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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Hive-trunk-hadoop2 - Build # 695 - Still Failing
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2014 17:38:12 GMT
Changes for Build #640

Changes for Build #641
[navis] HIVE-5414 : The result of show grant is not visible via JDBC (Navis reviewed by Thejas M Nair)

[navis] HIVE-4257 : java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException on JDBCStatsAggregator (Teddy Choi via Navis, reviewed by Ashutosh)

Changes for Build #642

Changes for Build #643
[ehans] HIVE-6017: Contribute Decimal128 high-performance decimal(p, s) package from Microsoft to Hive (Hideaki Kumura via Eric Hanson)

Changes for Build #644
[cws] HIVE-5911: Recent change to schema upgrade scripts breaks file naming conventions (Sergey Shelukhin via cws)

[cws] HIVE-3746: Fix HS2 ResultSet Serialization Performance Regression II (Navis via cws)

[cws] HIVE-3746: Fix HS2 ResultSet Serialization Performance Regression (Navis via cws)

[jitendra] HIVE-6010: TestCompareCliDriver enables tests that would ensure vectorization produces same results as non-vectorized execution (Sergey Shelukhin via Jitendra Pandey)

Changes for Build #645

Changes for Build #646
[ehans] HIVE-5757: Implement vectorized support for CASE (Eric Hanson)

Changes for Build #647
[thejas] HIVE-5795 : Hive should be able to skip header and footer rows when reading data file for a table (Shuaishuai Nie via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #648
[thejas] HIVE-5923 : SQL std auth - parser changes (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Brock Noland)

Changes for Build #649

Changes for Build #650

Changes for Build #651
[brock] HIVE-3936 - Remote debug failed with hadoop 0.23X, hadoop 2.X (Swarnim Kulkarni via Brock)

Changes for Build #652

Changes for Build #653
[gunther] HIVE-6125: Tez: Refactoring changes (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Thejas M Nair)

Changes for Build #654
[cws] HIVE-5829: Rewrite Trim and Pad UDFs based on GenericUDF (Mohammad Islam via cws)

Changes for Build #655
[brock] HIVE-2599 - Support Composit/Compound Keys with HBaseStorageHandler (Swarnim Kulkarni via Brock Noland)

[brock] HIVE-5946 - DDL authorization task factory should be better tested (Brock reviewed by Thejas)

Changes for Build #656

Changes for Build #657
[gunther] HIVE-6105: LongWritable.compareTo needs shimming (Navis vis Gunther Hagleitner)

Changes for Build #658

Changes for Build #659
[ehans] HIVE-6051: Create DecimalColumnVector and a representative VectorExpression for decimal (Eric Hanson)

Changes for Build #660
[thejas] HIVE-5224 : When creating table with AVRO serde, the "avro.schema.url" should be about to load serde schema from file system beside HDFS (Shuaishuai Nie via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6154 : HiveServer2 returns a detailed error message to the client only when the underlying exception is a HiveSQLException (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #661

Changes for Build #662
[gunther] HIVE-6098: Merge Tez branch into trunk (Gunther Hagleitner et al, reviewed by Thejas Nair, Vikram Dixit K, Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #663
[hashutosh] HIVE-6171 : Use Paths consistently - V (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #664
[xuefu] HIVE-5446: Hive can CREATE an external table but not SELECT from it when file path have spaces

Changes for Build #665

Changes for Build #666

Changes for Build #667
[brock] HIVE-6115 - Remove redundant code in HiveHBaseStorageHandler (Brock reviewed by Xuefu and Sushanth)

Changes for Build #668
[hashutosh] HIVE-6166 : JsonSerDe is too strict about table schema (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5679 : add date support to metastore JDO/SQL (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #669

Changes for Build #670
[ehans] HIVE-6067: Implement vectorized decimal comparison filters (Eric Hanson)

Changes for Build #671
[hashutosh] HIVE-6185 : DDLTask is inconsistent in creating a table and adding a partition when dealing with location (Xuefu Zhang via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5032 : Enable hive creating external table at the root directory of DFS (Shuaishuai Nie via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #672
[navis] HIVE-6177 : Fix keyword KW_REANME which was intended to be KW_RENAME (Navis reviewed by Brock Noland)

[jitendra] HIVE-6156. Implement vectorized reader for Date datatype for ORC format. (jitendra)

Changes for Build #673
[hashutosh] HIVE-4216 : TestHBaseMinimrCliDriver throws weird error with HBase 0.94.5 and Hadoop 23 and test is stuck infinitely (Jason Dere via Brock Noland)

Changes for Build #674
[hashutosh] HIVE-5515 : Writing to an HBase table throws IllegalArgumentException, failing job submission (Viraj Bhat via Ashutosh Chauhan & Sushanth Sowmyan)

Changes for Build #675

Changes for Build #676
[thejas] HIVE-5941 : SQL std auth - support 'show roles' (Navis via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #677
[navis] HIVE-6161 : Fix TCLIService duplicate thrift definition for TColumn (Jay Bennett via Navis)

Changes for Build #678

Changes for Build #679
[xuefu] HIVE-6174: Beeline 'set varible' doesn't show the value of the variable as Hive CLI

[hashutosh] HIVE-6196 : Incorrect package name for few tests. (Ashutosh Chauhan via Xuefu Zhang)

Changes for Build #680
[thejas] HIVE-6184 : Bug in SessionManager.stop() in HiveServer2 (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[xuefu] HIVE-6182: LDAP Authentication errors need to be more informative (Szehon via Xuefu)

Changes for Build #681
[gunther] HIVE-6189: Support top level union all statements (patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Navis and Harish Butani)

Changes for Build #682
[daijy] HIVE-6211: WebHCat job status E2E tests fail in presence of other jobs

Changes for Build #683

Changes for Build #684
[yhuai] HIVE-5945: ql.plan.ConditionalResolverCommonJoin.resolveMapJoinTask also sums those tables which are not used in the child of this conditional task. (Navis via Yin Huai)

Changes for Build #685
[hashutosh] HIVE-6216 : Update datanucleus.connectionPoolingType to BoneCP in hive-default.xml.template (Vaibhav Gumashta via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4519 : JDBC getColumnTypeName() should respond with the Hive-specifc type name for ARRAY, STRUCT and MAP (Robert Roland & Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5951 : improve performance of adding partitions from client (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6170 : Upgrade to the latest version of bonecp (Hari via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #686
[ehans] HIVE-6124: Support basic Decimal arithmetic in vector mode (+, -, *) (Eric Hanson)

Changes for Build #687
[navis] HIVE-6201 : Print failed query for qfile tests (Navis reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[thejas] HIVE-6054 : HiveServer2 does not log the output of LogUtils.initHiveLog4j(); (Hari Sankar Sivarama Subramaniyan via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #688
[ehans] HIVE-5595: Implement vectorized SMB JOIN (Remus Rusanu via Eric Hanson)

Changes for Build #689
[thejas] HIVE-6159 : Hive uses deprecated hadoop configuration in Hadoop 2.0 (shanyu zhao via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #690
[rhbutani] HIVE-6208 user-defined aggregate functions cannot be used as windowing function (Jason Dere via Harish Butani)

Changes for Build #691
[hashutosh] HIVE-6192 : Optimize sum(1) to answer query using metadata (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #692
[xuefu] HIVE-3611: Hive JDBC doesn't support BINARY column (reviewed by Prasad)

Changes for Build #693

Changes for Build #694
[xuefu] HIVE-6180: Hive JDBC Driver connection fail when no default database passed in the connection string (Prasad via Xuefu)

Changes for Build #695
[hashutosh] HIVE-7654 : A method to extrapolate columnStats for partitions of a table (Pengcheng Xiong via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-7823 - HIVE-6185 removed Partition.getPartition (Brock reviewed by Szehon)

[brock] HIVE-7829 - Entity.getLocation can throw an NPE (Brock reviewed by Szehon)

[thejas] HIVE-7680 : Do not throw SQLException for HiveStatement getMoreResults and setEscapeProcessing(false) (Alexander Pivovarov via Thejas Nair)

[brock] HIVE-7840 - Generated hive-default.xml.template mistakenly refers to property "name"s as "key"s (Wilbur Yang via Brock)

[brock] HIVE-7828 - TestCLIDriver.parquet_join.q is failing on trunk (Brock reviewed by Alan)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7833: Remove unwanted allocation in ORC RunLengthIntegerWriterV2 determine encoding function (Prasanth J, reviewed by Gopal V)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7841 : Case, When, Lead, Lag UDF is missing annotation (John Pullokkaran via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gates] HIVE-7663 OrcRecordUpdater needs to implement getStats (Alan Gates, reviewed by Owen O'Malley)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7736 : improve the columns stats update speed for all the partitions of a table (Pengcheng Xiong via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7836 : Ease-out denominator for multi-attribute join case in statistics annotation (Prasanth J via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-7820 - union_null.q is not deterministic (Brock Noland reviewed by Szehon)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7784 : Created the needed indexes on Hive.PART_COL_STATS for CBO (Mostafa Mokhtar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7281 : DbTxnManager acquiring wrong level of lock for dynamic partitioning (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[szehon] HIVE-7735 : Implement Char, Varchar in ParquetSerDe (Mohit Sabharwal via Szehon)

[brock] HIVE-7807 - Refer to umask property using FsPermission.UMASK_LABEL (Venki Korukanti via Brock)

[gates] HIVE-7646 Modify parser to support new grammar for Insert,Update,Delete (Eugene Koifman via Alan Gates)

[brock] HIVE-7824 - CLIServer.getOperationStatus eats ExceutionException (Brock reviewed by Szehon)

[jdere] HIVE-7774: Issues with location path for temporary external tables (Jason Dere, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jdere] HIVE-7638: Disallow CREATE VIEW when created with a temporary table (Jason Dere, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[brock] HIVE-7629 - Problem in SMB Joins between two Parquet tables ( Suma Shivaprasad via Brock)

[gopalv] HIVE-7738 : tez select sum(decimal) from union all of decimal and null throws NPE (Alexander Pivovarov, reviewed by Gopal V)

[brock] HIVE-7786 - add --SORT_BEFORE_DIFF to union all tez .q.out files (Brock reviewed by Szehon)

[navis] HIVE-7771 : ORC PPD fails for some decimal predicates (Prasanth J, reviwed by Daniel Dai)

[khorgath] HIVE-7068 : Integrate AccumuloStorageHandler (Josh Elser, reviewed by Navis, Nick Dimiduk & Sushanth Sowmyan)

[brock] HIVE-7373 - Hive should not remove trailing zeros for decimal numbers (Sergio Peña via Brock)

[brock] HIVE-7769 - add --SORT_BEFORE_DIFF to union all .q tests (Na Yang via Brock)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7734: Join stats annotation rule is not updating columns statistics correctly (Prasanth J, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[brock] HIVE-7432 - Remove deprecated Avro's Schema.parse usages (Ashish Kumar Singh via Brock)

[brock] HIVE-7760 - Constants in VirtualColumn should be final (Eugene Koifman via Brock)

[sershe] HIVE-7705 : there's a useless threadlocal in LBUtils that shows up in perf profiles (Sergey Shelukhin, Navis reviewed by Gopal V, Navis)

[gates] HIVE-7513 Add ROW__ID VirtualColumn (Eugene Koifman via Alan Gates)

[brock] HIVE-7757 - PTest2 separates test files with spaces while QTestGen uses commas (Brock reviewed by Szehon)

[khorgath] HIVE-7341 : Support for Table replication across HCatalog instances (Mithun Radhakrishnan via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[navis] HIVE-7710 : Rename table across database might fail (Chun Chen via Navis)

[rhbutani] HIVE-7744 In Windowing Streaming mode Avg and Sum give incorrect results when Wdw size is same as partition size (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-7700 : authorization api - HivePrivilegeObject for permanent function should have database name set (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[brock] HIVE-7740 - qfile and qfile_regex should override includeFiles (Brock reviewed by Szehon)

[thejas] HIVE-6093 : table creation should fail when user does not have permissions on db (Thiruvel Thirumoolan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7737 : Hive logs full exception for table not found (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-7533 - removing file that missed being deleted in previous commit

