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From Sagy Drucker <>
Subject bug when using hive to read from hypertable
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 10:13:54 GMT
my name is Sagy Drucker,
 From Israel
I think i detected a bug

I am using hive-0.7.1
and reading from hypertable

the problem i encountered:

when entering queries withOUT any condition on table's key
such as:
select * from myTable limit 2;

in the java class ""
when i try to get the query from the jobConfiguration
String query = job.get("hive.query.string");

first time i get null.
when second query i type:
select * from myTable limit 4;

and now i get the PREVIOUS query. i.e.
String query = job.get("hive.query.string") is actually
  select * from myTable limit 2

and so on... always 1 delay in queries...
again, this happens only when querying without any condition on keys.


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