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From Alan Gates <>
Subject A question on how to mark Hive for HCatalog releases
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2011 23:21:49 GMT

I have a question of how we should manage marking Hive source code for  
HCatalog releases.  For HCatalog 0.1 we used the the 0.7 version of  
Hive.  But we will get to HCatalog 0.2 before the Hive community gets  
to 0.8.  We have added features to Hive since 0.7 that we need in  
HCatalog 0.2.   In general, it is not reasonable to assume that Hive  
and HCatalog releases will line up such that HCatalog can always  
depend on a released version of Hive.

So how should we mark the proper version of Hive code for an HCatalog  
release?  The only thing that comes to mind is tagging a particular  
revision, with the option to branch at that revision if necessary.  We  
would only need a branch if something got checked in post tag that  
HCatalog needed or wanted, but there were other intervening check ins  
we did not want.  In that case we would need to ask you to branch and  
port the needed change(s).

Are you okay with this approach?  Are there other approaches you would  
suggest or prefer?


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