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From Lars Francke <>
Subject Re: Question about documentation for Hive in general
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 12:04:00 GMT

thanks for your reply.

> As you may have heard myself and some others (Dean, Jason) are working
> on the programming hive book.

Yeah, heard about that and I'm looking forward to it!

> I recently stumbed onto the really amazing thrift raw bytes serde. Who
> knew that hive table can be defined only with the named of a Thrift
> class and magically the column meta data just auto-populates?

It's exactly that kind of stuff that I mean. There are so many great
things in Hive that no one knows about :)

> 1) They work and can accelerate some types of queries but there is
> more work to be done

Okay, thanks. Any idea if they work with external (e.g. HBase) tables?
I found conflicting information.

> 2) I dont know,

I'll ask again maybe on the user list

> 3) No the docs on binary are not fully accurate

Same as 2) then but I'll look at the patch first.

I might come back to the list or JIRA with questions like this in the
future. I hope that's okay.


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