[thejas] HIVE-7533 : sql std auth - set authorization privileges for tables when created from hive cli (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[thejas] HIVE-7169 : HiveServer2 in Http Mode should have a configurable IdleMaxTime timeout (Hari Sankar Sivarama Subramaniyan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-7620 : Hive metastore fails to start in secure mode due to "java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: SASL_PROPS" error (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[thejas] HIVE-7648 :authorization check api should provide table for create table,drop/create index, and db for create/switch db (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[thejas] HIVE-7722 : TestJdbcDriver2.testDatabaseMetaData fails after HIVE-7676 (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7506 : MetadataUpdater: provide a mechanism to edit the statistics of a column in a table (or a partition of a table) (Pengcheng Xiong via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-7142 - Hive multi serialization encoding support (Chengxiang Li via Brock)

[navis] HIVE-7678 : add more test cases for tables qualified with database/schema name (Thejas M Nair via Navis)

[szehon] HIVE-7446 : Add support to ALTER TABLE .. ADD COLUMN to Avro backed tables (Ashish Kumar Singh via Szehon)

[thejas] HIVE-7676 : JDBC: Support more DatabaseMetaData, ResultSetMetaData methods (Alexander Pivovarov via Thejas Nair)

[vikram] HIVE-7477: Upgrade hive to use tez 0.4.1 (Vikram Dixit, reviewed by Ashutosh Chouhan, Navis Ryu)

[szehon] HIVE-7684 : Avoid validating hook EnforceReadOnlyTable during test driver cleanup. (Venki Korukanti via Szehon)

[brock] HIVE-7697 - PlanUtils.getTableDesc uses printStackTrace and returns null (Brock reviewed by Navis)

[navis] HIVE-7658 : Hive search order for hive-site.xml when using --config option (Venki Korukanti via Navis)

[navis] HIVE-7532 : allow disabling direct sql per query with external metastore (Navis reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[daijy] PIG-4119: Add message at end of each testcase with timestamp in Pig system tests

[brock] HIVE-7691 - Improve maintainability of (Reviewed by Szehon via Brock)

[szehon] HIVE-7390 : Make quote character optional and configurable in BeeLine CSV/TSV output (Ferdinand Xu via Szehon)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7679: JOIN operator should update the column stats when number of rows changes (Prasanth J, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[sershe] HIVE-7616 : pre-size mapjoin hashtable based on statistics (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner, Prasanth J, Mostafa Mokhtar, Gopal V)

[thejas] HIVE-4064 : Handle db qualified names consistently across all HiveQL statements (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7419 : Missing break in SemanticAnalyzer#getTableDescFromSerDe() (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7521 : Reference equality is used on Boolean in NullScanOptimizer#WhereFalseProcessor#process() (Kang HS via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6959 : Enable Constant propagation optimizer for Hive Vectorization (Hari Sankar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[navis] HIVE-7592 : List Jars or Files are not supported by Beeline (Navis reviewed by Szehon Ho)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7539 : streaming windowing UDAF seems to be broken without Partition Spec (Navis via Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7635 : Query having same aggregate functions but different case throws IndexOutOfBoundsException (Chaoyu Tang via Szehon Ho)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7618 : TestDDLWithRemoteMetastoreSecondNamenode unit test failure (Jason Dere via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7396 : BucketingSortingReduceSinkOptimizer throws NullPointException during ETL (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7415 : Test TestMinimrCliDriver.testCliDriver_ql_rewrite_gbtoidx failing (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7486 : Delete jar should close current classloader (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7563 : ClassLoader should be released from LogFactory (Navis via Szehon Ho)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7667 : handle cast for long in get_aggr_stats() api for metastore for mysql (Ashutosh Chauhan via Harish Butani)

[szehon] HIVE-7519 : Refactor QTestUtil to remove its duplication with QFileClient for qtest setup and teardown (Ashish via Szehon)

[jdere] HIVE-7634: Use Configuration.getPassword() if available to eliminate passwords from hive-site.xml (Jason Dere, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[jdere] HIVE-7637: Change throws clause for Hadoop23Shims.ProxyFileSystem23.access() (Jason Dere, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7452 : Boolean comparison is done through reference equality rather than using equals (Kang HS via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7600 : ConstantPropagateProcFactory uses reference equality on Boolean (Kang HS via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7229 : String is compared using equal in HiveMetaStore#HMSHandler#init() (Kang HS via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[khorgath] HIVE-7072 : HCatLoader only loads first region of hbase table (Sushanth Sowmyan, reviewed by Daniel Dai)

[szehon] HIVE-7441 : Custom partition scheme gets rewritten with hive scheme upon concatenate (Chaoyu Tang via Szehon)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7357 : Add vectorized support for BINARY data type (Matt McCline via Jitendra Nath Pandey, Eric Hanson)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7421 : Make VectorUDFDateString use the same date parsing and formatting as GenericUDFDate (Matt McCline via Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[jdere] HIVE-7583: Use FileSystem.access() if available to check file access for user (Jason Dere, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[sershe] HIVE-7574 : CommonJoinOperator.checkAndGenObject calls LOG.Trace per row from probe side in a HashMap join consuming 4% of the CPU (Mostafa Mokhtar, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7426 : ClassCastException: ...IntWritable cannot be cast to ...Text involving ql.udf.generic.GenericUDFBasePad.evaluate (Matt McCline via Jason Dere)

[khorgath] HIVE-7472 : CLONE - Import fails for tables created with default text, sequence and orc file formats using HCatalog API (Sushanth Sowmyan, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[szehon] HIVE-7554 : Parquet Hive should resolve column names in case insensitive manner (missing files)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7589 : Some fixes and improvements to statistics annotation rules (Prasanth J via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7029 : Vectorize ReduceWork (Matt McCline via Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[szehon] HIVE-7554 : Parquet Hive should resolve column names in case insensitive manner (Brock Noland via Szehon)

[szehon] HIVE-7596 : Cleanup OperatorFactory, ReduceSinkOperator, and reportStats (Brock Noland via Szehon)

[szehon] HIVE-7595 : isKerberosMode() does a case sensitive comparison (Sravya Tirukkovalur via Szehon)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7609 : Collect partition level stats by default (Ashutosh Chauhan via Prasanth J)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7587 : Fetch aggregated stats from MetaStore (Ashutosh Chauhan via Prasanth J, Sergey Shelukhin)

[khorgath] HIVE-6584 : Add HiveHBaseTableSnapshotInputFormat (Nick Dimiduk, reviewed by Navis Ryu, Sushanth Sowmyan)

[thejas] HIVE-7579  : error message for 'drop admin role' in sql std auth mode is not informative (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[khorgath] HIVE-7354 : windows:Need to set hbase jars in hadoop classpath explicitly (Hari Subramaniyan via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[daijy] HIVE-7558: HCatLoader reuses credentials across jobs ( Thiruvel Thirumoolan via Daniel Dai )

[navis] HIVE-7562 : Cleanup ExecReducer (Brock Noland reviewed by Szehon Ho, Navis)

[szehon] HIVE-7547 : Add ipAddress and userName to ExecHook (Szehon, reviewed by Thejas)

[thejas] HIVE-7488 : pass column names being used for inputs to authorization api (Thejas Nair reviewed by Jason Dere, Navis)

[thejas] HIVE-6437 : DefaultHiveAuthorizationProvider should not initialize a new HiveConf (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[prasanthj] Removed files from HIVE-7509 (.5 patch)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7509: Fast stripe level merging for ORC (Prasanth J, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[brock] HIVE-7549 - Code cleanup of and (Ashutosh via Brock)

[szehon] HIVE-7538: Fix eclipse:eclipse after HIVE-7496 (Szehon, reviewed by Navis)

[cws] HIVE-7286: Parameterize HCatMapReduceTest for testing against all Hive storage formats (David Chen via cws)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7529 : load data query fails on hdfs federation + viewfs (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7249 : HiveTxnManager.closeTxnManger() throws if called after commitTxn() (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7246 : Hive transaction manager hardwires bonecp as the JDBC pooling implementation (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7536: Make use of decimal column statistics in statistics annotation (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-7535: Make use of number of nulls column statistics in filter rule (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[navis] HIVE-7497 : Fix some default values in HiveConf (Dong Chen reviewed by Brock Noland, Navis)

[navis] HIVE-6601 : alter database commands should support schema synonym keyword (Navis reviewed by Thejas M Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7424 : HiveException: Error evaluating concat(concat('      ', str2), '      ') in ql.exec.vector.VectorSelectOperator.processOp (Matt McCline via Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7524 : Enable auto conversion of SMBjoin in presence of constant propagate optimization (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)

[thejas] HIVE-7498 : NPE on show grant for global privilege (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[navis] HIVE-7496 : Exclude conf/hive-default.xml.template from version control and include it dist profile (Navis reviewed by Szehon Ho)

[navis] HIVE-7017 : Insertion into Parquet tables fails under Tez (Craig Condit reviwed by Thejas, Navis)

[navis] HIVE-7473 : Null values in DECIMAL columns cause serialization issues with HCatalog (Craig Condit via Navis)

[brock] HIVE-7459 - Fix NPE when an empty file is included in a Hive query that uses CombineHiveInputFormat (Matt Martin, Ryan Blue via Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7522 : Update .q.out for cluster_tasklog_retrieval.q test (Ashutosh Chauhan via Szehon Ho)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7514 : Vectorization does not handle constant expression whose value is NULL (Hari Sankar via Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5771 : Constant propagation optimizer for Hive (Ted Xu via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[szehon] HIVE-7445 : Improve LOGS for Hive when a query is not able to acquire locks (Chaoyu Tang via Szehon)

[cws] HIVE-6806: Support CREATE TABLE ... STORED AS AVRO (Ashish Kumar Singh via cws)

[sershe] HIVE-7266 : Optimized HashTable with vectorized map-joins results in String columns extending (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Matt McCline and Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[thejas] HIVE-7451 : pass function name in create/drop function to authorization api (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7491: Stats annotation fails to evaluate constant expressions in filter operator (Prasanth J reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7495: Print dictionary size in orc file dump (Prasanth J, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7490: Revert ORC stripe size (Prasanth J, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7494 : ORC returns empty rows for constant folded date queries (Prasanth J via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7422 : Array out of bounds exception involving ql.exec.vector.expressions.aggregates.gen.VectorUDAFAvgDouble (Matt McCline via Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[szehon] HIVE-5160 : HS2 should support .hiverc (Dong Chen via Szehon)

[szehon] HIVE-5456 : Queries fail on avro backed table with empty partition (Chaoyu Tang via Szehon)

[gopalv] HIVE-7397 : Set the simple fetch task conversion to more with a default threshold of 1Gb

[thejas] HIVE-7026 : Support newly added role related APIs for v1 authorizer (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[navis] HIVE-7456 : HIVE-7361 missed updating authorization_fail_8 (Navis reviwed by Thejas M Nair)

[navis] HIVE-7303 : IllegalMonitorStateException when stmtHandle is null in HiveStatement (Navis reviewed by Brock Noland)

[szehon] HIVE-7450 : Database should inherit perms of warehouse dir (Szehon, reviewed by Brock and Navis)

[navis] HIVE-7374 : SHOW COMPACTIONS fail on trunk (Damien Carol via Navis)

[navis] HIVE-7409 : Add workaround for a deadlock issue of Class.getAnnotation() (Tsuyoshi OZAWA reviewed by Xuefu Zhang, Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7054 : Support ELT UDF in vectorized mode (Deepesh Khandelwal via Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7385 : Optimize for empty relation scans (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[thejas] HIVE-7416 (fixing broken build  - itests)

[thejas] HIVE-7416 (fixing broken build)

[thejas] HIVE-7416 : provide context information to authorization checkPrivileges api call (Thejas Nair, reviwed by Jason Dere)

[jdere] HIVE-7404: Revoke privilege should support revoking of grant option (Jason Dere, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-7361 : using authorization api for RESET, DFS, ADD, DELETE, COMPILE commands (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[navis] HIVE-7381 : Class TezEdgeProperty missing license header (Navis reviewed by Xuefu Zhang)

