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From Namit Jain <>
Subject Re: Query Optimization in Hive
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 21:20:58 GMT
Absolutely, that is one direction we are looking into, and none of us has
started on that. 

Bharath is planning to start on join-reordering

Similar to the above jira, can you file one and we can discuss in more
detail in 
the jira ?


On 2/1/11 8:19 AM, "Anja Gruenheid" <> wrote:

>I'm a grad student at Georgia Tech and I'm currently working with Hive
>for a university project. The project is on query optimization
>techniques and possibilities in Hive. I know that there have been a lot
>of additions to the ql and metastore components since the latest release
>and I was hoping to help advancing those components even further. My
>main interests in the course of my research is the storage and use of
>metadata to run a cost-based optimizer. This involves basic
>optimizations using for example the table size for cost estimations, but
>also more advanced approaches using histograms. I know that table and
>partition information is already collected in Hive, but from what I
>could gather, column metadata and histograms are still open. Would it be
>possible for me to contribute to the project in that area?

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