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From Navis류승우 <>
Subject Re: Discuss: End of static, thread local
Date Sun, 11 Aug 2013 04:25:08 GMT seemed addressing this.

2013/8/11 Brock Noland <>:
> I would love to get rid of the static thread local stuff. It was required
> to make hive work in a server model but isn't the correct solution to this
> problem.
> I do think it will be a large amount of work so it'd be great to see
> whoever leads this effort to have a high level plan as opposed to an adhoc
> effort.
> On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Edward Capriolo <>wrote:
>> I just committed
>> For hive-server2 Carl and others did a lot of work to clean up un thread
>> safe things from hive.
>> Hive was originally build as a fat client so it is not surprising that many
>> such constructs exist. Now since we have retrofitted multi-threaded-ness
>> onto the project we have a number of edge case bugs.
>> My suggestions here would be for that the next release 0.13 we make a push
>> to remove all possible non thread safe code and explicitly pass context
>> objects or serialized structures everywhere thread safety is needed.
>> I can see this would start with something like the Function Registry, this
>> would be a per session object passed around rather then a global object
>> with static hashmap instances in it.
>> I know that this probably will not be as simple as removing all static
>> members from our codebase, but does anyone know of specific challenges that
>> will be intrinsically hard to solve?
>> Please comment.
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