[navis] HIVE-7345 : Beeline changes its prompt to reflect successful database connection even after failing to connect (Ashish Kumar Singh via Navis)

[navis] HIVE-7433 : ColumnMappins.ColumnMapping should expose public accessors for its fields (Andrew Mains via Navis)

[jdere] HIVE-7414: Update golden file for MiniTez temp_table.q (Jason Dere, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[xuefu] HIVE-6928: Beeline should not chop off 'describe extended' results by default (Chinna via Xuefu)

[jdere] HIVE-7363: VectorExpressionWriterDecimal is missing null check in setValue() (Jason Dere, reviewed by Jitendra Pandey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7412 : column stats collection throws exception if all values for a column is null (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner, Navis)

[daijy] HIVE-7423: produce hive-exec-core.jar from ql module (Eugene Koifman via Daniel Dai)

[navis] HIVE-7429 : Set replication for archive called before file exists (Daniel Weeks reviewed by Thejas, Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-6560: varchar and char types cannot be cast to binary (Chao via Xuefu)

[thejas] HIVE-7365 : Explain authorize for auth2 throws exception (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-7342 (add missing files) : support hiveserver2,metastore specific config files (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason, Sushanth, Prasad)

[thejas] HIVE-7342 : support hiveserver2,metastore specific config files (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jason, Sushanth, Prasad)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7262 : Partitioned Table Function (PTF) query fails on ORC table when attempting to vectorize (Matt McCline via Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[xuefu] HIVE-6637: UDF in_file() doesn't take CHAR or VARCHAR as input (add missing data file in previous commit) (Ashish via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-6637: UDF in_file() doesn't take CHAR or VARCHAR as input (Ashish via Xuefu)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7243: Print padding information in ORC file dump (Prasanth J, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7213 : COUNT(*) returns out-dated count value after TRUNCATE (Ashutosh Chauhan via Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7398 : Parent GBY of MUX is removed even it's not for semijoin (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-5976 - Decouple input formats from STORED as keywords (David Chen via Brock)

[gopalv] HIVE-7394 : Fix logging of ORC padding percentages during inserts (Gopal V reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[brock] HIVE-6037 - Synchronize HiveConf with hive-default.xml.template and support show conf (Navis via Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7376 : add minimizeJar to jdbc/pom.xml (Navis, Eugene Koifmann via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7339 : hive --orcfiledump command is not supported on Windows (Deepesh Khandelwal via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[szehon] HIVE-7291: Refactor TestParser to understand test-property file (Szehon, reviewed by Brock)

[szehon] HIVE-7279: UDF format_number() does not work on DECIMAL types (Wilbur Yang via Szehon)

[brock] HIVE-7386 - PTest support non-spot instances and higher cpu masters (Szehon via Brock)

[thejas] HIVE-6252 : sql std auth - support 'with admin option' in revoke role metastore api (Jason Dere via Thejas Nair)

[navis] HIVE-3392 : Hive unnecessarily validates table SerDes when dropping a table (Navis reviewed by Jason Dere)

[jdere] HIVE-7090: Support session-level temporary tables in Hive (Jason Dere, reviewed by Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7356 : Table level stats collection fail for partitioned tables (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[navis] HIVE-7220 : Empty dir in external table causes issue (Szehon Ho via Navis)

[navis] HIVE-7317 : authorization_explain.q fails when run in sequence (Navis reviewed by Thejas M Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-7308: Show auto-parallelism in extended explain (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[navis] HIVE-7364 : Trunk cannot be built on -Phadoop1 after HIVE-7144 (Navis reviewed by Jason Dere)

[gunther] HIVE-7299: Enable metadata only optimization on Tez (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7323 : Date type stats in ORC sometimes go stale (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7326 : Hive complains invalid column reference with 'having' aggregate predicates (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7045 : Wrong results in multi-table insert aggregating without group by clause (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7346 : Wrong results caused by hive ppd under specific join condition (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gopalv] HIVE-7144 : Use Text writables directly in ORC dictionaries to avoid String allocations (Gopal V, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7079 : Hive logs errors about missing tables when parsing CTE expressions (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7294 : sql std auth - authorize show grant statements (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7344 : Add streaming support in Windowing mode for FirstVal, LastVal (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gopalv] HIVE-7231 : Improve ORC padding (Prasanth J, reviewed by Gopal V)

[xuefu] HIVE-6694: Beeline should provide a way to execute shell command as Hive CLI does (reviewed by Brock)

[navis] HIVE-7314 : Wrong results of UDF when hive.cache.expr.evaluation is set (Navis reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[khorgath] HIVE-7209 : allow metastore authorization api calls to be restricted to certain invokers (Thejas Nair via Sushanth Sowmyan, Ashutosh Chauhan)

[khorgath] HIVE-7268 : On Windows Hive jobs in Webhcat always run on default MR mode (Deepesh Khandelwal, reviewed by Hari Subramaniyan)

[szehon] HIVE-7257: UDF format_number() does not work on FLOAT types (Wilbur Yang via Szehon)

[szehon] HIVE-7247: Fix itests using hadoop-1 profile (Szehon reviewed by Brock)

[xuefu] HIVE-7289: revert HIVE-6469 (Jayesh via Xuefu)

[thejas] HIVE-5789 : WebHCat E2E tests do not launch on Windows (Deepesh Khandelwal reviewed by Eugene Koifman, Thejas Nair)

[jdere] HIVE-7287: hive --rcfilecat command is broken on Windows (Deepesh Khandelwal via Jason Dere)

[navis] HIVE-7127 : Handover more details on exception in hiveserver2 (Navis reviewed by Szehon Ho)

[gopalv] HIVE-7105 : Tez vectorized shuffle record reader (Rajesh Balamohan via Gopal V)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7304 : Transitive Predicate Propagation doesn't happen properly after HIVE7159 (Harish Butani via Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7255 : Allow partial partition spec in analyze command (Ashutosh Chauhan via Szehon Ho)

[hashutosh] HIVE-2597 : Repeated key in GROUP BY is erroneously displayed when using DISTINCT (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7063 : Optimize for the Top N within a Group use case (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7302: Allow Auto-reducer parallelism to be turned off by a logical optimizer (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Gopal V and Vikram Dixit K)

[daijy] HIVE-7301 : Restore constants moved to HiveConf by HIVE-7211 (Navis review by Daniel Dai)

[navis] HIVE-7298 : desc database extended does not show properties of the database (Navis review by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[navis] HIVE-7232 (Addendum): VectorReduceSink is emitting incorrect JOIN keys (Navis)

[gopalv] HIVE-7232: VectorReduceSink is emitting incorrect JOIN keys (Navis, via Gopal V)

[gunther] HIVE-7258: Move qtest-Driver properties from pom to separate file (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Szehon Ho)

[navis] HIVE-7211 : Throws exception if the name of conf var starts with "hive." does not exists in HiveConf (Navis reviewed by Vaibhav Gumashta)

[gunther] HIVE-7271: Speed up unit tests (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Brock Noland and Szehon Ho)

[gates] HIVE-7225 Unclosed Statement's in TxnHandler (steve, Oh and Ted Yu via Alan Gates)

[gunther] HIVE-7159 (Addendum): Missed golden file update for sample8.q  (Gunther Hagleitner)

[gates] HIVE-7118 Oracle upgrade schema scripts do not map Java long datatype columns correctly for transaction related tables (Deepesh Khandelwal via Alan Gates)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7242 : alter table drop partition is acquiring the wrong type of lock (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7241 : Wrong lock acquired for alter table rename partition (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6564 : WebHCat E2E tests that launch MR jobs fail on check job completion timeout (Deepesh Khandelwal via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7235 : TABLESAMPLE on join table is regarded as alias (Navis via Harish Butani)

[brock] HIVE-7274 - Update PTest2 to JClouds 1.7.3 (Brock, Reviewed by Szehon)

[navis] HIVE-7194 : authorization_ctas.q failing on trunk (Thejas M Nair & Navis reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[navis] HIVE-7237 : hive.exec.parallel=true w/ Hive 0.13/Tez causes application to linger forever (Navis review by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7159: For inner joins push a 'is not null predicate' to the join sources for every non nullSafe join condition (Harish Butani via Gunther Hagleitner)

[cws] HIVE-7094: Separate out static/dynamic partitioning code in FileRecordWriterContainer (David Chen via cws)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7265 : BINARY columns use BytesWritable::getBytes() without ::getLength() (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7051 : Display partition level column stats in DESCRIBE EXTENDED/FORMATTED PARTITION (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[navis] HIVE-7234: Select on decimal column throws NPE (Missing files)

[brock] HIVE-7230 - Add Eclipse formatter file for Hive coding conventions (David Chen via Brock) - backout of ptest2 change

[brock] HIVE-7230 - Add Eclipse formatter file for Hive coding conventions (David Chen via Brock)

[brock] HIVE-7263 - Missing fixes from review of parquet-timestamp (Szehon via Brock)

[xuefu] HIVE-7234: Select on decimal column throws NPE (Ashish via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-6622: UDF translate doesn't take either CHAR or VARCHAR as any of its arguments (Wilbur via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6967 : Hive transaction manager fails when SQLServer is used as an RDBMS (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7202 : DbTxnManager deadlocks in hcatalog.cli.TestSematicAnalysis.testAlterTblFFpart() (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7251 : Fix StorageDescriptor usage in unit tests (Pankit Thapar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-6394 - Implement Timestmap in ParquetSerde (Szehon via Brock)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7250: Adaptive compression buffer size for wide tables in ORC (Prasanth J reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner and Gopal V)

[jitendra] HIVE-7188 : sum(if()) returns wrong results with vectorization (Hari Sankar via jitendra)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7206 : Duplicate declaration of build-helper-maven-plugin in root pom (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vaibhav Gumashta)

[xuefu] HIVE-6561: Beeline should accept -i option to Initializing a SQL file (Navis via Xuefu)

[gunther] HIVE-7252: TestTezTask.testSubmit fails in trunk (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Ashutosh)

[gunther] HIVE-7076: Plugin (exec hook) to log to application timeline data to Yarn (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Thejas M Nair and Vaibhav Gumashta)

[gunther] HIVE-7236: Tez progress monitor should indicate running/failed tasks (Gopal V via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7245 : Fix parquet_columnar.q (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jdere] HIVE-7210: NPE with "No plan file found" when running Driver instances on multiple threads (Jason Dere, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner/Vikram Dixit)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7240 : Add classifier for avro-mapred jar (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[thejas] HIVE-7190 : WebHCat launcher task failure can cause two concurent user jobs to run (Ivan Mitic reviewed by Eugene Koifman, via Thejas Nair)

[prasanthj] HIVE:7219 - Improve performance of serialization utils in ORC (Prasanth J reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner, Gopal V)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7201 : Fix TestHiveConf#testConfProperties test case (Pankit Thapar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7212: Use resource re-localization instead of restarting sessions in Tez (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit, Gopal V, Sid Seth)

[xuefu] HIVE-7200: Beeline output displays column heading even if --showHeader=false is set (Naveen Gangam via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7182 : ResultSet is not closed in JDBCStatsPublisher#init() (Steve, Oh via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7228 : StreamPrinter should be joined to calling thread  (Pankit Thapar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7204: Use NULL vertex location hint for Prewarm DAG vertices (Gopal V via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-7005: MiniTez tests have non-deterministic explain plans (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[thejas] HIVE-7065 : Hive jobs in webhcat run in default mr mode even in Hive on Tez setup - followup unit test fix

[brock] HIVE-6938 - Add Support for Parquet Column Rename (Daniel Weeks via Brock)

[brock] HIVE-6938 - Add Support for Parquet Column Rename (Daniel Weeks via Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7226 : Windowing Streaming mode causes NPE for empty partitions (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7183 : Size of partColumnGrants should be checked in ObjectStore#removeRole() (Suyeon Lee via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7158: Use Tez auto-parallelism in Hive (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Lefty, Vikram, Sid and Gopal)

