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From "E.L. Leverenz" <>
Subject moving Hive to git
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:31:07 GMT
This is the rest of the message I meant to send on the "moving Hive to git" thread, but then
did an accidental send.  Apache rejected several attempts as spam, so I'm sending this from
a different email account.

This list summarizes the previous discussion, with my questions/comments: 
	1. "... git is more powerful and easy to use (once you go past the learning curve!)" [Thejas]
-- that learning curve still intimidates me, which suggests it might also be daunting for
	2. "Switching to git from svn seems to be a proposal slightly different from that of switching
to pull request from the head of the thread. Personally I'm +1 to git, but I think patches
are very portable and widely adopted in Hadoop ecosystem and we should keep the practice."
[Xuefu] -- could someone explain the patch issue?
	3. "We need to keep patches in Jira  ... having a patch in the jira is critical I feel. We
must at least have a perma link to the changes." [Edward] -- again, how are patches different
in git?
	4. "In my read of the Apache git - github integration blog post we cannot use pull requests
as patches. Just that we'll be notified of them and could perhaps use them as code review."
[Brock] -- okay, perhaps this answers my patch question.
	5. "One additional item I think we should investigate is disabling merge commits on trunk
and feature branches." -- uh oh, I'm slipping backwards on the learning curve.
	6. "I do not think we want Pull Requests coming at us. Better way is let someone open a git
branch for the changes, then we review and merge the branch." [Edward] -- okay, creeping back
up the learning curve.
	7. "I'm +1 on switching to git, but only if we can find a way to disable merge commits to
trunk and feature branches. I'm -1 on switching to Github since, as far as I know, it only
supports merge based workflows." [Carl]
	8. "Agree with Carl about git merge commits, they make the changes hard to follow. But it
should be OK, if there is no way to disable it in the main git repo, it is a small set of
active committers, we can make a policy and expect people to follow it. But we should certainly
disable 'git push -f' (and anything as distruptive)." [Thejas]-- that small set of committers
is growing larger all the time.
-- Lefty
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