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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Hive-trunk-h0.21 - Build # 2473 - Still Failing
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2013 15:57:43 GMT
Changes for Build #2440
[brock] HIVE-5730: Beeline throws non-terminal NPE upon starting, after mavenization (Szehon
Ho reviewed by Navis)

Changes for Build #2441
[omalley] HIVE-5425 Provide a configuration option to control the default stripe
size for ORC. (omalley reviewed by gunther)

[omalley] Revert HIVE-5583 since it broke the build.

[hashutosh] HIVE-5583 : Implement support for IN (list-of-constants) filter in vectorized
mode (Eric Hanson via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-5355 - JDBC support for decimal precision/scale

Changes for Build #2443
[brock] HIVE-5351 - Secure-Socket-Layer (SSL) support for HiveServer2 (Prasad Mujumdar via
Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5583 : Implement support for IN (list-of-constants) filter in vectorized
mode (Eric Hanson via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HIVE-5773 - Fix build due to conflict between HIVE-5711 and HIVE-5713

[brock] HIVE-5711 - Fix eclipse:eclipse maven goal (Carl Steinbach via Brock Noland)

[brock] HIVE-5752 - log4j properties appear to have been lost in maven upgrade (Sergey Shelukhin
via Brock Noland)

[brock] HIVE-5713 - Verify versions of libraries post maven merge (Brock Noland reviewed by
Gunther Hagleitner)

[brock] HIVE-5765 - Beeline throws NPE when -e option is used (Szehon Ho via Brock Noland)

[xuefu] HIVE-5726: The DecimalTypeInfo instance associated with a decimal constant is not
in line with the precision/scale of the constant (reviewed by Brock)

[xuefu] HIVE-5655: Hive incorrecly handles divide-by-zero case (reviewed by Edward and Brock)

[xuefu] HIVE-5191: Add char data type (Jason via Xuefu)

Changes for Build #2444
[brock] HIVE-5780 - Add the missing declaration of HIVE_CLI_SERVICE_PROTOCOL_V4 in TCLIService.thrift
(Prasad Mujumdar via Brock Noland)

Changes for Build #2445
[gunther] HIVE-5601: NPE in ORC's PPD when using select * from table with where predicate
(Prasanth J via Owen O'Malley and Gunther Hagleitner)

[gunther] HIVE-5562: Provide stripe level column statistics in ORC (Patch by Prasanth J, reviewed
by Owen O'Malley, committed by Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3777 : add a property in the partition to figure out if stats are accurate
(Ashutosh Chauhan via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #2446
[hashutosh] HIVE-5691 : Intermediate columns are incorrectly initialized for partitioned tables.
(Jitendra Nath Pandey via Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5779 : Subquery in where clause with distinct fails with mapjoin turned on
with serialization error. (Ashutosh Chauhan via Harish Butani)

[gunther] HIVE-5632 (partial): Adding test data to data/files to enable pre-commit tests to
run. (Prasanth J via Gunther Hagleitner)

Changes for Build #2447
[cws] HIVE-5786: Remove HadoopShims methods that were needed for pre-Hadoop 0.20 (Jason Dere
via cws)

[thejas] HIVE-5229 : Better thread management for HiveServer2 async threads (Vaibhav Gumashta
via Thejas Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-5745: TestHiveLogging is failing (at least on mac) (Gunther Hagleitner, reviewed
by Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2448
[hashutosh] HIVE-5699 : Add unit test for vectorized BETWEEN for timestamp inputs (Eric Hanson
via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5767 : in SemanticAnalyzer#doPhase1, handling for TOK_UNION falls thru into
TOK_INSERT (Sergey Shelukhin via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5657 : TopN produces incorrect results with count(distinct) (Sergey Shelukhin
via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2450
[hashutosh] HIVE-5683 : JDBC support for char (Jason Dere via Xuefu Zhang)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5626 : enable metastore direct SQL for drop/similar queries (Sergey Shelukhin
via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5700 : enforce single date format for partition column storage (Sergey Shelukhin
via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5753 : Remove collector from Operator base class (Mohammad Islam via Ashutosh

[hashutosh] HIVE-5737 : Provide StructObjectInspector for UDTFs rather than ObjectInspect[]
(Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5790 : maven test build  failure shows wrong error message (Mohammad Islam
via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5722 : Skip generating vectorization code if possible (Navis via Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5697 : Correlation Optimizer may generate wrong plans for cases involving
outer join (Yin Huai via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4880 : Rearrange explain order of stages simpler (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[xuefu] HIVE-5286: Negative test date_literal1.q fails on java7 because the syntax is valid
(Szehon via Xuefu)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3990 : Provide input threshold for direct-fetcher (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2451
[hashutosh] HIVE-4116 : Can't use views using map datatype. (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2452
[thejas] HIVE-5643 : ZooKeeperHiveLockManager.getQuorumServers incorrectly appends the custom
zk port to quorum hosts (Venki Korukanti reviewed by Edward Capriolo via Thejas Nair)