[xuefu] HIVE-7022: Replace BinaryWritable with BytesWritable in Parquet serde (reviewed by Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7203 : Optimize limit 0 (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[sershe] HIVE-7138 : add row index dump capability to ORC file dump (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Owen O'Malley)

[thejas] HIVE-7057 : webhcat e2e deployment scripts don't have x bit set (updating the file permissions)

[xuefu] HIVE-7199: Cannot alter table to parquet (Vasanth via Xuefu)

[vgumashta] HIVE-7196 : Configure session by single open session call (Navis Ryu via Vaibhav Gumashta)

[xuefu] HIVE-7174: Do not accept string as scale and precision when reading Avro schema (Jacec via Xuefu)

[gunther] HIVE-7121: Use murmur hash to distribute HiveKey (Gopal V via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7085 : TestOrcHCatPigStorer.testWriteDecimal tests are failing on trunk (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[khorgath] HIVE-7192 : Hive Streaming - Some required settings are not mentioned in the documentation (Roshan Naik via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[thejas] HIVE-7155 : WebHCat controller job exceeds container memory limit (shanyu zhao via Thejas Nair)

[khorgath] HIVE-7075 - JsonSerde raises NullPointerException when object key is not lower case (Yibing Shi, Navis Ryu via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[khorgath] HIVE-6473 : Allow writing HFiles via HBaseStorageHandler table (Nick Dimiduk via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[brock] HIVE-7140 - Bump default hive.metastore.client.socket.timeout to 5 minutes (Brock review by Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7053 : Unable to fetch column stats from decimal columns (Xuefu Zhang via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7173 : Support HIVE-4867 on mapjoin of MR Tasks (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7161 : TestMetastoreVersion fails intermittently on trunk (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7143 : Add Streaming support in Windowing mode for more UDAFs (min/max, lead/lag, fval/lval) (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7191 : optimized map join hash table has a bug when it reaches 2Gb (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7187 : Reconcile jetty versions in hive (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vaibhav Gumashta)

[khorgath] HIVE-7165 : Fix hive-default.xml.template errors & omissions (Lefty Leverenz via Sushanth Sowmyan,Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7168 : Don't require to name all columns in analyze statements if stats collection is for all columns (Ashutosh Chauhan via Prasanth J)

[thejas] HIVE-7065 : Hive jobs in webhcat run in default mr mode even in Hive on Tez setup (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-538 : make hive_jdbc.jar self-containing (Nick White via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-7117: Partitions not inheriting table permissions after alter rename partition (Ashish via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7176 : FileInputStream is not closed in Commands#properties() (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7135 : Fix test fail of TestTezTask.testSubmit (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7136 : Allow Hive to read hive scripts from any of the supported file systems in hadoop eco-system (Sumit Kumar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4867 : Deduplicate columns appearing in both the key list and value list of ReduceSinkOperator (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7131 : Dependencies of fetch task for tez are not shown properly (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7170 : Fix display_colstats_tbllvl.q in trunk (Navis via Prasanth J)

[navis] HIVE-7162 : hadoop-1 build broken by HIVE-7071 (Vikram Dixit K reviewed by Thejas M Nair)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7052: Optimize split calculation time (Rajesh Balamohan reviewed by Prasanth J

[hashutosh] HIVE-7153 : HiveStreaming - Bug in TransactionBatch.toString() method (Roshan Naik via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7154 : TestMetrics fails intermittently on the trunk (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7147: ORC PPD should handle CHAR/VARCHAR types (Gopal V reviewed by Prasanth J

[xuefu] HIVE-7119: Extended ACL's should be inherited if warehouse perm inheritance enabled (Szehon via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-7050: Display table level column stats in DESCRIBE EXTENDED/FORMATTED TABLE (Prasanth J via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7126 : Cleanup build warnings while building hive projects (Swarnim Kulkarni via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7137 : Add progressable to writer interfaces so they could report progress while different operations are in progress (Sumit Kumar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7146 : posexplode() UDTF fails with a NullPointerException on NULL columns (Stephen Veiss via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-7149: Parquet not able to handle negative decimal numbers (reviewed by Brock)

[thejas] HIVE-7116 : HDFS FileSystem object cache causes permission issues in creating tmp directories (Vikram Dixit K via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7062 : Support Streaming mode in Windowing (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7071: Use custom Tez split generator to support schema evolution (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[gunther] HIVE-7112: Tez processor swallows errors (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Navis and Vikram Dixit K)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4561 : Column stats :  LOW_VALUE (or HIGH_VALUE) will always be 0.0000 ,if all the column values larger than 0.0 (or if all column values smaller than 0.0) (Navis via Asutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-7057 : webhcat e2e deployment scripts don't have x bit set (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6438 : Sort query result for test, removing order by clause (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-7130 : schematool is broken for minor version upgrades (eg 0.13.x) (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-7123: Follow-up of HIVE-6367 (reviewed by Brock)

[navis] HIVE-7087 : Remove lineage information after query completion (Missing parts)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6313 : Minimr tests in hadoop-1 hangs on shutdown (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7087 : Remove lineage information after query completion (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6598 : Missed few test files in previous commit of 6598

[hashutosh] HIVE-6756 : alter table set fileformat should set serde too (Chinna Rao Lalam via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[vikram] HIVE-7043: When using the tez session pool via hive, once sessions time out, all queries go to the default queue: (Vikram Dixit, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3925 : dependencies of fetch task are not shown by explain (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7077 : Hive contrib compilation maybe broken with removal of org.apache.hadoop.record (Ashutosh Chauhan via Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6910 : Invalid column access info for partitioned table (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3907 : Hive should support adding multiple resources at once (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-7048: CompositeKeyHBaseFactory should not use FamilyFilter (Swarnim via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5961 : Add explain authorize for checking privileges (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6853 : show create table for hbase tables should exclude LOCATION (Miklos Christine via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7109 : Resource leak in HBaseStorageHandler (Swarnim Kulkarni via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-6367 - Implement Decimal in ParquetSerde (Xuefu via Brock)

[thejas] HIVE-7114 : Extra Tez session is started during HiveServer2 startup (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Vikram Dixit)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7108 : Cleanup HBaseStorageHandler (Swarnim Kulkarni via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7061 : sql std auth - insert queries without overwrite should not require delete privileges (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6986 : MatchPath fails with small resultExprString (Furcy Pin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7095 : Fix test fails for both hadoop-1 and hadoop-2 (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7099 : Add Decimal datatype support for Windowing (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-7092: Insert overwrite should not delete the original directory (Szehon via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-6684: Beeline does not accept comments that are preceded by spaces (Jeremy Beard via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7084 : TestWebHCatE2e is failing on trunk (Ashutosh Chauhan via Harish Butani)

[cws] HIVE-7066: hive-exec jar is missing avro core (David Chen via cws)

[cws] HIVE-7104: Unit tests are disabled (David Chen via cws)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5342 : Remove pre hadoop-0.20.0 related codes (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gates] HIVE-6965 Transaction manager should use RDBMS time instead of machine time (Alan Gates, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7041 : DoubleWritable/ByteWritable should extend their hadoop counterparts (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7082 : Vectorized parquet reader should create assigners only for the columns it assigns, not for scratch columns (Remus Rusanu via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7080 : In PTest framework, Add logs URL to the JIRA comment (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7083 : Fix test failures on trunk (Ashutosh Chauhan via Xuefu Zhang)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6999 : Add streaming mode to PTFs (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-6937 - Fix test reporting url's after jenkins move from bigtop (Szehon via Ashutosh, Brock)

[prasanthj] HIVE-7067: Min() and Max() on Timestamp and Date columns for ORC returns wrong results (Prasanth J, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7055 : config not propagating for PTFOperator (Ashutosh Chauhan via Harish Butani)

[sershe] HIVE-6430 : MapJoin hash table has large memory overhead (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gopal V and Gunther Hagleitner)

[xuefu] HIVE-6411: Support more generic way of using composite key for HBaseHandler(Navis via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6374 : Hive job submitted with non-default name node ( doesn't process locations properly (Benjamin Zhitomirsky via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6901 : Explain plan doesn't show operator tree for the fetch operator (Xuefu Zhang via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6908 : TestThriftBinaryCLIService.testExecuteStatementAsync has intermittent failures (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6989 : Error with arithmetic operators with javaXML serialization (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7012 : Wrong RS de-duplication in the ReduceSinkDeDuplication Optimizer (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6187 : Add test to verify that DESCRIBE TABLE works with quoted table names (Carl Steinbach via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7033 : grant statements should check if the role exists (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-7037: Add additional tests for transform clauses with Tez (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[gunther] HIVE-7011: HiveInputFormat's split generation isn't thread safe (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[gunther] HIVE-6976: Show query id only when there's jobs on the cluster (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7036 : get_json_object bug when extract list of list with index (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7000 : Several issues with javadoc generation (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-7035 : Templeton returns 500 for user errors - when job cannot be found (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6768 : remove hcatalog/webhcat/svr/src/main/config/ (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6549 : remove templeton.jar from webhcat-default.xml, remove hcatalog/bin/ (svn rm on deleted file)

[thejas] HIVE-6549 : remove templeton.jar from webhcat-default.xml, remove hcatalog/bin/ (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7042 : Fix stats_partscan_1_23.q and orc_createas1.q for hadoop-2 (Prasanth J via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6820 : HiveServer(2) ignores HIVE_OPTS (Bing Li via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7027 : Hive job fails when referencing a view that explodes an array (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-7015 - Failing to inherit group/permission should not fail the operation (Szehon via Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7023 : Bucket mapjoin is broken when the number of small aliases is two or more (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7031 : Utiltites.createEmptyFile uses File.Separator instead of Path.Separator to create an empty file in HDFS (Hari Sankar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7016 : Hive returns wrong results when execute UDF on top of DISTINCT column (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7034 : Explain result of TezWork is not deterministic (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[vgumashta] HIVE-7030: Remove hive.hadoop.classpath from hiveserver2.cmd (Hari Sankar Sivarama Subramaniyan via Vaibhav Gumashta)

[brock] HIVE-5823 - Support for DECIMAL primitive type in AvroSerDe (Xuefu Zhang via Brock Noland)

[sershe] HIVE-7009 : HIVE_USER_INSTALL_DIR could not bet set to non-HDFS filesystem (Chuan Liu, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[rhbutani] HIVE-7006 Fix ql_rewrite_gbtoidx.q output file (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[vikram] HIVE-6826 : Hive-tez has issues when different partitions work off of different input types (Vikram Dixit K, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[vgumashta] HIVE-5092: Fix hiveserver2 mapreduce local job on Windows (Hari Sankar Sivarama Subramaniyan via Vaibhav Gumashta)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7004 : Fix more unit test failures on hadoop-2 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6960 : Set Hive pom to use Hadoop-2.4 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-7008 : Clean-up some old dead code (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6996 : FS based stats broken with indexed tables (Ashutosh Chauhan via Prasanth J)

[gunther] HIVE-6828: Hive tez bucket map join conversion interferes with map join conversion (Vikram Dixit K via Gunther Hagleitner)

[thejas] HIVE-6946 : Make it easier to run WebHCat e2e tests (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-7001 : fs.permissions.umask-mode is getting unset when Session is started (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan, Vikram Dixit)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6868 : Create table in HCatalog sets different SerDe defaults than what is set through the CLI (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6995 : GenericUDFBridge should log exception when it is unable to instantiate UDF object (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-7003 : Fix typo in README (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Lefty Leverenz)

[xuefu] HIVE-6984: Analyzing partitioned table with NULL values for the partition column failed with NPE (reviewed by Sergey)

[thejas] HIVE-6985 : sql std auth - privileges grants to public role not being honored (Thejas M Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jdere] HIVE-6741: HiveServer2 startup fails in secure (kerberos) mode due to backward incompatible hadoop change (Vaibhav Gumashta via Jason Dere)

