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From Julian Hyde <>
Subject Proposal to un-fork Sqlline
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2014 18:49:31 GMT
As you probably know, Hive’s SQL command-line interface Beeline was created by forking Sqlline
[1] [2]. At the time it was a useful but low-activity project languishing on SourceForge without
an active owner. Around the same time, I independently picked up the Sqlline code, moved it
to github [3], put in place a maven build process, and gave it some love. Now several projects
are using it, including Apache Drill, Apache Phoenix, Cascading Lingual and Optiq. So, now
we have two active forks of Sqlline.

I propose to merge these development forks.

This will achieve a few things. We should be able to fix more bugs, and add more features,
and get more people using sqlline. (Just today, someone ran into a bug that Drill was not
saving/restoring command history, then noticed that it was fixed in sqlline-1.1.3 [4] [5].
It seems that that bug still exists in Hive’s beeline.)

I propose the following:
1. Move the parts of hive-beeline module that do not depend upon Hive (about 90% of the code)
into a new module in the hive repo, hive-sqlline.
2. What remains in the hive-beeline module is (a derived class of
and Hive-specific extensions. The hive-beeline module depends upon the hive-sqlline module.
3. Make sure that the new Hive sqlline module contains all fixes and useful changes from both
4. Release sqlline as a maven artifact, say {groupId=org.apache.hive, artifactId=hive-sqlline}
and tell clients of julianhyde-sqlline to migrate to it.
5. Longer term, consider moving hive-sqlline out of Hive, but still within Apache.

This achieves continuity for Hive’s users, gives the users of the non-Hive sqlline a version
with minimal dependencies, unifies the two code lines, and brings everything under the Apache

Please let me know if this sounds like a good proposal. I’ll log a jira case, then start
work on a patch.


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