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From Gopal Vijayaraghavan <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Supporting Hadoop-1 and experimental features
Date Thu, 14 May 2015 17:44:52 GMT

+1 on the idea.

Having a stable release branch with ongoing fixes where we do not drop
major features would be good all around.

It lets us accelerate the pace of development, drop major features or
rewrite them entirely without dragging everyone else kicking & screaming
into that release.


On 5/11/15, 7:17 PM, "Sergey Shelukhin" <> wrote:

>That sounds like a good idea.
>Some features could be back ported to branch-1 if viable, but at least new
>stuff would not be burdened by Hadoop 1/MR code paths.
>Probably also a good place to enable vectorization and other perf features
>by default while we make alpha releases.
>On 15/5/11, 15:38, "Alan Gates" <> wrote:
>>There is a lot of forward-looking work going on in various branches of
>>Hive:  LLAP, the HBase metastore, and the work to drop the CLI.  It
>>would be good to have a way to release this code to users so that they
>>can experiment with it.  Releasing it will also provide feedback to
>>At the same time there are discussions on whether to keep supporting
>>Hadoop-1.  The burden of supporting older, less used functionality such
>>as Hadoop-1 is becoming ever harder as many new features are added.
>>I propose that the best way to deal with this would be to make a
>>branch-1.  We could continue to make new feature releases off of this
>>branch (1.3, 1.4, etc.).  This branch would not drop old functionality.
>>This provides stability and continuity for users and developers.
>>We could then merge these new features branches (LLAP, HBase metastore,
>>CLI drop) into the trunk, as well as turn on by default newer features
>>such as the vectorization and ACID.  We could also drop older, less used
>>features such as support for Hadoop-1 and MapReduce.  It will be a while
>>before we are ready to make stable, production ready releases of this
>>code.  But we could start making alpha quality releases soon.  We would
>>call these releases 2.x, to stress the non-backward compatible changes
>>such as dropping Hadoop-1.  This will give users a chance to play with
>>the new code and developers a chance to get feedback.

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