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From Namit Jain <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] HCatalog becoming a subproject of Hive
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 04:06:15 GMT
Alan, that would not be a good idea. Metastore code is part of hive code,
and it
would be safer if only Hive committers had commit access to that.

On 11/6/12 11:25 PM, "Alan Gates" <> wrote:

>On Nov 4, 2012, at 8:35 PM, Namit Jain wrote:
>> I like the idea of Hcatalog becoming a Hive sub-project. The
>> enhancements/bugs in the serde/metastore areas can indirectly
>> benefit the hive community, and it will be easier for the fix to be in
>> place. Having said that, I don't see serde/metastore
>> moving out of hive into a separate component. Things are tied too
>> together. I am assuming that no new committers would
>> be automatically added to Hive as part of this, and both Hive and
>> will continue to have its own committers.
>One thing in this we'd like to discuss is the HCatalog committers having
>commit access to the metastore sections of Hive code.  That doesn't mean
>it has to move into HCatalog's code base.  But more and more the fixes
>and changes we're doing in HCatalog are really in Hive's metastore.  So
>we believe it would make sense to give HCat committers access to that
>component as well as HCat.
>> Thanks,
>> -namit
>> On 11/3/12 2:22 AM, "Alan Gates" <> wrote:
>>> Hello Hive community.  It is time for HCatalog to graduate from the
>>> Apache Incubator.  Given the heavy dependence of HCatalog on Hive the
>>> HCatalog community agreed it made sense to explore graduating from the
>>> Incubator to become a subproject of Hive (see
>>> ox/ and
>>> om%3E ).  To help both communities understand what HCatalog is and
>>> to become we also developed a roadmap that summarizes HCatalog's
>>> features, planned features, and other possible features under
>>> So we are now approaching you to see if there is agreement in the Hive
>>> community that HCatalog graduating into Hive would make sense.
>>> Alan.

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