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From Edward Capriolo <>
Subject Re: Behavior of Hive 2837: insert into external tables should not be allowed
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 14:01:16 GMT
Well now hive has a property

hive.insert.into.external.tables which is true by default.

So the default behaviour/semantics is unchange unless the switch is
thrown. That is a fair compromise all be it semi confusing when there
is already two other ways to prevent someone from editing the table
(one being the hive access/authorization framework)


On 6/1/12, Edward Capriolo <> wrote:
> I am a bit confused by this feature too especialyl since hive now has
> a lock table function. Changing existing semantics would be bad.
> Different storage handlers actually treat external differently as
> well.
> On 6/1/12, Mark Grover <> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I have a question regarding HIVE 2837(
>> that deals with
>> disallowing external table from using insert into queries.
>> From looking at the JIRA, it seems like it applies to external tables on
>> HDFS as well. Technically, insert into should be ok for external tables
>> on
>> HDFS (and S3 as well). Seems like a storage file system level thing to
>> specify whether insert into is applied and implement it.
>> Historically, there hasn't been any real difference between creating an
>> external table on HDFS vs creating a managed one. However, if we disallow
>> insert into on external tables, that would mean that folks with external
>> tables on HDFS wouldn't be able to make use of insert into functionality
>> even though they should be able to. Do we want to allow insert into on
>> tables regardless of whether they are external or not?
>> Mark

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