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From Makoto Yui <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Hivemall incubation
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:02:53 GMT
Hi all,

I am the principal developer of Hivemall, a scalable machine learning
library for Apache Hive.

When I presented a talk at the last Hadoop Summit in San Jose [1],
several audiences asked me the possibility to change the software
license of Hivemall to Apache License v2 and then sustainability of the
project was their major concerns.

Since then, I am wondering to propose Hivemall as an Apache Incubator
project. The position of Hivemall for Hive would become similar one to
DataFu (an Apache Incubator project) for Apache Pig.

I believe that adding machine learning functionality over Apache Hive
could extend application range of Apache Hive and Hivemall could help
existing Hive users in their learning-scale data analytics projects.

I have got approved from my employer (AIST) to change the license of
Hivemall to Apache License version 2 and the donating the code to Apache
Foundation. And now, I am willing to propose Hivemall as an Apache
incubator project, together with Hivemall contributors in NTT corp.

I am considering that the current Hivemall codebase is bits large to be
included in Hive contrib and thus it is better to be a separated
incubator project. I would like to propose Hivemall to be graduated as a
subproject of Apache Hive.

Is the strategy possible from the Hive PMC point of view?

Before formulating a proposal, I would like to hear Hive developers’
opinion (e.g., possibilities, +1/-1, and missing pieces for incubations)
on incubating Hivemall.

BTW, I found this JIRA issue mentioning Hivemall.

Is there a possibility to cooperate with them in proposing Hivemall to
Apache Incubator project? According the incubation guides, I need a
mentor/champion for incubating.

Your help toward the incubation will be much appreciated.



-- ******************************************* Makoto YUI
<> Information Technology Research Institute, AIST. *******************************************

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