
>period may be extended in the future based on the stability and adoption
>of 2.x releases.
>Based on Hive's bylaws this release plan vote will be open for 3 days
>and all active committers have binding votes.
>Here's my +1.

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