[gunther] HIVE-5632: Eliminate splits based on SARGs using stripe statistics in ORC (Patch
by Prasanth J, reviewed by Eric Hanson and Gunther Hagleitner)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5557 : Push down qualifying Where clause predicates as join conditions (Harish
Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[brock] HBASE-4388 - Upgrade HBase to 0.96 (Brock Noland, Sushanth Sowmyan, Gunther Hagleitner,
and others)

Changes for Build #2453
[hashutosh] HIVE-5685 : partition column type validation doesn't work in some cases (Vikram
Dixit via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5788 : select * fails for table after adding new columns using rcfile storage
format (Szehon Ho via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2454
[brock] HIVE-5782 - PTest2 should be able to ride out price spikes

[brock] HIVE-5729 - Beeline displays version as ???? after mavenization (Navis via Brock Noland)

[brock] HIVE-5732 - HiveServer2: Duplicated new OperationManager in SessionManager (Navis
via Brock Noland)

[brock] HIVE-5717 - Generate javadoc and source jars (Szehon Ho via Brock Noland)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5791 : TestUseDatabase in hcategory failed to pass when illegal filename
in /tmp (Jin Jie via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2455
[hashutosh] HIVE-5813 : Multi-way Left outer join fails in vectorized mode (Ashutosh Chauhan
via Thejas Nair, Eric Hanson & Remus Rusanu)

Changes for Build #2456
[xuefu] HIVE-5825: Case statement type checking too restrictive for parameterized types (Jason
via Xuefu)

[xuefu] HIVE-5564: Need to accomodate table decimal columns that were defined prior to HIVE-3976
(Reviewed by Brock)

Changes for Build #2457

Changes for Build #2458
[rhbutani] HIVE-5369 Annotate hive operator tree with statistics from metastore (Prasanth
Jayachandran via Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5809 : incorrect stats in some cases with hive.stats.autogather=true (Ashutosh
Chauhan via Navis)

[brock] HIVE-5741: Fix binary packaging build eg include hcatalog, resolve pom issues (Brock
Noland reviewed by Xuefu Zhang)

Changes for Build #2459
[hashutosh] HIVE-5844 : dynamic_partition_skip_default.q test fails on trunk (Prasanth J via
Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2460
[hashutosh] HIVE-5846 : Analyze command fails with vectorization on (Remus Rusanu via Ashutosh

[hashutosh] HIVE-2055 : Hive should add HBase classpath dependencies when available (Nick
Dimiduk via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-4632 : Use hadoop counter as a stat publisher (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-3107 : Improve semantic analyzer to better handle column name references
in group by/sort by clauses (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2461
[xuefu] HIVE-5565: Limit Hive decimal type maximum precision and scale to 38 (reviewed by

[brock] HIVE-5842 - Fix issues with new paths to jar in hcatalog (Brock Noland reviewed by
Prasad Mujumdar)

[xuefu] HIVE-5356: Move arithmatic UDFs to generic UDF implementations (reviewed by Brock)

Changes for Build #2462
[hashutosh] HIVE-5692 : Make VectorGroupByOperator parameters configurable (Remus Rusanu via
Ashutosh Chauhan)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5845 : CTAS failed on vectorized code path (Remus Rusanu via Ashutosh Chauhan)

[thejas] HIVE-5635 : WebHCatJTShim23 ignores security/user context (Eugene Koifman via Thejas

[hashutosh] HIVE-5663 : Refactor ORC RecordReader to operate on direct & wrapped ByteBuffers
(Gopal V via Owen Omalley)

Changes for Build #2463

Changes for Build #2464
[thejas] HIVE-5618 : Hive local task fails to run when run from oozie in a secure cluster
(Prasad Mujumdar via Thejas Nair)

Changes for Build #2465

Changes for Build #2466
[thejas] HIVE-3815 : hive table rename fails if filesystem cache is disabled (Thejas Nair
reviewed by Navis)

Changes for Build #2467

Changes for Build #2468
[hashutosh] HIVE-5614 : Subquery support: allow subquery expressions in having clause (Harish
Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)

Changes for Build #2469
[xuefu] HIVE-5763: ExprNodeGenericFuncDesc.toString() generating unbalanced parenthesises
(reviewed by Ashutosh)

Changes for Build #2470

Changes for Build #2471
[rhbutani] HIVE-5849 Improve the stats of operators based on heuristics in the absence of
any column statistics (Prasanth Jayachandran via Harish Butani)

[hashutosh] HIVE-5793 : Update hive-default.xml.template for HIVE4002 (Navis via Ashutosh

Changes for Build #2472
[navis] HIVE-4518 : Should be removed files (OptrStatsGroupByHook, etc.)

[navis] HIVE-5839 : BytesRefArrayWritable compareTo violates contract (Xuefu Zhang via Navis)

[navis] HIVE-4518 : Missing file (HiveFatalException)

[navis] HIVE-4518 : Counter Strike: Operation Operator (Gunther Hagleitner and Jason Dere
via Navis)

Changes for Build #2473
[brock] HIVE-4741 - Add Hive config API to modify the restrict list (Prasad Mujumdar, Navis
via Brock Noland)

No tests ran.

The Apache Jenkins build system has built Hive-trunk-h0.21 (build #2473)

Status: Still Failing

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