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From Mehant Baid <>
Subject Bug in map join optimization causing "OutOfMemory" error
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 19:04:43 GMT
Hey Folks,

We are using hive-0.11 and are hitting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. The 
problem seems to be in (processCurrentTask()), 
in this function we try and convert a map-reduce join to a map join if 
'n-1' tables involved in a 'n' way join have a size below a certain 

If the tables are maintained by hive then we have accurate sizes of each 
table and can apply this optimization but if the tables are created 
using storage handlers, HBaseStorageHanlder in our case then the size is 
set to be zero. Due to this we assume that we can apply the optimization 
and convert the map-reduce join to a map join. So we build a in-memory 
hash table for all the keys, since our table created using the storage 
handler is large, it does not fit in memory and we hit the error.

Should I open a JIRA for this? One way to fix this is to set the size of 
the table (created using storage handler) to be equal to the map join 
threshold. This way the table would be selected as the big table and we 
can proceed with the optimization if other tables in the join have size 
below the threshold. If we have multiple big tables then the 
optimization would be turned off.


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