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From "Brock Noland" <>
Subject Review Request 15497: HIVE-5741 - Hcatalog needs to be added to the binary tar
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 19:50:00 GMT

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Review request for hive, Prasad Mujumdar and Thejas Nair.

Bugs: HIVE-5751

Repository: hive-git


OK the attached patches adds hcatalog to the binary tarball with mostly the same structure
as the 0.12 release. The delta is just that some jars have moved slightly and there is significantly
less jars in the webcat server lib directory. Those two items will be addressed in followups.

Additionally because the binary tarball lib directory was so dirty I have used "dependency
management" in the root pom to enforce our versions of jars and upgraded some dependencies.


  ant/pom.xml 6fdd375 
  beeline/pom.xml 6c59229 
  cli/pom.xml d5fba72 
  common/pom.xml 0c62d9e 
  contrib/pom.xml 59a3cf9 
  hbase-handler/pom.xml 64e7877 
  hcatalog/core/pom.xml 358fa0a 
  hcatalog/hcatalog-pig-adapter/pom.xml 2f2e559 
  hcatalog/server-extensions/pom.xml 985e9b1 
  hcatalog/storage-handlers/hbase/pom.xml 4a17b3d 
  hcatalog/webhcat/java-client/pom.xml e1c738f 
  hcatalog/webhcat/svr/pom.xml 6f508c0 
  hwi/pom.xml 5da6fc6 
  itests/hcatalog-unit/pom.xml 97f53bb 
  itests/hive-unit/pom.xml c003437 
  itests/qtest/pom.xml a453d8a 
  itests/test-serde/pom.xml 3f1f198 
  itests/util/pom.xml 39e6c2e 
  jdbc/pom.xml b409956 
  metastore/pom.xml f0089d6 
  odbc/pom.xml 0ddf12d 
  packaging/pom.xml 3c2e5cb 
  packaging/src/main/assembly/bin.xml 5d8bb1a 
  pom.xml 70f4a4a 
  ql/pom.xml e4383a7 
  serde/pom.xml 2031977 
  service/pom.xml 3a0c7c6 
  shims/0.20/pom.xml 9117824 
  shims/0.20S/pom.xml 58bc6f4 
  shims/0.23/pom.xml ebd0e5e 
  shims/assembly/pom.xml 48997d8 
  shims/common-secure/pom.xml 12c102c 
  shims/common/pom.xml 5871b6a 
  testutils/pom.xml 59b1dcd 
  testutils/ptest2/pom.xml 00d2d6e 



Builds and installs in bootstrap mode. HiveQA will runs tests.


Brock Noland

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