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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Hive-trunk-h0.21 - Build # 2507 - Still Failing
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2013 03:24:22 GMT
Changes for Build #2472
[navis] HIVE-4518 : Should be removed files (OptrStatsGroupByHook, etc.)

[navis] HIVE-5839 : BytesRefArrayWritable compareTo violates contract (Xuefu Zhang via Navis)

[navis] HIVE-4518 : Missing file (HiveFatalException)

[navis] HIVE-4518 : Counter Strike: Operation Operator (Gunther Hagleitner and Jason Dere
via Navis)

Changes for Build #2473
[brock] HIVE-4741 - Add Hive config API to modify the restrict list (Prasad Mujumdar, Navis
via Brock Noland)

Changes for Build #2474
[navis] HIVE-5827 : Incorrect location of logs for failed tests (Vikram Dixit K and Szehon
Ho via Navis)

[thejas] HIVE-4485 : beeline prints null as empty strings (Thejas Nair reviewed by Ashutosh

[brock] HIVE-5704 - A couple of generic UDFs are not in the right folder/package (Xuefu Zhang
via Brock Noland)

[brock] HIVE-5706 - Move a few numeric UDFs to generic implementations (Xuefu Zhang via Brock

[hashutosh] HIVE-5817 : column name to index mapping in VectorizationContext is broken (Remus
Rusanu, Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5876 : Split elimination in ORC breaks for partitioned tables (Prasanth J
via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5886 : [Refactor] Remove unused class JobCloseFeedback (Ashutosh Chauhan
via Thejas Nair)

[brock] HIVE-5894 - Fix minor PTest2 issues (Brock Noland)

Changes for Build #2475
[brock] HIVE-5755 - Fix hadoop2 execution environment Milestone 1 (Vikram Dixit K via Brock

Changes for Build #2476
[xuefu] HIVE-5893: hive-schema-0.13.0.mysql.sql contains reference to nonexistent column (Carl
via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-5684: Serde support for char (Jason via Xuefu)

Changes for Build #2477

Changes for Build #2478

Changes for Build #2479

Changes for Build #2480
[brock] HIVE-5441 - Async query execution doesn't return resultset status (Prasad Mujumdar
via Thejas M Nair)

[brock] HIVE-5880 - Rename HCatalog HBase Storage Handler artifact id (Brock Noland reviewed
by Prasad Mujumdar)

Changes for Build #2481

Changes for Build #2482
[ehans] HIVE-5581: Implement vectorized year/month/day... etc. for string arguments (Teddy
Choi via Eric Hanson)

Changes for Build #2483
[rhbutani] HIVE-5898 Make fetching of column statistics configurable (Prasanth Jayachandran
via Harish Butani)

Changes for Build #2484
[brock] HIVE-5880 - (Rename HCatalog HBase Storage Handler artifact id) breaks packaging (Xuefu
Zhang via Brock Noland)

Changes for Build #2485
[xuefu] HIVE-5866: Hive divide operator generates wrong results in certain cases (reviewed
by Prasad)

[ehans] HIVE-5877: Implement vectorized support for IN as boolean-valued expression (Eric

Changes for Build #2486
[ehans] HIVE-5895: vectorization handles division by zero differently from normal execution
(Sergey Shelukhin via Eric Hanson)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5938 : Remove apache.mina dependency for test (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-5912: Show partition command doesn't support db.table (Yu Zhao via Xuefu)

[brock] HIVE-5906 - TestGenericUDFPower should use delta to compare doubles (Szehon Ho via
Brock Noland)

[brock] HIVE-5855 - Add deprecated methods back to ColumnProjectionUtils (Brock Noland reviewed
by Navis)

[brock] HIVE-5915 - Shade Kryo dependency (Brock Noland reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2487
[hashutosh] HIVE-5916 : No need to aggregate statistics collected via counter mechanism (Ashutosh
Chauhan via Navis)

[xuefu] HIVE-5947: Fix test failure in decimal_udf.q (reviewed by Brock)

[thejas] HIVE-5550 : Import fails for tables created with default text, sequence and orc file
formats using HCatalog API (Sushanth Sowmyan via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #2488
[hashutosh] HIVE-5935 : hive.query.string is not provided to FetchTask (Navis via Ashutosh

[navis] HIVE-3455 : ANSI CORR(X,Y) is incorrect (Maxim Bolotin via Navis)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5921 : Better heuristics for worst case statistics estimates for join, limit
and filter operator (Prasanth J via Harish Butani)

[rhbutani] HIVE-5899 NPE during explain extended with char/varchar columns (Jason Dere via
Harish Butani)

Changes for Build #2489
[xuefu] HIVE-3181: getDatabaseMajor/Minor version does not return values (Szehon via Xuefu,
reviewed by Navis)

