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From Lefty Leverenz <>
Subject Broken Hive docs -- links not working
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 22:37:18 GMT
Edward Capriolo talked about broken links in the Hive wiki in another
thread on the users list ("What is this windowing query supposed to do?")
so I'm moving the discussion here.



> Most of the links here:
> are broken...
> What gives?
> The language manual used to be fairly useful, now it is in major dis-array.


> Once again the /confluence/display version of the wiki is fine while the
> non-display version is glitchy.  First the {code} tags gave invisible
> sample code, and now some of the doc links don't work -- but they're fine
> here:
> Can anyone explain this, or better yet solve it?  Until it's solved,
> should we include a link to the display version at the top of each wikidoc?


> The problem is if you follow our site from the main page you find the
> broken docs, not the confluence ones.

New reply from Lefty:  Do you mean the Wiki tab?  When I follow it, I go to
the "display" version at, not the broken
version at

Another problem is that there's no link to the wiki in the menu under
Documentation.  That can be fixed fairly easily, so I'll open a JIRA.

Spot check for broken links in the non-display

   - Getting Started:  404 Not Found
   - Tutorial:  404 Not Found
   - Language Manual:  okay
   - Operators and Functions: 404 Not Found
   - Web Interface:  404 Not Found
   - Hive Client: okay
   - HiveServer2 Clients:  okay
   - Change Log:  404 Not Found
   - Avro SerDe:  okay

So much for my hope of finding a pattern.  Now to check how the links are
marked up:

h1. General Information about Hive

* [Getting Started|GettingStarted]

h1. User Documentation

* [Hive Tutorial|Tutorial]
* [HiveQL Language Manual (Queries, DML, DDL, and CLI)|LanguageManual]
* [Hive Operators and Functions|OperatorsAndFunctions]
* [Hive Web Interface|HiveWebInterface]
* [Hive Client (JDBC, ODBC, Thrift, etc)|HiveClient]
* [HiveServer2 Client|]
* [Hive Change Log|HiveChangeLog]
* [Avro SerDe|AvroSerDe]

Again, nothing obvious.  I think the use of a URL for HS2 Clients was just
to get around the space in the title, but there's probably another way to
do it -- I'll check my notes and fix it if I can.

I'll check a few more later, but this doesn't seem to be fruitful
debugging.  It isn't a matter of new vs. old docs (both Hive Client and HS2
Clients are okay).  All of these links work fine in the
version of the wiki.  Most of them are top-level files in the
except for Operators and Functions (a broken link), HiveServer2 Clients (a
link that works), and Hive Change Log (broken) and those are all children
of the Home page.

It's a mystery.

-- Lefty

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