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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Hive-trunk-h0.21 - Build # 1098 - Fixed
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 05:54:41 GMT
Changes for Build #1097
[jvs] HIVE-2569 [jira] Too much debugging info on console if a job failed
(Ning Zhang via John Sichi)

Too much debugging info on console if a job failed

When a job failed and Hive client tries to get the error message from failed
task, it printed the following info on console for each task:   

Examining task ID: task_201110112120_773499_m_000037 from job

This should be shorten significantly.

Test Plan: EMPTY

Reviewers: JIRA, njain, jsichi

Reviewed By: jsichi

CC: jsichi

Differential Revision: 375

Changes for Build #1098
[jvs] HIVE-2598. Update README.txt file to use description from wiki
(Carl Steinbach via jvs)

[jvs] HIVE-2552. Omit incomplete Postgres upgrade scripts from release tarball
(Carl Steinbach via jvs)

All tests passed

The Apache Jenkins build system has built Hive-trunk-h0.21 (build #1098)

Status: Fixed

Check console output at to view the results.

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