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From Lefty Leverenz <>
Subject Moving HCatalog docs to wiki
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 08:55:43 GMT
Now that HCatalog is part of Hive, its documentation must be converted from
xdocs to wikidocs before we can make revisions and additions.

Currently HCatalog has its own tab on the Hive website, and the HCatalog
wiki has another tab.  HCatalog user docs (and WebHCat user/reference docs)
could be added to either the Hive wiki or the HCatalog wiki.  You can find
the old xdocs here:

Since an HCatalog wiki tab already exists, I suggest putting the
HCatalog/WebHCat docs there and pushing the existing wikidocs down a level,
something like this:

   - HCatalog Wiki Home
      - HCatalog User Guide
      - WebHCat Documentation
         - User Guide
         - Reference
      - Developer Documentation *(existing wikidocs)*

Then the Hive wiki's home page could have links to the HCatalog docs, such
as this:

   - Wiki Home
      - Apache Hive
      - General Information about Hive
      - User Documentation
      - HCatalog Documentation
         - HCatalog User Guide *(just a link to HCatalog wiki)*
         - WebHCat Documentation *(just a link)*
         - HCatalog Developer Documentation *(just a link)*
      - Administrator Documentation
      - Resources for Contributors

The Documentation page in the Project tab should also be improved with
links to the Hive wiki and HCatalog wiki.  And for convenience, the
HCatalog wiki's home page should have links back to the Hive home page and
the wiki.

Does anyone have a better plan?  Suggestions?  Caveats?

– Lefty Leverenz

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