[khorgath] HIVE-6931 : Windows unit test fixes (Jason Dere via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[khorgath] HIVE-6966 : More fixes for TestCliDriver on Windows (Jason Dere via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[khorgath] HIVE-6982 : Export all .sh equivalent for windows (.cmd files) in bin, bin/ext (Hari Sankar Sivarama Subramaniyan via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[thejas] HIVE-6932 : hive README needs update (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6031 : explain subquery rewrite for where clause predicates (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4965 : Add support so that PTFs can stream their output; Windowing PTF should do this (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6884 : HiveLockObject and enclosed HiveLockObjectData override equal() method but didn't do so for hashcode() (Xuefu Zhang via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[prasanthj] HIVE-6968: list bucketing feature does not update the location map for unpartitioned tables

[thejas] HIVE-6957 : SQL authorization does not work with HS2 binary mode and Kerberos auth (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Vaibhav Gumashta)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6955 ExprNodeColDesc isSame doesn't account for tabAlias: this affects trait Propagation in Joins (Harish Butani via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6979 : Hadoop-2 test failures related to quick stats not being populated correctly (Prasanth J via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6469: skipTrash option in hive command line (Jayesh via Xuefu)

[brock] HIVE-6785 - query fails when partitioned table's table level serde is ParquetHiveSerDe and partition level serde is of different SerDe (Tongji via Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6900 : HostUtil.getTaskLogUrl signature change causes compilation to fail (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-5072 : [WebHCat]Enable directly invoke Sqoop job through Templeton (Shuaishuai Nie reviewed by Eugene Koifman, Thejas Nair)

[sershe] HIVE-6898 : Functions in hive are failing with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on Tez (Vikram Dixit K, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[sershe] HIVE-6945 : issues with dropping partitions on Oracle (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6853: Reading of partitioned Avro data fails if partition schema does not match table schema (Anthony via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6952 : Hive 0.13 HiveOutputFormat breaks backwards compatibility (Ashutosh Chauhan via Prasanth J)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6956 : Duplicate partitioning column for union when dynamic partition sort optimization is enabled (Prasanth J via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6921 : index creation fails with sql std auth turned on (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[sershe] HIVE-6961 : Drop partitions treats partition columns as strings (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[jdere] HIVE-6922: NullPointerException in collect_set() UDAF (Sun Rui via Jason Dere)

[jdere] HIVE-6843: INSTR for UTF-8 returns incorrect position (Szehon Ho via Jason Dere)

[khorgath] HIVE-6944 : WebHCat e2e tests broken by HIVE-6432 (Eugene Koifman via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[sershe] HIVE-6924 : MapJoinKeyBytes::hashCode() should use Murmur hash (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan and Gopal V)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6947 : More fixes for tests on hadoop-2 (Ashutosh Chauhan via Jason Dere)

[rhbutani] HIVE-5376 Hive does not honor type for partition columns when altering column type (Hari Sankar via Sergey, Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6939 : TestExecDriver.testMapRedPlan3 fails on hadoop-2 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6927 : Add support for MSSQL in schematool (Deepesh Khandelwal via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4576 : does not allow values with commas (Eugene Koifman via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6916: Export/import inherit permissions from parent directory (Szehon via Xuefu)

[gates] HIVE-6807 add HCatStorer ORC test to test missing columns (Eugene Koifman via gates)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5870 : Move TestJDBCDriver2.testNewConnectionConfiguration to TestJDBCWithMiniHS2 (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6913: Hive unable to find the hashtable file during complex multi-staged map join (Brock via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6862 : add DB schema DDL and upgrade 12to13 scripts for MS SQL Server (Eugene Koifman via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6919 : hive sql std auth select query fails on partitioned tables (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6903 : Change default value of hive.metastore.execute.setugi to true (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[prasadm] HIVE-6891: Alter rename partition Perm inheritance and general partition/table group inheritance (Szehon Ho reviewed by Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3595 : Hive should adapt new FsShell commands since Hadoop 2 has changed FsShell argument structures (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6917 Update Release Notes for Hive 0.13 RC2

[rhbutani] HIVE-6740 Typo in src/ql/pom.xml (Szehon Ho via Xuefu Zhang)

[khorgath] HIVE-6726 : Hcat cli does not close SessionState (Sushanth Sowmyan, reviewed by Thejas M Nair)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6909 Update Release Note for Hive 0.13 RC1 (Harish Butani via Gunther Hagleitner)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6907 HiveServer2 - wrong user gets used for metastore operation with embedded metastore (Thejas Nair via Jitendra Pandey)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6906 Fix assembly/src.xml so that sr tar ball contains top level pom.xml (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gates] HIVE-6890 Bug in HiveStreaming API causes problems if hive-site.xml is missing on streaming client side (Roshan Naik via gates)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6745 : HCat MultiOutputFormat hardcodes DistributedCache keynames (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6432 : Remove deprecated methods in HCatalog (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-5847: DatabaseMetadata.getColumns() doesn't show correct column size for char/varchar/decimal (Jason via Xuefu)

[khorgath] HIVE-6035 : Windows: percentComplete returned by job status from WebHCat is null (Shanyu Zhao via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[khorgath] HIVE-5336 : HCatSchema.remove(HCatFieldSchema hcatFieldSchema) should renumber the fieldPositionMap and the fieldPositionMap should not be cached by the end user (Hari Sankar Sivarama via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[khorgath] HIVE-6480 : Metastore server startup script ignores ENV settings (Adam Faris via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[sershe] HIVE-6883 : Dynamic partitioning optimization does not honor sort order or order by (Prasanth J, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[sershe] HIVE-6888 : Hive leaks MapWork objects via Utilities::gWorkMap (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K and Sergey Shelukhin)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6732 Update Release Notes (Harish Butani)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6873 DISTINCT clause in aggregates is handled incorrectly by vectorized execution (Jitendra, Remus via Ashutosh)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6887 Add missing params to hive-default.xml.template (Harish Butani via Lefty)

[jitendra] HIVE-6879: Vectorization: IsNull returns incorrect output column. (reviewed by Vikram)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6870 : Fix maven.repo.local setting in Hive build (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6871 : Build fixes to allow Windows to run TestCliDriver (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6877 : TestOrcRawRecordMerger is deleting test.tmp.dir (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6864 : HiveServer2 concurrency uses incorrect user information in unsecured mode (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6880 : TestHWISessionManager fails with -Phadoop-2 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[omalley] HIVE-6319. Add compactor for ACID tables. (Alan Gates via omalley)

[vikram] HIVE-6876 : Logging information should include thread id (Vikram Dixit K, reviewed by Jason Dere)

[sershe] HIVE-6816 : jar upload path w/o schema is not handled correctly (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6881 : Postgres Upgrade script for hive 0.13 is broken (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6882 : Make upgrade script schemaTool friendly (Ashutosh Chauhan via Harish Butani)

[brock] HIVE-6648 - Permissions are not inherited correctly when tables have multiple partition columns (Szehon via Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6861 : more hadoop2 only golden files to fix (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6869 : Golden file updates for tez tests. (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)

[gates] HIVE-5687 Streaming support in Hive (Roshan Naik via gates)

[sershe] HIVE-6878 : MetaStoreDirectSql may not handle empty filter correctly (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6856 : ddl commands fail with permissions issue when running using webhcat in secure Tez cluster (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[jitendra] HIVE-6858: Unit tests decimal_udf.q, vectorization_div0.q fail with jdk-7. (reviewed by Jason)

[omalley] HIVE-6604. Forgotten file.

[thejas] HIVE-6863 : HiveServer2 binary mode throws exception with PAM (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[omalley] HIVE-6604. Fix ORC ACID format to work with vectorization. (omalley)

[omalley] HIVE-6818. I forgot to add the comment that Sergey wanted to add as part of the commit.

[omalley] HIVE-6818. Fix array out of bounds when ORC is used with ACID and predicate pushdown. (omalley)

[omalley] HIVE-6850. Fix fetch operator to use correct valid transaction list. (omalley)

[rhbutani] HIVE-4904 A little more CP crossing RS boundaries (Navis Ryu via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[sershe] HIVE-6825 : custom jars for Hive query should be uploaded to scratch dir per query; and/or versioned (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6822 : TestAvroSerdeUtils fails with -Phadoop-2 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6773 : Update readme for ptest2 framework (Szehon Ho via Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6812 : show compactions returns error when there are no compactions (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6845 : TestJdbcDriver.testShowRoleGrant can fail if TestJdbcDriver/TestJdbcDriver2 run together (Jason Dere via Thejas Nair)

[omalley] HIVE-6759. Don't trust file lengths from HDFS when ORC files are being written.

[vikram] HIVE-6782 : HiveServer2Concurrency issue when running with tez intermittently, throwing org.apache.tez.dag.api.SessionNotRunning: Application not running error (Vikram Dixit K, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6846 : allow safe set commands with sql standard authorization (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6757 Remove deprecated parquet classes from outside of org.apache package (Owen O'Malley via Xufeu Zhang)

[rhbutani] Revert HIVE-6757(r1585758) going back to r1585754, didn't rm files

[rhbutani] HIVE-6757 Remove deprecated parquet classes from outside of org.apache package (Owen O'Malley via Xufeu Zhang)

[omalley] HIVE-6787. Only add ACID OrcInputSplits when the partition is actually ACID
format. (omalley)

[omalley] HIVE-6830. Remove restriction that ACID base directories have to be completely
covered. (omalley)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6855 : A couple of errors in MySQL db creation script for transaction tables (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6860 : Issue with FS based stats collection on Tez (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6821 : Fix some non-deterministic tests (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[sershe] HIVE-6739 : Hive HBase query fails on Tez due to missing jars and then due to NPE in getSplits (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[thejas] HIVE-6837 : HiveServer2 thrift/http mode & binary mode proxy user check fails reporting IP null for client (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[jitendra] HIVE-6841: Vectorized execution throws NPE for partitioning columns with __HIVE_DEFAULT_PARTITION__ (reviewd by Hari, Ashutosh)

[xuefu] HIVE-6331: HIVE-5279 deprecated UDAF class without explanation/documentation/alternative (Lars via Xuefu)

[gunther] HIVE-6840: Use Unordered Output for Bucket Map Joins on Tez (Siddharth Seth via Gunther Hagleitner)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6834 Dynamic partition optimization bails out after removing file sink operator (Prasanth J via Harish Butani)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6848 importing into an existing table fails (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[remusr] HIVE-5998 Add vectorized reader for Parquet files reviewed by Brock

[thejas] HIVE-6800 : HiveServer2 is not passing proxy user setting through hive-site (Vaibhav Gumashta, reviewed by Prasad Mujumdar, Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6849 : Golden files update for hadoop-2 (Ashutosh Chauhan via Jason Dere)

[brock] HIVE-6792 - hive.warehouse.subdir.inherit.perms doesn't work correctly in CTAS (Chaoyu via Brock)

[thejas] HIVE-6738 : HiveServer2 secure Thrift/HTTP needs to accept doAs parameter from proxying intermediary (Dilli Arumugam via Thejas Nair)

[brock] HIVE-6836 - Upgrade parquet to 1.4.0 (Szehon via Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6829 : alter table foo compact gives an error (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jdere] HIVE-6811: LOAD command does not work with relative paths on Windows (Jason Dere, reviewed by Xuefu Zhang)

[jdere] HIVE-5176: Wincompat : Changes for allowing various path compatibilities with Windows (Jason Dere, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[jdere] HIVE-6817: Some hadoop2-only tests need diffs to be updated (jdere, reviewed by ashutoshc)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6827 : Disable insecure commands with std sql auth (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-6743: Allow specifying the log level for Tez tasks (Siddarth Seth via Gunther Hagleitner)

[thejas] HIVE-6838 : q.out files need correction for stats properties - sample8,transform_ppr1,transform_ppr2,union_ppr (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Jitendra Nath Pandey_

[thejas] revert HIVE-6827 to fix unit test failure

[thejas] HIVE-6808 : sql std auth - describe table, show partitions are not being authorized (Thejas M Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6823 : sql std auth - database authorization does not check for role ownership (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6749 : Turn off by default (Ashutosh Chauhan via Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6827 : Disable insecure commands with std sql auth (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6796 : Create/drop roles is case-sensitive whereas set role is case insensitive (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6788 : Abandoned opened transactions not being timed out (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6783: Incompatible schema for maps between parquet-hive and parquet-pig (Tongjie via Xuefu)

