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From Edward Capriolo <>
Subject Turn around on patches that do not need full unit testing
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 02:29:13 GMT
Hive's unit tests take a long time. There are many simple patches we
can get into hive earlier if we drop the notion of running the full
test suite to QA every patch. For example:  --> spelling mistakes
that involved types  --> patches with code cleanup  --> patches that are
one or two lines of code  --> patches that are
only additive

Also I do not believe we should kick a patch back to someone for every
tiny change. For example, suppose someone commits 9000 lines of code,
with one typo. I have seen similar situations where the status gets
reverted back to OPEN. It takes the person working on it a day to get
back into the patch again, then by the time someone comes back around
to reviewing another 3 days might go by.

This is similar to a situation in the supermarket where  "You can only
use one coupon" so people walk in and out of the store 6 times to buy
6 items. Procedure and rules are followed, end results is really the
same, but 6 times the work.

In this case the committer should just make he change, re upload the
patch and say 'committed with typo fixed' and commit.

please comment,


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