[brock] HIVE-5641 - BeeLineOpts ignores Throwable (Brock Noland reviewed by Prasad and Thejas)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5909 : locate and instr throw java.nio.BufferUnderflowException when empty
string as substring (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5686 : partition column type validation doesn't quite work for dates (Sergey
Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5887 : metastore direct sql doesn't work with oracle (Sergey Shelukhin via
Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2490

Changes for Build #2491

Changes for Build #2492
[brock] HIVE-5981 - Add hive-unit back to itests pom (Brock Noland reviewed by Prasad)

Changes for Build #2493
[xuefu] HIVE-5872: Make UDAFs such as GenericUDAFSum report accurate precision/scale for decimal
types (reviewed by Sergey Shelukhin)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5978 : Rollups not supported in vector mode. (Jitendra Nath Pandey via Ashutosh

[hashutosh] HIVE-5830 : SubQuery: Not In subqueries should check if subquery contains nulls
in matching column (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5598 : Remove dummy new line at the end of non-sql commands (Navis via Ashutosh

Changes for Build #2494
[hashutosh] HIVE-5982 : Remove redundant filesystem operations and methods in FileSink (Ashutosh
Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

[navis] HIVE-5955 : decimal_precision.q test case fails in trunk (Prasanth J via Navis)

[brock] HIVE-5983 - Fix name of ColumnProjectionUtils.appendReadColumnIDs (Brock Noland reviewed
by Navis)

Changes for Build #2495
[omalley] HIVE-5580. Predicate pushdown predicates with an and-operator between 
non-SARGable predicates cause a NPE. (omalley)

Changes for Build #2496
[gunther] HIVE-6000: Hive build broken on hadoop2 (Vikram Dixit K via Gunther Hagleitner

[gunther] HIVE-2093: UPDATE - add two missing files from previous commit (Gunther Hagleitner)

[thejas] HIVE-2093 : create/drop database should populate inputs/outputs and check concurrency
and user permission (Navis via Thejas Nair)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6016 : Hadoop23Shims has a bug in listLocatedStatus impl. (Prasanth J via
Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5994 : ORC RLEv2 encodes wrongly for large negative BIGINTs  (64 bits ) (Prasanth
J via Owen Omalley)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5991 : ORC RLEv2 fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception for PATCHED_BLOB
encoding (Prasanth J via Owen Omalley)

[prasadm] HIVE-4395: Support TFetchOrientation.FIRST for HiveServer2 FetchResults (Prasad
Mujumdar reviewed by Thejas Nair)

[ehans] HIVE-5756: Implement vectorized support for IF conditional expression (Eric Hanson)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6018 : FetchTask should not reference metastore classes (Navis via Prasad

[hashutosh] HIVE-5979. Failure in cast to timestamps. (Jitendra Pandey)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5897 : Fix hadoop2 execution environment Milestone 2 (Vikram Dixit via Brock

Changes for Build #2497

Changes for Build #2498
[hashutosh] HIVE-6004 : Fix statistics annotation related test failures in hadoop2 (Prasanth
J via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-6027 : non-vectorized log10 has rounding issue (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh

[prasadm] HIVE-5993: JDBC Driver should not hard-code the database name (Szehon Ho via Prasad

Changes for Build #2499
[navis] HIVE-5985 : Make qfile_regex to accept multiple patterns (Navis reviewed by Ashutosh

Changes for Build #2500

Changes for Build #2501

Changes for Build #2502
[navis] HIVE-5276 : Skip redundant string encoding/decoding for hiveserver2 (Navis Reviewed
by Carl Steinbach)

Changes for Build #2503
[xuefu] HIVE-6022: Load statements with incorrect order of partitions put input files to unreadable
places (Teruyoshi Zenmyo via Xuefu)

Changes for Build #2504

Changes for Build #2505
[thejas] HIVE-5975 : [WebHCat] templeton mapreduce job failed if provide "define" parameters
(Shanyu Zhao via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #2506
[prasadm] HIVE-1466: Add NULL DEFINED AS to ROW FORMAT specification (Prasad Mujumdar reviewed
by Xuefu Zhang)

Changes for Build #2507
[jitendra] HIVE-5521 : Remove CommonRCFileInputFormat. (hashutosh via jitendra)

[rhbutani] HIVE-5973 SMB joins produce incorrect results with multiple partitions and buckets
(Vikram Dixit via Harish Butani)

[ehans] HIVE-6015: vectorized logarithm produces results for 0 that are different from a non-vectorized
one (Sergey Shelukhin via Eric Hanson)

No tests ran.

The Apache Jenkins build system has built Hive-trunk-h0.21 (build #2507)

Status: Still Failing

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