[thejas] HIVE-6780 : Set tez credential file property along with MR conf property for Tez jobs (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6068 : HiveServer2 client on windows does not handle the non-ascii characters properly (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6804 : sql std auth - granting existing table privilege to owner should result in error (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6778 ql/src/test/queries/clientpositive/pcr.q covers the test which generate 1.0 =1 predicate in partition pruner. (Harish Butani via Hari S., Jitendra Pandey)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6797 Add protection against divide by zero in stats annotation (Prasanth J via Harish Butani)

[thejas] HIVE-6789 : HiveStatement client transport lock should unlock in finally block. (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6786 Off by one error in ORC PPD (Prasanth J via Sergey Shelukhin)

[thejas] HIVE-6766 : HCatLoader always returns Char datatype with maxlength(255)  when table format is ORC (Eugene Koifman via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6795 : metastore initialization should add default roles with default, SBA (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6793 : DDLSemanticAnalyzer.analyzeShowRoles() should use HiveAuthorizationTaskFactory (Xuefu Zhang via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6802 Fix metastore.thrift: add partition_columns.types constant(Harish Butani via Jason Dere)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6779 : Hive cli may get into inconsistent state when Ctrl-C is hit on hadoop2 (Ashutosh Chauhan via Jason Dere)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6642 Query fails to vectorize when a non string partition column is part of the query expression (Hari Subramaniyan via Harish Butani)

[rhbutani] HIVE-5835 Null pointer exception in DeleteDelegator in templeton code (Hari Subramaniyan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6781 : Hive JDBC in http mode is using HiveConf - should be removed  (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6721 : Streaming ingest needs to be able to send many heartbeats together (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] Beeline throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for mismatched arguments (Szehon via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-6570: Hive variable substitution does not work with the "source" command (Anthony via Xuefu)

[thejas] HIVE-6763 : HiveServer2 in http mode might send same kerberos client ticket in case of concurrent requests resulting in server throwing a replay exception (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[jitendra] HIVE-6662: Vector Join operations with DATE columns fail. (Gopal V via jitendra)

[jdere] HIVE-6744: Permanent UDF lookup fails when current DB has uppercase letters (jdere, reviewed by thejas)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6643 Add a check for cross products in plans and output a warning(Harish Butani reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[jitendra] HIVE-6752: Vectorized Between and IN expressions don't work with decimal, date types. (reviewed by Eric Hanson, Sergey)

[thejas] HIVE-6547 : normalize struct Role in metastore thrift interface (Thejas M Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6728 : Missing file in Hcatalog  (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6676 : hcat cli fails to run when running with hive on tez (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[khorgath] HIVE-6597 : WebHCat E2E tests doAsTests_6 and doAsTests_7 need to be updated (Deepesh Khandelwal via Eugene Koifman & Sushanth Sowmyan)

[sershe] HIVE-6188 : Document & (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[thejas] HIVE-6686 : webhcat does not honour -Dlog4j.configuration=$WEBHCAT_LOG4J of file on local filesystem. (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[khorgath] HIVE-6592 : WebHCat E2E test abort when pointing to https url of webhdfs (Deepesh Khandelwal via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6314 The logging (progress reporting) is too verbose (Navis Ryu via Harish Butani)

[thejas] HIVE-6697 : HiveServer2 secure thrift/http authentication needs to support SPNego  (Dilli Arumugam via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6771 : Update WebHCat E2E tests now that comments is reported correctly in describe table output (Deepesh Khandelwal via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6710 : Deadlocks seen in transaction handler using mysql (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6734 : DDL locking too course grained in new db txn manager (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6767 : Golden file updates for hadoop-2 (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)

[vikram] HIVE-6447 : Bucket map joins in hive-tez (Vikram Dixit, reviewed by Harish Butani, Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-4975: Reading orc file throws exception after adding new column (Kevin Wilfong via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6748: FileSinkOperator needs to cleanup held references for container reuse (Gopal V via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6714: Fix getMapSize() of LazyMap (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6735: Make scalable dynamic partitioning work in vectorized mode (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6760: Scalable dynamic partitioning should bail out properly for list bucketing (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6761: Hashcode computation does not use maximum parallelism for scalable dynamic partitioning
 (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[sershe] HIVE-6701 Analyze table compute statistics for decimal columns. (Sergey Shelukhin and Jitendra Nath Pandey, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[sershe] HIVE-6703 Tez should store SHA of the jar when uploading to cache (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6670 : ClassNotFound with Serde (Abin Shahab, Ashutosh Chauhan via Jason Dere)

[gunther] HIVE-6753: Unions on Tez NPE when there's a mapjoin the union work (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[ehans] HIVE-6546: WebHCat job submission for pig with -useHCatalog argument fails on Windows (Eric Hanson, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6200 : Hive custom SerDe cannot load DLL added by ADD FILE command (Shuaishuai Nie via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-2752 Index names are case sensitive (Navis Ryu via Harish Butani)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6129 alter exchange is implemented in inverted manner (Navis Ryu via Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6674 : show grant on all throws NPE (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6750 : Hive printing debug information in stdout after the end of CLI session (Vaibhav Gumashta via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6492 : limit partition number involved in a table scan (Selina Zhang via Ashutosh Chauhan, Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6733: Driver context logs every query in the warn level (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Thejas M Nair)

[jitendra] HIVE-6708 : ConstantVectorExpression should create copies of data objects rather than referencing them. (Hari Subramaniyan via jitendra)

[omalley] HIVE-6060. Add AcidInputFormat and AcidOutputFormat and the corresponding
changes for OrcInputFormat. (omalley)

[rhbutani] HIVE-5768 Beeline connection cannot be closed with not close command (Navis Ryu via Brock Noland)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6499 Using Metastore-side Auth errors on non-resolvable IF/OF/SerDe (Sushanth Sowmyan via Thejas Nair)

[omalley] HIVE-5567. Add better protection code for SARGs. (omalley)

[gunther] HIVE-6742: Tez Outputs need to be started before accessing the writer (Siddharth Seth via Gunther Hagleitner)

[brock] HIVE-6657 - Add test coverage for Kerberos authentication implementation using Hadoop's miniKdc (Prasad via Brock)

[khorgath] HIVE-6521 : WebHCat cannot fetch correct percentComplete for Hive jobs (Deepesh Khandelwal via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6460 Need new 'show' functionality for transactions (Alan Gates via Harish Butani)

[gates] HIVE-6671 WebHCat Job Submission API 'enablelog' parameter is only supported with Hadoop 1 (Eugene Koifman via gates)

[khorgath] HIVE-6724 : HCatStorer throws ClassCastException while storing tinyint/smallint data (Eugene Koifman via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[gates] HIVE-6661 WebHCat E2E test TestPig_10 fails (Hadoop 2) (Eugene Koifman via gates)

[gates] HIVE-6653 WebHCat E2E test JOBS_7 and JOBS_9 fail as profile.url in job details is being returned as null (Eugene Koifman via gates)

[xuefu] HIVE-5652: Improve JavaDoc of UDF class (Lars via Xuefu)

[gates] HIVE-6644 document TestStreaming_2 e2e test case for webhcat

[xuefu] HIVE-6510: Clean up math based UDFs (Lars via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6606 : Stand alone metastore fails to start if new transaction values not defined in config (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jitendra] HIVE-6349 : Column name map is broken (reviewed by Remus, Sergey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6646 : Error in txn handler SQL (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[sershe] HIVE-6682 : nonstaged mapjoin table memory check may be broken (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Navis)

[gunther] HIVE-6702: TezMergedLogicalInput needs to inform the framework when it is ready (Siddharth Seth via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6716: ORC struct throws NPE for tables with inner structs having null values (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[vikram] HIVE-6455 : Scalable dynamic partitioning and bucketing optimization (Prasanth J via Vikram Dixit)

[gunther] HIVE-6706: Tez queries fail when there are no input paths (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[gunther] HIVE-6700: In some queries inputs are closed on Tez before the operator pipeline is flushed (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K and Siddharth Seth)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6635 : Heartbeats are not being sent when DbLockMgr is used and an operation holds locks (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6687 : JDBC ResultSet fails to get value by qualified projection name (Laljo John Pullokkaran via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[vikram] HIVE-6711 : ORC maps uses getMapSize() from MapOI which is unreliable (Prasanth J via Vikram Dixit, reviewed by Gunther)

[vikram] HIVE-6707 : Lazy maps are broken (LazyMap and LazyBinaryMap) (Prasanth J via Vikram Dixit, reviewed by Gunther)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6704 : date_add()/date_sub()/datediff() fail with NPE with null input (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6672 : JARs loaded by permanent functions don't work properly with HiveServer2 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3969 : Session state for hive server should be cleaned-up (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6673 : sql std auth - show grant statement for all principals throws NPE (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[prasadm] HIVE-6472: JDBC cancel will not work with current HiveServer2 (Vaibhav Gumashta via Prasad Mujumdar)

[remusr] HIVE-6222 Make Vector Group By operator abandon grouping if too many distinct keys (reviewed by Jitendra)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6650 : hive.optimize.index.filter breaks non-index where with HBaseStorageHandler (Nick Dimiduk via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4293 : Predicates following UDTF operator are removed by PPD (Navis via Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6723 : Tez golden files need to be updated (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)

[khorgath] HIVE-6698 : script does not correctly load the hbase storage handler jars (Deepesh Khandelwal via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[prasadm] HIVE-6625: HiveServer2 running in http mode should support trusted proxy access (Vaibhav Gumashta via Prasad Mujumdar)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6689 : Provide an option to not display partition columns separately in describe table output (Ashutosh Chauhan via Jason Dere)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6241 : Remove direct reference of Hadoop23Shims inQTestUtil (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6580 : Refactor ThriftBinaryCLIService and ThriftHttpCLIService tests. (Vaibhav Gumashta via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6681 : Describe table sometimes shows from deserializer for column comments (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6652 : Beeline gives evasive error message for any unrecognized command line arguement (Xuefu Zhang via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[khorgath] HIVE-6633 : pig -useHCatalog with embedded metastore fails to pass command line args to metastore (Eric Hanson via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6668 When auto join convert is on and noconditionaltask is off, ConditionalResolverCommonJoin fails to resolve map joins. (Navis Ryu via Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6709 : HiveServer2 help command is not recognizing properly. (Y. SREENIVASULU REDDY via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6488 : Investigate TestBeeLineWithArgs (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6645 : to_date()/to_unix_timestamp() fail with NPE if input is null (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-6613: Control when spcific Inputs / Outputs are started (Siddharth Seth via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6688 : Fix groupby_* qfile failures in hadoop-2 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[sershe] HIVE-6690 : NPE in tez session state (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6658 : Modify Alter_numbuckets* test to reflect hadoop2 changes(Laljo John Pullokkaran via Jason Dere)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6612 : Misspelling schemaTool completeted (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6677: HBaseSerDe needs to be refactored (reviewed by Prasad)

[khorgath] HIVE-6695 bin/hcat should include hbase jar and dependencies in the classpath [followup/clone of HCATALOG-621] (Nick Dimiduk via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[jitendra] HIVE-6639. Vectorization: Partition column names are not picked up. (reviewed by Vikram)

[sershe] HIVE-6641 : optimized HashMap keys won't work correctly with decimals (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[prasadm] HIVE-6660: HiveServer2 running in non-http mode closes server socket for an SSL connection after the 1st request (Prasad Mujumdar, reviewed by Thejas Nair, Vaibhav Gumashta)

[sershe] HIVE-6562: Protection from exceptions in ORC predicate evaluation (Prasanth J, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[sershe] HIVE-6656 : Bug in ORC Timestamp reader returns wrong nanoseconds (Prasanth J, reviewed by Owen O'Malley)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6666 : Metastore init scripts should always populate the version information at the end (Prasad Mujumdar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jitendra] HIVE-6680. Decimal128#update(Decimal128 o, short scale) should adjust the unscaled value. (jitendra, reviewed by Remus Rusanu)

