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From Sushanth Sowmyan <>
Subject Re: Preparation for Hive-1.2 release
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2015 23:51:35 GMT
HIVE-10509 and HIVE-10510 have been created with the individual
patches that upgraded master and branch-1.2 respectively, and marked
as resolved.

I'll also add it in to the HowToRelease doc to ensure that from the
next release onward, we create a jira for this.

Also, friendly reminder for folks :  If you have any other jira you
want included for 1.2, please go and add it to

Tonight midnight will be the deadline for feature include requests,
and this list will go on lockdown for any further requests for feature
inclusions. Bugfixes will still be okay to request for inclusion.

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 4:41 PM, Sushanth Sowmyan <> wrote:
> Also, Agreed with Sergio/Szehon, we should have a jira that's marked
> as committed with a patch attached for the version bump patch.
> Creating one.
> On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 4:39 PM, Sushanth Sowmyan <> wrote:
>> Vinod,
>> If 2.7.0 is "not-yet-ready", then we should not be bumping 1.2 to
>> 2.7.0. But, we should be okay to bump master(1.3) up to 2.7.0 so that
>> we start general-purpose testing against that.
>> Please go ahead and create a jira for that, and we should be able to
>> bump up trunk to go against that.
>> Thanks,
>> -Sushanth

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