[sershe] HIVE-6578 : Use ORC file footer statistics through StatsProvidingRecordReader interface for analyze command (Prasanth J, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[xuefu] HIVE-6620: UDF printf doesn't take either CHAR or VARCHAR as the first argument (reviewed by Jason)

[jitendra] HIVE-6664. Vectorized variance computation differs from row mode computation. (jitendra, reviewed by Eric Hanson)

[jitendra] HIVE-6649: Vectorization: some date expressions throw exception. (jitendra, reviewed by Eric Hanson)

[jitendra] HIVE-6518: Add a GC canary to the VectorGroupByOperator to flush whenever a GC is triggered. (Gopal V via jitendra, reviewed by Remus, Gunther)

[thejas] HIVE-4764 : Support Kerberos HTTP authentication for HiveServer2 running in http mode (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[xuefu] REVERT: HIVE-6432 : Remove deprecated methods in HCatalog (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh
 Chauhan) #1 commit

[xuefu] REVERT: HIVE-6432 : Remove deprecated methods in HCatalog (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh

[hashutosh] HIVE-6432 : Remove deprecated methods in HCatalog (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6432 : Remove deprecated methods in HCatalog (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6659 : Update log for list_bucket_* to add pre/post DB (Laljo John Pullokkaran via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jdere] HIVE-6012: restore backward compatibility of arithmetic operations (reviewed by Gunther/Sergey)

[jdere] HIVE-6322: Fix file_with_header_footer_negative.q (reviewed by Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6610 : Unit test log needs to reflect DB Name (Laljo John Pullokkaran via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6647 : Bump the thrift api version to V7 for HiveServer2 (Prasad Mujumdar via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6629 : Change SET ROLE NONE to SET ROLE ALL (Brock Noland via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6312 : doAs with plain sasl auth should be session aware (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[sershe] HIVE-6636 : /user/hive is a bad default for HDFS jars path for Tez (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[thejas] HIVE-6543 : TestEmbeddedThriftBinaryCLIService.testExecuteStatementAsync is failing sometimes (Navis, reviewed by Xuefu Zhang, Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6576 : sending as a form parameter in POST doesn't work post HADOOP-10193 (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6567 : "show grant ... on all" fails with NPE (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6434 : Restrict function create/drop to admin roles (Jason Dere via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6024 : Load data local inpath unnecessarily creates a copy task (Mohammad Kamrul Islam via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6110 : schematool errors out when HIVE_OPTS is set (Venki Korukanti via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6630 : FS based stats collection have issues for list bucketing case (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6609 : Doing Ctrl-C on hive cli doesn't kill running MR jobs on hadoop-2 (Ashutosh Chauhan via Jason Dere)

[sershe] HIVE-6618 : assertion when getting reference key from loader with byte-array mapjoin key (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6514 : TestExecDriver/HCat Pig tests fails with -Phadoop-2 (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6607 : describe extended on a view fails with NPE (Eugene Koifman via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6569 : HCatalog still has references to deprecated property hive.metastore.local (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6572 : Use shimmed version of hadoop conf names for mapred.{min,max}.split.size{.*} (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-6611: Joining multiple union all outputs fails on Tez (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[sershe] HIVE-6538 : yet another annoying exception in test logs (Szehon Ho, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[xuefu] HIVE-6457: Ensure Parquet integration has good error messages for data types not supported (Brock via Xuefu)

[jitendra] HIVE-6568: Vectorized cast of decimal to string and timestamp produces incorrect result (jitendra reviewed by Eric Hanson)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6495 : TableDesc.getDeserializer() should use correct classloader when calling Class.forName() (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6575: select * fails on parquet table with map datatype (Szehon via Xuefu)

[thejas] HIVE-6507 : OrcFile table property names are specified as strings (Sushanth Sowmyan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-5099 : Some partition publish operation cause OOM in metastore backed by SQL Server (Daniel Dai via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6512 : HiveServer2 ThriftCLIServiceTest#testDoAs is an invalid test (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-5155 : Support secure proxy user access to HiveServer2 (Prasad Mujumdar via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-5931 : SQL std auth - add metastore get_principals_in_role api, support SHOW PRINCIPALS role_name (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6558 : HiveServer2 Plain SASL authentication broken after hadoop 2.3 upgrade (Prasad Mujumdar via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6559 : sourcing txn-script from schema script results in failure for mysql & oracle (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[vikram] HIVE-6563: hdfs jar being pulled in when creating a hadoop-2 based hive tar ball (Vikram Dixit, reviewed by Harish Butani)

[sershe] HIVE-6605 : Hive does not set the environment correctly when running in Tez mode (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner and Siddharth Seth)

[sershe] HIVE-6587 : allow specifying additional Hive classpath for Hadoop (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner

[rhbutani] HIVE-6608 add apache pom as parent pom (reviewed by Brock)

[thejas] HIVE-6602 : Multi-user HiveServer2 throws error (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[remusr] HIVE-6594: UnsignedInt128 addition does not increase internal int array count resulting in corrupted values during serialization (Remus Rusanu reviewed by Jitendra Pandey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6591 : Importing a table containing hidden dirs fails (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6585 : bucket map join fails in presence of _SUCCESS file (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)

[xuefu] HIVE-5607: Hive fails to parse the % (mod) sign after brackets (reviewed by Prasad)

[thejas] HIVE-6359 : beeline -f fails on scripts with tabs in them. (Navis, reviewed by Xuefu Zhang, Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6486 : Support secure Subject.doAs() in HiveServer2 JDBC client. (Shivaraju Gowda via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5179 : Wincompat : change script tests from bash to sh (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4723 : DDLSemanticAnalyzer.addTablePartsOutputs eats several exceptions (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jitendra] HIVE-6531 : Runtime errors in vectorized execution (jitendra)

[jitendra] HIVE-6511: Casting from decimal to tinyint,smallint, int and bigint generates different result when vectorization is on (jitendra)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6583 : wrong sql comments : ----... instead of -- ---... (Pierre Nerzic via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jitendra] HIVE-6508 : Mismatched aggregation results between vector and non-vector mode with decimal field (Remus Rusanu via jitendra)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6403 uncorrelated subquery is failing with auto.convert.join=true (Navis via Harish Butani)

[thejas] HIVE-5901 : Query cancel should stop running MR tasks (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6573 : Oracle metastore doesnt come up when is set to DBTokenStore (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[xuefu] HIVE-6414: ParquetInputFormat provides data values that do not match the object inspectors (Justin Coffey via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-6574: Type in ql/pom.xml prevents jobs from parquet queries from running on a cluster (reviewed by Brock)

[gunther] HIVE-6571: query id should be available for logging during query compilation (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Sergey Shelunkhin)

[gunther] HIVE-6566: Incorrect union-all plan with map-joins on Tez (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6555 : TestSchemaTool is failing on trunk after branching (Ashutosh Chauhan via Prasad Mujumdar)

[sershe] HIVE-6537 ADDENDUM - committed extra file (Sergey Shelukhin)

[sershe] HIVE-6537 NullPointerException when loading hashtable for MapJoin directly (Sergey Shelukhin and Navis, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[xuefu] HIVE-3635: allow 't', 'T', '1', 'f', 'F', and '0' to be allowable true/false values for the boolean hive type (reviewed by Brock)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6417 : sql std auth - new users in admin role config should get added (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6551 : group by after join with skew join optimization references invalid task sometimes (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6338 : Improve exception handling in createDefaultDb() in Metastore (Ashutosh Chauhan via Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6446 : Ability to specify hadoop.bin.path from command line -D (Remus Rusanu via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-6487 - PTest2 do not copy failed source directories (Szehon via Brock)

[vikram] HIVE-6325: Enable using multiple concurrent sessions in tez (Vikram Dixit, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6548 : Missing owner name and type fields in schema script for DBS table (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6392 : Hive (and HCatalog) don't allow super-users to add partitions to tables. (Mithun Radhakrishnan via Thejas Nair)

[rhbutani] Preparing for 0.14 development

[hashutosh] HIVE-5843 : Transaction manager for Hive (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6545 : analyze table throws NPE for non-existent tables. (Ashutosh Chauhan via Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6539 : Couple of issues in fs based stats collection (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-5950: ORC SARG creation fails with NPE for predicate conditions with decimal/date/char/varchar datatypes (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[jitendra] HIVE-6496: Queries fail to Vectorize (jitendra)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6482 Fix NOTICE file: pre release task (Harish Butani via Thejas Nair)

[prasadm] HIVE-6530: JDK 7 trunk build fails after HIVE-6418 patch (Navis via Prasad Mujumdar)

[khorgath] HIVE-5193 : Columnar Pushdown for RC/ORC File not happening in HCatLoader (Viraj Bhat via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[jitendra] HIVE-5761 : Implement vectorized support for the DATE data type (Teddy Choi via jitendra)

[khorgath] HIVE-6409 : FileOutputCommitterContainer::commitJob() cancels delegation tokens too early. (Mithun Radhakrishnan via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[thejas] HIVE-5504 : OrcOutputFormat honors compression properties only from within hive (Sushanth Sowmyan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6389 : LazyBinaryColumnarSerDe-based RCFile tables break when looking up elements in null-maps. (Mithun Radhakrishnan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6505 : Make stats optimizer more robust in presence of distinct clause (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3938 : Hive MetaStore should send a single AddPartitionEvent for atomically added partition-set. (Mithun Radhakrishnan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6440 : sql std auth - add command to change owner of database (Thejas Nair reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-5232 : Make JDBC use the new HiveServer2 async execution API by default (Thejas Nair via Vaibhav Gumashta)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6393 Support unqualified column references in Joining conditions (Harish Butani via Gunther Hagleitner)

[sershe] HIVE-6429 MapJoinKey has large memory overhead in typical cases (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner, Jitendra Nath Pandey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6500 : Stats collection via filesystem (Ashutosh Chauhan via Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-6360: Hadoop 2.3 + Tez 0.3 (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Thejas M Nair, Jitendra Nath Pandey, Vikram Dixit K)

[xuefu] HIVE-6459: Change the precison/scale for intermediate sum result in the avg() udf (reviewed by Prasad)

[brock] HIVE-6528 - Add maven compiler plugin to ptest2 pom (Szehon via Brock)

[xuefu] HIVE-6375: Fix CTAS for parquet (Szehon via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-6356: Dependency injection in hbase storage handler is broken (reviewed by Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6519 : Allow optional as in subquery definition (Gunther Hagleitner via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[khorgath] HIVE-6475 : Implement support for appending to mutable tables in HCatalog (Sushanth Sowmyan, reviewed by Daniel Dai)

[cws] HIVE-6481. Add .reviewboardrc file (Carl Steinbach via cws)

[sershe] HIVE-6418 : MapJoinRowContainer has large memory overhead in typical cases (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6458 : Add schema upgrade scripts for metastore changes related to permanent functions (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4545 : HS2 should return describe table results without space padding (Vaibhav Gumashta & Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6456: Implement Parquet schema evolution (Brock via Xuefu)

[thejas] HIVE-6466 : Add support for pluggable authentication modules (PAM) in Hive (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-5954 : SQL std auth - get_privilege_set should check role hierarchy (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6478 : SQL std auth - pass username from hiveserver2 to sessionstate (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6474 : SQL std auth - only db owner should be allowed to create table within a db (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-5217 : Add long polling to asynchronous execution in HiveServer2 (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6380 : Specify jars/files when creating permanent UDFs (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6461 : Run Release Audit tool, fix missing license issues (Harish Butani via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6479 : Few .q.out files need to be updated post HIVE-5958 (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6464 : Test configuration: reduce the duration for which lock attempts are retried (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6467 : metastore upgrade script 016-HIVE6386.derby.sql uses char rather than varchar (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-6382: PATCHED_BLOB encoding in ORC will corrupt data in some cases (Patch by Prasanth J, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6433 : SQL std auth - allow grant/revoke roles if user has ADMIN OPTION (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6422 : SQL std auth - revert change for view keyword in grant statement - removing the files that were suppossed to be deleted

[thejas] HIVE-6422 : SQL std auth - revert change for view keyword in grant statement (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-5958 : SQL std auth - authorize statements that work with paths (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[jitendra] HIVE-6416. Vectorized mathematical functions for decimal type. (jitendra)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6406 : Introduce immutable-table table property and if set, disallow insert-into (Sushanth Sowmyan via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6330 : Metastore support for permanent UDFs (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[khorgath] HIVE-5636 : Introduce getPartitionColumns() functionality from HCatInputFormat (Sushanth Sowmyan, reviewed by Daniel Dai)

[jitendra] HIVE-6345. Add DECIMAL support to vectorized JOIN and GroupBy Aggregate operators (Remus Rusanu via jitendra)

[vikram] HIVE-6326: Split generation in ORC may generate wrong split boundaries because of unaccounted padded bytes (Prasanth J via Vikram Dixit K)

[thejas] Reverting HIVE-6037

[prasadm] HIVE-6383: Newly added tests in TestJdbcDriver2 from HIVE-4395 is not running (Prasad Mujumdar reviewed by Thejas Nair

[brock] HIVE-6037 - Synchronize HiveConf with hive-default.xml.template and support show conf (Navis via Brock)

[ehans] HIVE-6399: bug in high-precision Decimal128 multiply (Eric Hanson, reviewed by Jitendra Pandey)

[jitendra] HIVE-5759. Implement vectorized support for COALESCE conditional expression. (jitendra)

[thejas] HIVE-6386 : sql std auth - database should have an owner (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[navis] HIVE-6339 : Implement new JDK7 schema management APIs in java.sql.Connection (Prasad Mujumdar via Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6415 : Disallow transform clause in sql std authorization mode (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6400 : Add Apache Rat plugin to pom.xml (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6250 : sql std auth - view authorization should not underlying table. More tests and fixes. (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-5989 : Hive metastore authorization check is not threadsafe (Sushanth Sowmyan via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6378 : HCatClient::createTable() doesn't allow SerDe class to be specified (Karl D. Gierach , Mithun Radhakrishnan via Thejas Nair)

[prasadm] HIVE-6372: getDatabaseMajor/Minor version returns wrong values (Szehon Ho via Prasad Mujumdar)

[khorgath] HIVE-6109 : Support customized location for EXTERNAL tables created by Dynamic Partitioning (Satish Mittal via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[omalley] HIVE-5728. Make ORC InputFormat/OutputFormat usable outside of Hive. (Daniel
Dai via omalley)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6407 : Test authorization_revoke_table_priv.q is failing on trunk (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6167 : Allow user-defined functions to be qualified with database name (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6398 : MapRedTask.configureDebugVariablesForChildJVM mixes HIVE_CHILD_CLIENT_DEBUG_OPTS and HIVE_MAIN_CLIENT_DEBUG_OPTS in env check (Remus Rusanu via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[daijy] HIVE-6233: JOBS testsuite in WebHCat E2E tests does not work correctly in secure mode ( Deepesh Khandelwal via Daniel Dai )

[khorgath] HIVE-6072 : With HCatalog refactoring, Hadoop_HBase e2e will fail (Hari Sankar Sivarama Subramaniyan via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6256 : add batch dropping of partitions to Hive metastore (as well as to dropTable)

[xuefu] HIVE-4996: unbalanced calls to openTransaction/commitTransaction (Szehon via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6254 : sql standard auth - use admin option specified in grant/revoke role statement (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5944 : SQL std auth - authorize show all roles, create role, drop role (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-6218: Stats for row-count not getting updated with Tez insert + dbclass=counter (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[jitendra] HIVE-6333. Generate vectorized plan for decimal expressions. (jitendra)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6288 : MSCK can be slow when adding partitions (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6385: UDF degrees() doesn't take decimal as input (reviewed by Jason)

[thejas] HIVE-5953 : SQL std auth - authorize grant/revoke on table/views (Thejas Nair reviwed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-5783: Native Parquet Support in Hive (Justin via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5930 : SQL std auth - implement set roles, show current roles (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[brock] HIVE-5380 - Non-default OI constructors should be supported for backwards compatibility (Brock reviewed by Xuefu)

[thejas] HIVE-6377 : make HADOOP_HOME setting consistent between hive and (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6381 : bin/hcat script won't launch - uses invalid  (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6373 : TestCliDriverMethods test can cause entire build to fail (Jason Dere via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6342 : hive drop partitions should use standard expr filter instead of some custom class (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[navis] HIVE-6301 : get_json_object throw java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found exception. (Zhiwen Sun via Navis)

[rhbutani] HIVE-1180 Support Common Table Expressions (CTEs) in Hive (Harish Butani reviewed by Gunther H.)

[thejas] HIVE-6204 : The result of show grant / show role should be tabular format (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6315 : MetaStoreDirectSql ctor should not throw (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[navis] HIVE-4144 : Add "select database()" command to show the current database (Navis reviewed by Prasad Mujumdar)

[gunther] HIVE-6320: Row-based ORC reader with PPD turned on dies on BufferUnderFlowException (Patch by Prasanth J, reviewed by Owen O'Malley)

[gunther] HIVE-6353: Update hadoop-2 golden files after HIVE-6267 (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[gunther] HIVE-6358: filterExpr not printed in explain for tablescan operators (ppd) (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[xuefu] HIVE-6340: Beeline outputs error message when HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH is set (reviewed by Prasad)

[gunther] HIVE-6354: Some index test golden files produce non-deterministic stats in explain (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[thejas] HIVE-5826 : Add https support to HiveServer2 http mode  (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[khorgath] HIVE-5814 : Add DATE, TIMESTAMP, DECIMAL, CHAR, VARCHAR types support in HCat (Eugene Koifman via Sushanth Sowmyan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5960 : SQL std auth - special handling of PUBLIC role (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[gates] HIVE-6226 It should be possible to get hadoop, hive, and pig version being used by WebHCat (gates, reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[gates] HIVE-6251 Add ability to specify delimiter in HCatalog Java API to create tables - HCatCreateTableDesc (ekoifman via gates)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6356 : Dependency injection in hbase storage handler is broken (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6327: A few mathematic functions don't take decimal input (reviewed by Jason Dere)

[thejas] HIVE-5859 : Create view does not captures inputs (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-6298: Add config flag to turn off fetching partition stats (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin and Prasanth J)

[gunther] HIVE-6267: Explain explain (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[thejas] HIVE-6334 : sql std auth - pass username from sessionstate to v2 authorization interface (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6258 : sql std auth - disallow cycles between roles (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-6328: Hive script should not overwrite AUX_CLASSPATH with HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH if the latter is set (reviewed by Prasad)

[xuefu] HIVE-6173: Beeline doesn't accept --hiveconf option as Hive CLI does (reviewed by Prasad)

[ehans] HIVE-6257: Add more unit tests for high-precision Decimal128 arithmetic (Eric Hanson, reviewed by Jitendra Pandey)

[prasadm] HIVE-6209: 'LOAD DATA INPATH ... OVERWRITE ..' doesn't overwrite current data (Szehon Ho via Prasad Mujumdar)

[thejas] HIVE-6112 : SQL std auth - support new privileges INSERT, DELETE (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[gunther] HIVE-6287: batchSize computation in Vectorized ORC reader can cause BufferUnderFlowException when PPD is enabled (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

[jitendra] HIVE-6178. Implement vectorized reader for DECIMAL datatype for ORC format (jitendra)

[thejas] HIVE-6268 : Network resource leak with HiveClientCache when using HCatInputFormat (Sushanth Sowmyan via Thejas Nair)

[vikram] HIVE-6104: Join-key logging in join operator (Steven Wong via Vikram Dixit)

[xuefu] HIVE-6217: Refactor Beeline's JDBC connection to use property map instead of long url (reviewed by Prasad)

[xuefu] HIVE-6246: Sign(a) UDF is not supported for decimal type

[vikram] HIVE-6144 : Implement non-staged MapJoin (Navis via Vikram Dixit)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6122 : Implement show grant on <resource> (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6309 : Hive incorrectly removes TaskAttempt output files if MRAppMaster fails once (Chun Chen via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5959 : SQL std auth - bootstrap SUPERUSER roles (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[ehans] HIVE-6139: implement vectorized decimal division and modulo (Eric Hanson, reviewed by Jitendra Pandey)

[gunther] HIVE-6157: Fetching column stats slower than the 101 during rush hour (Sergey Shelukhin via Gunther Hagleitner)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6264 Unbalanced number of HiveParser msgs.push/msgs.pop calls when doing lookahead (Jason Dere via Harish Butani)

[rhbutani] HIVE-6300 Add documentation for stats configs to hive-default.xml.template (Prasanth J via Harish Butani, Lefty Leverenz)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6152 : insert query fails on hdfs federation + viewfs (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-6262: Remove unnecessary copies of schema + table desc from serialized plan (patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[thejas] HIVE-6249 : HiveServer2 JDBC SSL binary client transport should not call a TTransport#open  (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-6151 : CLIService should use debug log level instead of info (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5929 : SQL std auth - Access control statement updates (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[ehans] HIVE-6183: Implement vectorized type cast from/to decimal(p, s) (Eric Hanson)

[xuefu] HIVE-6310: Fix a few minimr test failures (reviewed by Brock)

[ehans] HIVE-6243: error in high-precision division for Decimal128 (Eric Hanson)

[thejas] HIVE-6205 : alter <table> partition column throws NPE in authorization (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-6263: Avoid sending input files multiple times on Tez (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[gunther] HIVE-6260: Compress plan when sending via RPC (Tez) (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[gunther] HIVE-6261: Update metadata.q.out file for tez (after change to .q file) (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[thejas] Reverting HIVE-5728 patch

[gates] HIVE-6248 HCatReader/Writer should hide Hadoop and Hive classes

[thejas] HIVE-5795 - Hive should be able to skip header and footer rows when reading data file for a table (adding missing files)

[xuefu] HIVE-5446: Hive can CREATE an external table but not SELECT from it when file path have spaces (adding missing test data file)

[omalley] Added svn ignore for the generated dependency-reduced-pom.xml

[hashutosh] HIVE-6181 : support grant/revoke on views - parser changes (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[omalley] Updated the svn ignore property to ignore the new maven target directory.

[omalley] HIVE-5728. Make ORC InputFormat/OutputFormat usable outside of Pig. (Daniel 
Dai via omalley)

[omalley] HIVE-5002. Loosen readRowIndex visibility in ORC's RecordReaderImpl. (omalley)

[gunther] HIVE-6231: NPE when switching to Tez execution mode after session has been initialized (Patch by Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)

[navis] HIVE-6083 : User provided table properties are not assigned to the TableDesc of the FileSinkDesc in a CTAS query (Yin Huai via Navis)

[navis] HIVE-3617 : Predicates pushed down to hbase is not handled properly when constant part is shown first (Navis reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[navis] HIVE-6229 : Missing file

[navis] HIVE-6229 : Stats are missing sometimes (regression from HIVE-5936) (Navis reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-6164 : Hive build on Windows failed with datanucleus enhancer error "command line is too long" (Shanyu Zhao via Thejas Nair)

[daijy] HIVE-6227: WebHCat E2E test JOBS_7 fails (Deepesh Khandelwal via Daniel Dai)

[gunther] HIVE-6224: Remove unneeded tez dependencies from hive (Vikram Dixit K via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6228 : Use paths consistently - VII (Ashutosh Chauhan via Xuefu Zhang)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6193 : change partition pruning request to metastore to use list instead of set (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6197 : Use paths consistently - VI (Ashutosh Chauhan via Xuefu Zhang)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6221 : Optimize stats based queries in presence of filter (Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[ehans] HIVE-6186: error in vectorized Column-Column comparison filter for repeating case (Eric Hanson)

[thejas] HIVE-6162 : "multiple SLF4J bindings" warning messages when running hive CLI on Hadoop 2.0 (shanyu zhao via Thejas Nair)

[thejas] HIVE-5928 : Add a hive authorization plugin api that does not assume privileges needed - 2 (Thejas Nair reviewed by Brock Noland)

[thejas] HIVE-5928 : Add a hive authorization plugin api that does not assume privileges needed (Thejas Nair reviewed by Brock Noland)

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